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Berichte über NGOs weltweit
US Senator McCain’s institute put on Russian list of undesirable NGOs

The International Republican Institute and Media Development Investment Fund are recognized undesirable in Russia
MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. The Russian Justice Ministry has put the International Republican Institute (IRI) chaired by US Senator John McCain and Media Development Investment Fund on the list of foreign and international nongovernmental organizations whose activity is recognized undesirable in Russia.
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Institute chaired by US senator McCain branded ‘undesirable’ NGO in Russia
They were put on the list of undesirable organizations "on August 22, on the basis of the decision by Russia's deputy prosecutor general," the Justice Ministry said.
"Today after studying the materials, the Prosecutor General’s Office made decisions to consider that the activity of foreign NGOs - the International Republican Institute and the Media Development Investment Fund, Inc. - is undesirable on the territory of Russia," Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Thursday.

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Russia includes US National Endowment for Democracy in list of undesirable NGOs
Ragin John McCain’s Regime Change NGO Kicked Out of Russia
by Scott Creighton
This is fun.
John McCain has been running a regime change NGO in Russia for some time now and it’s finally been officially told to pack it’s bags and get the hell out of Moscow.
Unter Verdacht: Finanziert die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung antirussische HateSpeech?
Glauben Sie, dass eine anständige deutsche Organisation, die von Steuerzahlern finanziert wird und sich in ideologischer Abhängigkeit von den Grünen befindet, die Verbreitung von Hassreden gegen die Russische Regierung und den Russischen Präsidenten Putin finanziert? Glauben Sie, wie dies die Pressesprecherin des russischen Außenministeriums Maria Sacharowa wohl tut, dass die deutsche Bundesregierung und die Grünen persönliche Attacken im Internet, also HateSpeech in der Sprache der politisch Korrekten, die sich gegen die russische Staatsführung, vor allem gegen Wladimir Putin und das russische Außenministerium richten, finanziert?
NGOs: Grassroots Empowerment or Tool of Information Warfare?

By Daniel Deiss, J. Hawk, and Edwin Watson
Global Research, October 01, 2016
South Front 1 October 2016

During the early phases of the post-Cold War “New World Order,” NGOs were touted as representing a new wave of international politics. Instead of allowing international issues to be settled in closed meetings, the people themselves, informed by intrepid citizen journalists, would from now on play the key role in setting the agenda.
Like most of the promises made in the 1990s, this one also failed to deliver. It became clear that many NGOs, far from representing the “grass roots” of politics, were more akin to the artificial grass-like stadium surface known in the US as “astroturf”. It may look and even, to a degree, feel like the genuine article, but it most certainly is not. Many NGOs, while presenting a public image of bottom-up activism, were funded by major corporations or governments, which had the effect of depriving them of their independence and objectivity.
Given the success of NGOs as promoters of corporate interests, it did not take very long for them to begin to position themselves as independent, objective, and trustworthy sources of political information. Their appeal was largely based, once again, on the perception that the average NGO, or even a blog dealing with international affairs, is being implemented as a collection of concerned citizens engaged in unbiased news collection, analysis, and reporting. In that respect, they filled quite a large niche vacated by government spokesmen, news organizations, and intelligence services, all of which have been losing the public’s trust and which were no longer seen as objective.
Today, such fake NGOs as Bellingcat, White Helmets, Syria Observatory for Human Rights, plus a whole range of less well known bloggers and self-styled “open-source information” analysts, are no longer playing a supporting role in the ongoing information war that is an important component of hybrid wars. They have become the tip of the spear. These fake NGOs are now playing a leading role in what US military doctrine refers to as “shaping the information battlefield” within the “Full Spectrum Dominance” agenda.

Hybrid War Propaganda Laundering
Naturally, these entities are not setting the agenda or calling the shots. They have been assigned a number of roles by the political elites.
First of all, they are supposed to engage in veritable “propaganda laundering.” Much as banks provide legitimacy to funds obtained through illegal or immoral means, Bellingcat, White Helmets, and others turn what would otherwise be recognized as propaganda into “breaking news”–style stories that are then run, with reference to the NGO in question rather than the true source of the disinformation, by the mainstream media.
Bellingcat’s so-called investigations into the MH17 tragedy represent an example of this process. Anyone who follows Ukrainian social media and government sites understands that Bellingcat has not performed much due diligence actual investigation and instead selectively chooses only certain events that fit western propaganda narratives while ignoring others that may exposed western backed proxy groups, such as the May 2014 Odessa Massacre. Every bit of what it calls “evidence” has been spoon-fed to it by Ukrainian intelligence services which in fact manufactured the videos, the photographs, the supposed intercepted communications, immediately in the aftermath of the MH17 shoot-down and uploaded them to Youtube and other social media outlets with the aid of Ukraine’s own “information warriors” posing as concerned citizens.  Bellingcat’s staff, by passing this disinformation as the product of its own open-source intelligence gathering, made it appear as if the conclusion that only Russian troops could be responsible for the MH17 tragedy was the product of independent research conducted by a team of citizen truth-seekers armed only with the Internet.
In Syria, the White Helmets function in a similar manner. While pretending to be an impartial humanitarian organization, they operate in strict collaboration with a variety of jihadists organizations, and their reports place the blame for civilian suffering solely on the shoulders of Syria’s legitimate government and its Russian allies. Once again, propaganda issued by al-Nusra and affiliated groups is being given a stamp of legitimacy by what appear to be selfless humanitarian workers.
The second function these NGOs fulfill is allowing interested governments to refrain from directly lying to the media and the public themselves, since doing so would inevitably have negative political consequences. Indeed, the practice has become so widespread that the discerning observer can readily tell whether information being presented by government representatives is true on the basis of whether the government cites and presents its own evidence, or refers the public to an NGO-run website. The NATO use of commercial imagery rather than its own satellite imagery as evidence that Russian forces were operating on the Donbass is a variation on this theme.
Thirdly, the use of propaganda-launderers allows government factions to pursue their own foreign policy agendas independently of the rest of the government. It is apparent that they are used as conduits for information leaks by the more aggressive factions in Western governments which seek to sabotage peace efforts in Ukraine, Syria, and other regions of the world. This is a dangerous trend, because these launderers serve as a megaphone for hardliners, to the point that the more reasonable voices are drowned out.
Fourthly, the propaganda-launderers allows a certain degree of plausible deniability, and even a reversal of policy if need be, with the NGO in question being quietly shunted aside when it ceases to be useful. Should Western interests demand a rapprochement with Russia, entities such as Bellingcat, the White Helmets, and all the rest would vanish overnight.
Is It Working?
The answer to that question depends on the target audience. Specialists, and even well informed journalists, are unlikely to be swayed. The pathetic scenes of US State Department spokesmen squirming under the pointed questioning of genuinely truth-seeking journalists such as Matt Lee or Gayane Chichakyan show that the reliance on propaganda-laundering NGOs has its limits. The general public is a different story, since cable news channels do not show such embarrassing moments to the public. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The weakness of all propaganda efforts is their heavy-handed, one-note message which in this instance amounts to “Everything is Russia’s Fault.” This approach can be effective for a while, but eventually it runs into a mounting wall of public skepticism which will consign propaganda laundering to obsolescence, to be replaced by another method of manufacturing public consent.
Coming back to the MH17 incident it’s clear that lots of question still remain 2 years after the tragedy. Who is responsible for downing of the plane? Who ordered to down it? Why the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was there? Who did point the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to this corridor? Was it an accident or a planned provocation?
Recently, a newly appeared team of pro-Russian bloggers, ‘Anti-Fake’, blasted the open-source investigation into the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash over Ukraine in 2014 by Bellingcat. Anti-Fake issued a 44-page report, blaming Bellingcat for a pro-Kiev stance and relying on fake and falsified evidence. In turn, Bellingcat and its supporters in main stream media pointed out some mistakes in Anti-Fake’s report and blamed the group for alleged links with the Russian government. SouthFront suggests to all concerned to contribute some time to read reports from the both sides.
It appears that the reports by Bellingcat and Anti-Fake are an element of the current informational warfare. It’s pretty clear that such reports are aimed to shape informational battlefield in order to pursue foreign-policy or political and military objectives.
The both sides of the ongoing geopolitical conflict use various tools of informational warfare, the West’s states have much more resources than their opponents. So, the quality of pro-Western content is higher.
‘White Helmets’ — Pawns for U.S. Militarism

By Workers World
Global Research, October 01, 2016
Workers World 21 September 2016

[Bild: white-helmet-400x267.jpg]

The dangerous U.S. military escalation of its 5-year war to overturn Syria’s government can be seen in the Sept. 17 bombing, which killed 62 Syrian Army soldiers and aided the position of the Islamic State group. The attack sabotaged a U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire and led Russia to call for an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting.
At the same time, there has been a heavy barrage of U.S. war propaganda. “White Helmets,” a new film, is part of the sophisticated disinformation campaign.
War propaganda is always more insidious on the home front, but it is an essential ingredient of imperialist wars. Charging the enemy with genocide, baby killing, mass rapes, mass graves and weapons of mass destruction have all been debunked after a U.S. war. But they saturate the media before a war and seem indisputable.

Samantha Powers, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., has denounced both Russia and Syria. She labels U.S. wars “humanitarian interventions,” and has used unsubstantiated war propaganda to justify wars in West Asia, North Africa and the Balkans that have decimated countries, killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions.
Social media hype
The film praising White Helmets, a U.S.-British-funded group embedded with U.S.-funded reactionary opposition forces, is trending on Netflix. The documentary’s well-publicized launch is calculated to help it win awards and convey the call for deeper U.S. military involvement in Syria. It premiered the Sept. 17-18 weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival.
NBC News praised the featured group as “Angels on the Front Line.” The Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal sang the movie’s praises and White Helmets’ “selfless, humanitarian role.”
The White Helmets defines itself as unpaid, unarmed first responders in Syria, claims 3,000 members and alleges it is a Syrian Civil Defense group. It claims to have saved 40,000, even 60,000 lives in Syria, by rescuing survivors from bombsites.
Most claims about the White Helmets are unverified self-promotion on social media. Interviews with and media coverage of the grouping show desperate appeals for an increase in U.S./NATO military action in Syria — not peace and reconciliation. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and other journalists have quoted its calls for a no-fly zone as a “humanitarian” option.
The much-hyped White Helmets is not a Syrian organization, nor was it created by Syrians, nor is it educational. It is a U.S.-British creation. Former British Army officer James Le Mesurier, self-described as a British “security” specialist, founded it. He previously worked for Blackwater, the mercenary organization universally condemned for its murderous brutality in Iraq.
U.S. AID funding
The White Helmets’ website declares the group is “unfunded, independent and neutral.” At an April 27 press conference, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner acknowledged the organization has received $23 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development. That agency’s website explains, “Our work … advances U.S. foreign policy objectives.”
Additionally, the White Helmets receives millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros, the Netherlands and the British Foreign Office. Equipment and vehicles come through Turkey.
The White Helmets has never functioned as a neutral force. While attacking the Syrian government and calling for more U.S., British and NATO bombing, the group functions exclusively in Syrian areas held by the Nusra Front, a terrorist organization linked to al-Qaida. This well-funded group operates on the ground with U.S.-, British-, Israeli- and Saudi-funded militias committed to destroying Syria’s government.
While claiming to be “unarmed,” the White Helmets appears in videos with weapons, surrounded by armed militias.
The U.S. brought White Helmets’ leader Raed Saleh to the U.N. Security Council in 2014 to testify against the Syrian government and to lobby for a U.N. resolution approving a U.S.-enforced no-fly zone — meaning direct U.S. intervention. Saleh promotes bombing to “save” the people of Syria and is hardly “neutral.”
Washington later barred Saleh from the U.S. when he tried to attend a gala dinner honoring White Helmets with a keynote speech from USAID. The State Department deported him, citing his connections to “extremist organizations.”
The White Helmets is the latest of a series of front groups, designed to give a “humanitarian” gloss to Washington’s latest war of regime change in the Middle East.
White Helmets was established as a social media presence of the Syria Campaign, AVAAZ and Purpose — interlinked campaigns that push for U.S. destruction of Syria. They quote each others’ material and create the illusion of a democratic, independent opposition in Syria.
These forces are also pushing for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for White Helmets to further legitimatize their calls for an expanded war. They also campaigned for Washington to bomb Libya under the guise of a “humanitarian” no-fly zone.
Resources that tell the truth
While the corporate media and TV entertainment channels seem to be taken in by this slick film, it takes little effort to expose who White Helmets is and reveal its role in the ugly U.S.-funded war in Syria. Information is available online in various formats. But this has not stopped the constant, orchestrated promotion of White Helmet.
“The White Helmets — al Qaeda with a Facelift” is a 4-minute video on Youtube which reveals the truth about the grouping. ( The Syria Solidarity Movement, including Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Ken Stone and Hands Off Syria, which made the video, has extensively researched White Helmets’ funding and role.’s petition opposes the Nobel Peace Prize nomination, concluding that the White Helmets is “terrorism and neocolonialism under the umbrella of Humanitarianism.” (
America in Syria: How to Build a Terror-State

A nation is its institutions, and should those institutions weaken, the nation itself will be weakened. And should those institutions be destroyed, the nation, for all intents and purposes, will also be destroyed.
A dramatic example of how to destroy a nation unfolded in 2003 in Iraq as a US led axis invaded and occupied it, intentionally targeting and destroying Iraqi institutions and essential infrastructure, including the police, military, and the government as well as bridges, electricity, and communications.
In the ruins left in the wake of the US-led invasion, through the “Coalition Provisional Authority,” US and European corporations were invited in to not only rebuild these institutions and infrastructure, but to do so in a manner making them dependent on and profitable to US-European corporate-financier interests well into the foreseeable future.
The West’s vast influence in Iraq today is owed to this process. While it is likely the West envisioned a client state far more obedient and subservient to Western interests than Iraq is today, the complicity it does receive across Iraq and even across the wider region, is vastly greater than before the 2003 invasion.
The US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) continue to undermine local, independent institutions and infrastructure in favor of US-funded and directed institutions as well as US-controlled infrastructure. It is the mechanics of modern day empire.
While Iraq is an extreme example of just how far and overt this process can be, the United States is repeating this same process the world over through direct and indirect military operations or more subtly through the use of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
America’s Burgeoning Terror-State in the Levant 
In Syria, the United States has engineered and perpetuated a proxy war against the government in Damascus and its Russian and Iranian allies beginning in 2011. Before even the armed conflict began in 2011, the United States admittedly poured resources into opposition groups including the Muslim Brotherhood to prepare the ground for violent subversion.In 2007, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh would write in his 9-page report, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” that:
To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.
Hersh’s now prophetic report would also reveal US support for the Muslim Brotherhood:
There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.”
The US, through backing a large, alternative political front, was already well on its way in 2007 toward creating a parallel state within Syria to eventually undermine and overthrow before eventually absorbing the Syrian nation.
As hostilities began, the US augmented its proxy political party with both opposition media fronts and armed militant groups – essentially the creation of mass media and an army for its growing parallel terror state.
The New York Times in 2013 would admit in an article titled, “Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A.,” that:
With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders.
As the war has continued on, the United States and its Arab and European allies have steadily built other institutions to augment the political, military, and media capabilities of this burgeoning terror-state, including hospitals operated in Al Qaeda-held territory by Western NGOs, and of course the so-called “White Helmets,” described on their own website as:
The volunteers save people on all sides of the conflict – pledging commitment to the principles of “Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality” as outlined by the International Civil Defence Organisation. This pledge guides every response, every action, every life saved – so that in a time of destruction, all Syrians have the hope of a lifeline.
In reality, the “White Helmets” operate solely in terrorist-held territory, as the nation of Syria already has an effective, professional, and well organized civil defense organization. The “White Helmets” appear to be “targeted intentionally” because they are operating side-by-side designated terrorist organizations including Al Nusra, quite literally Al Qaeda in Syria.
In one graphic instance (GRAPHIC VIDEO), these “White Helmet” Al Qaeda auxiliaries can be seen literally standing by as Al Nusra terrorists execute a prisoner, before rushing in to remove the body. Had Syrian or Russian warplanes struck these terrorists in the midst of carrying out war crimes, these “White Helmets” would have rightfully been liquidated side-by-side the terrorists they were aiding and abetting.
Despite the “White Helmets” severing quite literally as Al Qaeda auxiliaries, the US through USAID and more recently, the German government, have provided the faux-NGO millions in funding.
US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner in April 2016, according to a US State Department official transcript, would admit:
Well, I can tell you that we provide, through USAID, about $23 million in assistance to them [the “White Helmets”].
Toner was responding to queries by journalists regarding why a US-funded organization was receiving millions of dollars in assistance, but whose leader is banned from traveling to the United States. Toner attempted to claim the situation was “complicated,” but in reality, it is a simple matter of the US once again arming and funding terrorists abroad while simultaneously attempting to pose as fighting them back home.
More recently, AP would report in an article titled, “Germany ups financial support for Syria’s White Helmets,” that:
Germany’s Foreign Ministry says it is increasing financial support for the Syria Civil Defense group, also known as the White Helmets. 

The ministry said in a statement Friday that it has raised its funding for the group this year from 5 million euros ($5.61 million) to 7 million euros ($7.85 million).
With a sectarian extremist political party like the Muslim Brotherhood, an armed force comprised of Al Qaeda and other extremist groups, and an array of complicit alleged NGOs including the “White Helmets,” the US and its allies have attempted to create a parallel state within Syria – a parallel state it hopes will eventually inherit the entirety of Syria’s territory, just as violent sectarian terrorist factions have assumed control over Libya – deconstructing it as a functioning nation state and plunging its people into open-ended, perpetual catastrophe that is reverberating across the planet in the form of terrorism and migrant crises.
The US and its partners are posing as fighting against terrorism, while carving out entire nations for Al Qaeda and its affiliates everywhere from the North African nation of Libya, to the  ‎Levantine nation of Syria. It is a foreign policy in reality that cannot be sustained with the unraveling rhetoric used to promote and perpetuate it on the global stage, particularly in front of the UN.
Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.
(Übersetzung von Beitrag 4):

NGOs: Emächtigung der Basis oder Instrumente des Informationskriegs?
Von Daniel Deiss, J.Hawk, Edwin Watson
Übersetzt von wunderhaft

30. September 2016, South Front
Während des Beginns der "Neuen Weltordnung" nach der Phase des Kalten Krieges wurden NGOs als Repräsentanten einer neuen Form der internationalen Politik gepriesen. Anstatt über internationale Belange hinter verschlossenen Türen entscheiden zu lassen, würden die durch unerschrockene Journalisten informierten Menschen nun selbst die Hauptrolle bei der Gestaltung der neuen Agenda spielen. Wie die meisten Versprechen, die in den 1990-er Jahren gemacht worden sind, war auch dieses ein leeres. Es wurde deutlich, daß viele NGOs eher der künstlichen Grasnarbe ähnelten, die in den Vereinigten Staaten als Kunstrasen bekannt ist. Er sieht, zu einem gewissen Grad, vielleicht so aus und mag sich auch so anfühlen, aber ist bestimmt nicht das das Original. Viele NGOs wurden, während sie den Anschein von Basisaktivismus machten, von Großkonzernen oder Regierungen finanziert, was zum Verlust ihrer Unabhängigkeit und Objektivität führte.

Bei dem Erfolg der NGOs als Förderer unternehmerischer Interessen dauerte es nicht lange, bis sie sich selbst als unabhängige, objektive und vertrauensvolle Quellen politischer Informationen positionierten. Ihr Anreiz begründete sich, wieder einmal, auf der Täuschung, daß eine durchschnittliche NGO oder selbst ein Blog, der sich mit internationalen Beziehungen beschäftigt, als Gemeinschaft interessierter Bürger darstellt, die sich der wertneutralen Sammlung von Nachrichten, Analysen und Berichten widmen. In dieser Hinsicht, füllten sie eine tatsächlich große Nische, die frei von Regierungssprechern, Nachrichtenagenturen und Geheimdiensten war, welche alle das Vertrauen der Öffentlichkeit verloren hatten und nicht mehr als objektiv betrachtet worden sind.

Heute spielen solche Schein-NGOs wie Bellingcat, die Weißhelme, die syrische Beobachtungsstelle für Menschenrechte und eine ganze Reihe anderer bekannter Blogger und selbst ernannter Analysten "quelloffenener Informationen" nicht mehr die Unterstützerrolle im andauernden Informationskrieg, der eine wichtige Komponente der hybriden Kriegsführung ist. Sie wurden zu seiner Speerspitze. Diese Schein-NGOs spielen nun eine führende Rolle in dem, was die Militärdoktrin der Vereinigten Staaten als "Gestaltung eines Informationsschlachtfeldes" innerhalb der Agenda der "Überlegenheit auf allen Ebenen" bezeichnet.

Propagandawäsche im hybriden Krieg

Selbstverständlich bestimmen diese Organisationen weder die Strategie noch halten sie das Heft in der Hand.

Zuallererst sollen sie sich tatsächlich der "Propagandawäsche" widmen. Wie Banken die Bereitstellung von Finanzmitteln mit illegalen oder unmoralischen Mitteln legitimieren, verwandeln Bellincgcat, die Weißhelme und andere das, was anderenfalls für Propaganda gehalten werden würde, zu "Eilmeldungen" – spektakuläre Berichte, die von den Leitmedien mit Verweis auf die entsprechenden NGOs, als die wahrhaftige Quelle der Desinformation, verbreitet werden. Bellingcats sogenannte Untersuchung der MH17-Tragödie ist ein Beispiel für diesen Prozeß. Jeder, der die sozialen Medien und die Regierungsseiten der Ukraine verfolgt, versteht, daß Bellincat keine der Sorgfalt verpflichtete, tatsächliche Untersuchung durchgeführt hat, sondern stattdessen bestimmte Ereignisse auswählt, die der westlichen Darstellung entsprechen, während sie andere, welche die vom Westen unterstützten Stellvertretergruppen aufdecken könnten, wie bspw. beim Massaker in Odessa im Jahr 2014, ignoriert. Jedes bißchen dessen, was sie als "Beweise" bezeichnen, wurde ihnen von ukrainischen Geheimdiensten häppchenweise eingeflößt, welche die  Videos, die Photos und die vermeintlich abgefangene Kommunikation unmittelbar nach dem Abschuß von MH17 tatsächlich fabriziert und bei YouTube und anderen Kanälen der sozialen Medien mit der Hilfe von regierungseigenen "Informationskriegern", die sich als besorgte Bürger darstellten, hochgeladen haben. Bellingkcats Mitarbeiter ließen es, durch die Darstellung, daß diese Desinformation ein Produkt ihrer eignen quelloffene Informationen sammelnden Treffen war, so erscheinen als ob der Rückschluß, daß nur russische Truppen für die MH17-Tragödie verantwortlich gewesen sein können, das Ergebnis unabhängiger Untersuchungen einer Gruppe von, nur mit dem Internet bewaffneten, Wahrheistssuchern war.

In Syrien funktionieren die Weißhelme auf eine ganz ähnliche Art. Während sie vorgeben eine unparteiische humanitäre Organisation zu sein, operieren sie in enger Zusammenarbeit mit einer Vielzahl von jihadistischen Organisationen, und ihre Berichte über das Leid von Zivilisten beschuldigen ausschließlich die rechtmäßige Regierung Syriens und deren russische Verbǘndeten. Noch einmal, die Propagenda, die von al-Nusra und ihnen angeschlossenen Gruppen ausgegeben wird, erhält den Stempel der Legitimität durch Menschen, die selbstlose humanitäre Helfer zu sein scheinen.

Die zweite Funktion, die diese NGOs erfüllen, besteht darin, es teilnehmenden Regierungen zu ermöglichen die Medien und die Öffentlichkeit nicht belügen zu müssen, weil das zwangsläufig schlechte politische Konsequenzen haben würde. Tatsächlich sind diese Praktiken so weit verbreitet, daß der aufmerksame Beobachter ohne Weiteres sagen kann, ob die von Regierungsvertretern präsentierten Informationen aus ihren eigene Quellen und Beweisen stammen, oder ob sie die Öffentlichkeit auf die von einer NGO betriebenen Website verweisen. Die Verwendung von kommerziellem Bildmaterial durch die NATO für den Beweis, daß russische Streitkräfte im Donbas operiert haben, ist eine Variation dieses Themas.

Drittens erlaubt die Verwendung von Propagandawäschern Teilen der Regierung ihre eigenen außenpolitischen Strategien unabhängig vom Rest der Regierung zu verfolgen. Offenbar werden sie von den aggressiveren Teilen westlicher Regierungen, welche die Friedensbemühungen in der Ukraine, in Syrien und in anderen Regionen der Welt sabotieren wollen, als Kanäle für Infomationslecks benutzt. Das ist eine gefährliche Entwicklung, weil diese Waschmaschinen Hardlinern so lange als Megaphon dienen, bis vernünftigere Stimmen zum Schweigen gebracht worden sind.

Viertens ermöglichen die Propagandawäscher einen gewissen Grad der glaubwürdigen Bestreitbarkeit und sind, gegebenenfalls, einer Umkehr der Politik dienlich, wobei die betreffende NGO still bei Seite geschoben wird, wenn es nützlich erscheint. Sollten die Interessen des Westens eine Verständigung mit Rußland erfordern, würden Organisationen wie Bellingcat, die Weißhelme und der ganze Rest über Nacht verschwinden.

Funktioniert das überhaupt?

Die Antwort auf diese Frage hängt von der Zielgruppe ab. Spezialisten und sogar gut informierte Journalisten lassen sich wahrscheinlich nicht beirren. Die pathetischen Szenen des außenpolitischen Sprechers der Vereinigten Staaten, der sich unter den gezielten Fragen von Journalisten wie Matt Lee oder Gayane Chichakyan windet, zeigen, daß das Vertrauen auf Propaganda waschende NGOs seine Grenzen hat. Bei der Öffentlichkeit ist das eine andere Sache, da die Nachrichtenkanäle solch peinliche Momente der Öffentlichkeit vorenthalten. Nichtsdestotrotz kann man, wie das alte Sprichwort sagt, nicht alle Menschen für alle Zeit zum Narren halten. Der Schwachpunkt aller Propagandabemühungen ist ihre unbeholfene, einzige Botschaft, die in diesem Fall nur: "Rußland ist an allem schuld", lautet. Diese Methode kann eine Zeit lang funktionieren, wird aber letztlich zu einer höher werdenden Mauer öffentlicher Skepsis führen, welche die Propagandawäsche obsolet machen und ihren Ersatz durch eine andere Methode der Manipulation des öffentlichen Konsens erfordern wird.

Wenn wir auf den Vorfall mit MH17 zurückkommen, wird klar, daß selbst zwei Jahre nach der Katastrophe viele Fragen immer noch offen sind. Wer war für den Abschuß des Flugzeugs verantwortlich? Wer gab den Befehl zum Abschuß? Warum befand sich der Flug MH17 der Malaysia Airlines über Kriegsgebiet? Wer wies dem Flug MH17 der Malaysia Airlines diesen Luftkorridor zu? War es ein Versehen oder eine geplante Provokation?

Kürzlich hat eine neu entstandene Gruppe pro-russischer Blogger, ´Anti-Fake´, die quelloffene Untersuchung des Fluges MH17 der Malaysia Airlines von Bellingcat aus dem Jahr 2014 in der Luft zerrissen. Anti-Fake veröffentlichte einen 44-seitigen Bericht, der Bellingcat einer Kiew-freundlichen Haltung und der Erfindung und Fälschung von Beweisen beschuldigt. Im Gegenzug haben Bellingcat und ihre Unterstützer in den Leitmedien auf einige Fehler in dem Bericht von Anti-Fake hingewiesen und die Gruppe vermeintlicher Verbindungen zur russischen Regierung beschuldigt. South Front empfiehlt allen Interessierten etwas Zeit in die Lektüre der Berichte beider Seiten zu investieren.

Es scheint als seien die Berichte von Bellingcat und Anti-Fake ein Element des derzeitigen Informationskriegs. Klar ist, daß solche Berichte beabsichtigen das Informationsschlachtfeld zu gestalten, um eine bestimmte Außenpolitik oder politische und militärische Ziele zu verfolgen.

Die beiden Seiten des andauernden geopolitischen Konflikts verwenden zahlreiche Instrumente des Informationskriegs, wobei westlichen Staaten über wesentlich mehr Ressourcen als ihre östlichen Gegner verfügen. Daher ist die Qualität pro-westlicher Inhalte höher.

Avaaz gebärdet sich als Wurmfortsatz der US-Propaganda
Flugverbotszone zu fordern klingt gut, wenn man die Konsequenzen nicht beim Namen nennt. Viele Menschen halten die NGO Avaaz für eine anständige Vereinigung. Sie veranstaltet Umfragen zu allerlei brennenden Problemen. Jetzt sammelt Avaaz Unterschriften für eine Petition an Obama, Erdogan, Merkel und andere westliche Staatsoberhäupter, eine Flugverbotszone über Nordsyrien einschließlich Aleppos durchzusetzen und zu diesem Zweck dort notfalls Flugzeuge abzuschießen. Diese Aufforderung ist nicht nur eine einseitige Parteinahme, es ist de facto die Aufforderung zum dritten Weltkrieg.

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