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The UN Security Council meeting over Syria
As Warmongers Become Absolutely Desperate About Syria, Will They Stage a Major Event While the US is Distracted by Presidential Debate?
Posted on September 26, 2016 by willyloman
by Scott Creighton
While the people of the country are duly distracted by the WWE-styled event known as “Election 2016”, the situation at the United Nations is unraveling at record speed for Obama’s 5-year-old Syrian Regime Change Operation to the point where our representative in that institution is starting to act like a spoiled 13-year-old debutante who didn’t get the Ferrari cake she wanted for her coming out party.
In sharp contrast to Samantha Power’s petty toddler trick, Russian diplomats spoke truth to power that day telling the Security Council and the world that the problems in Syria stem from the US’s plan to remake the Middle East (or Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” plan as I have often described it)
Given that, it’s no wonder Samantha Power decided to respond the way she did.

British, French and US representatives demanded an emergency UN Security Council meeting this weekend in response to a new wave of attacks from Syrian and Russian forces against their “moderate” terrorist proxy armies which are surrounding eastern Aleppo and starving and shelling the people in an effort to secure the city for themselves. The uptick in Syrian and Russian aggression against our proxy “freedom fighters” is in direct response to the US, British, Danish and Australian forces targeting Syrian troops last weekend in support of “ISIS” at Deir ez-Zor.
“Britain, France and the United States have requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the escalating campaign in Syria’s second city of Aleppo, diplomats said Saturday.AFP, Aug. 25
It should be noted that Syrian intelligence is now reporting they have audio recordings of “ISIS” fighters in Deir ez-Zor communicating with US coalition forces just before the “accidental” attack on Syrian troops. If that is true, the recordings have yet to be disclosed but the threat that they might be is certainly something that would send US interests into a panicked conniption since not only does the regime change operation in Syria depend on the “ISIS” boogeyman myth, but so does the bulk of our “Long War”, our “Hundred Years War” on global terrorism which started in the Bush administration and dutifully continued under Obama’s “CHANGE” regime. I wonder why that is.

What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism – Russian FM spox rebukes US envoy to UN
The US envoy to the UN, who recently called Russia's actions in Syria “barbarism,” is hypocritical, because nothing in modern history is more barbaric than what the US has done in Iraq and Libya, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a fiery rebuke.
The American envoy to the UN, Samantha Power, blasted Russia on Sunday at a Security Council meeting, accusing Moscow of civilian deaths in Aleppo in the wake of the collapse of the ceasefire negotiated by the US and Russia.
"What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism," the US diplomat said in reference to the renewed hostilities in Syria.
She delivered an emotional speech, accusing Russia and Syria of attacks on aid workers, civilian infrastructure and residential areas, while omitting the fact that armed groups – including Al-Qaeda offshoot Al-Nusra Front – are in control of large parts of Aleppo and are using its population as human shields.

The use of the term 'barbarism' by the American envoy drew sarcastic remarks from Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.
“Historically speaking... a barbarian is someone not belonging to an empire, and we have only one of those today,” she noted on her Facebook page.
“As for the imagery... the world has seen nothing more barbaric in modern history than Iraq and Libya done the Washington way.”
Zakharova believes that Power's remarks were meant to draw attention from the American attack on Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor, which happened amid the ceasefire and almost resulted in the Syrian Army's positions being overrun by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), which the US is supposedly seeking to eradicate......

(leicht verschärfte Tonlage im Sicherheitsrat)

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