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"This Was A Coordinated Attack": Parler CEO Speaks Out After Amazon Boots From AWS, Vows To Rebuild 'From Scratch'
once the ban takes effect on Sunday, the website - which as of this moment is still up - will be offline until it finds someone else to host it.
Nearly Half Of Republicans Approve Of Capitol Riot
74% of Democrats see "domestic terrorists", Majority of Republicans see "Protesters" and "Patriots"...
The Congress Has No Clothes

The Capitol Occupation & Post-Trumpian Populism

As an American observing Wednesday’s “mostly peaceful” protest at the Capitol from abroad, I admit I was taken by surprise. Foreign acquaintances had been asking me for months if anything dramatic would happen in relation to the election. While I was sure that a Trump victory would have led to BLM and Antifa violence on a scale we had never seen before, I assured everyone that in the event of a Biden win, discontent would be limited to the “proper political channels” and social media — not that I was happy about that, but that was my impression. But some friends back home had told me not to underestimate the anger that was brewing on the populist Right, and I realized I should have listened to them as I watched the incredible images on my screen.
It’s still too early for anyone to say what this event will mean in the long run. Perhaps it will lead to a crackdown on the Right that will equal or dwarf what happened in the wake of Charlottesville. Perhaps it will lead to the birth of a genuine national populist movement in the US. Perhaps it’s just a flash in the pan that will ultimately mean nothing. I’m quite certain it wasn’t the death knell of the American Empire. But I’m sure I speak for many people reading this when I say that it gave me a lot of pleasure to see it happening. If nothing else, for one brief, shining moment, the white working class took center stage in American politics and brought the grinding engines of the Washington machine to a halt.
Part of the difficulty in evaluating what happened is that it’s unclear who exactly was behind it. From all appearances, however, it wasn’t planned in advance. Unlike what his many detractors are saying, it’s not at all apparent that President Trump encouraged the crowd to occupy the Capitol; there is most definitely no hint of a call to violence in the speech that he gave beforehand. Also, the speed with which he condemned the occupation and agreed to concede the election the following day would seem to belie the theory that the event was part of an overall plan for a pro-Trump coup.
Rather, it seems to have been a spur-of-the-moment decision by the crowd to escalate a mere protest to an occupation, inspired by their anger at a system that consistently ignores and rebukes them. Thus, there isn’t any particular group or organization with discernible goals that we can identify as being at the center of it; presumably, there were just as many reasons for people to go into the Capitol that day as there were people who were there. We can safely assume that the people who participated were a ragtag group of Trumpists, populists, Right-wingers, QAnon believers, and other political non-conformists who oppose the prospect of a Biden presidency. They certainly didn’t seem to have any specific objective in mind, either, or if they did it wasn’t apparent from the outside.
I think for most of us who were watching, we simply had an overwhelming feeling of Schadenfreude — seeing the political elite that’s been selling us down the river and making our lives hell for decades for once the ones cowering in fear. This was most especially true of the Democrats, who got a taste of their own medicine after endlessly excusing and justifying BLM and Antifa violence over the past four years. Only a few weeks before, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had tweeted an ill-timed message justifying protests, writing, “The thing that critics of activists don’t get is that they tried playing the ‘polite language’ policy game and all it did was make them easier to ignore . . . The whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable. Activists take that discomfort with the status quo and advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small and grows. To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable . . . that’s the point.” On this, we can agree with her.
The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.
Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows.
To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable… that’s the point.
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) December 2, 2020
But for me, I was no less happy to see the Republicans on the run. After all, it is they who have been stoking the anger and resentment of populist Americans, secure in their belief that they had conjured a monster they completely controlled and that they could endlessly exploit for their own purposes no matter what they did. Well, that monster turned around and bit them on their fleeing asses on Wednesday. The “people,” whom they love to claim they represent, went from being an ideological abstraction to an angry mob after they felt cheated and decided to take matters into their own hands. It’s important to remember that, according to reports, what first inspired the protesters to descend on the Capitol was when word reached them that Pence had refused to challenge the certification of the Electoral College result. They weren’t just angry at the Democrats; they were angry at the whole lot of them.
Just as among conservatives, there are those on the Dissident Right who see this event as a tragedy, primarily because they believe that this protest has discredited the populist movement. To such people, I can only respond: What were you getting out of being well-behaved? It was already clear before the Capitol occupation that no real attempt was being made to win justice regarding the election results. Those Republicans who have backed Trump in his efforts to challenge Biden’s alleged victory have, for the most part, only done so because they want to be able to tell their Trump-loving supporters that they did their best, but that, in the end, the Democrats cheated them. I’m quite sure that they’ve known for weeks that they had already done all they could do through legal procedures; what they’ve been doing in the meantime was merely theater for their constituents. None of them really wanted to challenge the establishment; they are the establishment. So, from our point of view, what is there to be gained by backing a lost cause? A lost cause that, moreover, didn’t offer much to us to begin with, given that every Dissident Rightist has been deeply disappointed in the Trump administration? Sure, a Trump win was preferable to a Biden win from our perspective, but it’s hardly worth quietly and passively going down with the ship for him.
Of course, even before the Capitol had been cleared, I started seeing the conspiracy theorists coming out of the woodwork to claim that this was yet another “false flag” event, just like every other historical event to have occurred over the past 70 years. The main support for this claim that I’ve seen is that it has been asserted that known Antifa members have been identified in the crowd that occupied the Capitol. Even if this is true, I don’t see what difference this makes. People in Antifa are known to be attracted to violence and chaos, so it’s hardly surprising that a few of them may have shown up to take part.
But as the mainstream media has already made clear, several of the people who occupied the Capitol were known figures on the populist Right. Ashli Babbit, the woman who was tragically killed by Capitol police, was a 14-year veteran of the US Air Force who had been posting pro-Trump videos to social media for years — not exactly your average Antifa thug. Therefore, to accept this theory one would have to believe that either all of the thousands of people who occupied the Capitol were undercover Antifa agents, which clearly isn’t the case; or that the ordinary citizens who were there were all duped by a small number of Antifa infiltrators into doing things that they wouldn’t otherwise have done. Besides being implausible, that doesn’t speak very highly of the intelligence of those who participated.
Moreover, if we are to believe that the entire event was orchestrated by Antifa organizations, it would mean that Antifa had decided to undermine the christening of Joe Biden as the next President — a goal which their paymasters such as George Soros and others have been working hard to achieve for the past year.
Others claim that the Deep State was behind it all. This again presents the improbable pictures of the crowd either consisting entirely of Deep State agents, or of a handful of agents tricking thousands of ordinary people into doing something that they wouldn’t otherwise. Even putting this aside, however, it requires one to believe that the Deep State was willing to present the embarrassing spectacle of the seat of American government being taken down by a ragtag army of unarmed citizens to the entire world.
As a side note, I’ve been wondering how the Capitol — which I’m sure most Americans, including myself, imagined to be an impregnable fortress — fell so easily to an unarmed crowd. Is affirmative action taking its toll? This certainly hasn’t done any favors for the American government’s standing in the eyes of other nations and America’s adversaries in particular. Thus it seems improbable to me that the Deep State was willing to sacrifice the sense of American invulnerability it projects across the globe simply in order to discredit the populist movement when there are many other, less self-harming methods it could use instead.
Yet others on the Dissident Right seem to hold the Capitol occupiers in disdain because of their appearance, or because they don’t want to make common cause with MAGA rubes from Middle America. Admittedly, some of them were dressed as if for Halloween — but this also isn’t unprecedented in American history. Many of the colonists who participated in the Boston Tea Party dressed in Mohawk warrior garb in order to hide their identities and assert their identification with America over Britain.
There’s no accounting for others’ tastes, but regardless, these are the people who will form the backbone of any national populist movement; if you hold them in disdain, then you are putting yourself outside the realm of being able to do practical politics. Even more to the point, these were the people who were actually on the streets doing something as opposed to sitting at home and watching it on TV and social media. They may not tick all the ideological boxes that we would like, but in the final analysis, these are the people who will determine America’s fate, one way or the other.
For me, the Capitol occupation was a spontaneous and dramatic expression of the white working class’ frustration with the Washington establishment and an indication that they won’t tolerate a return to business as usual. The Democrats — and more than a few Republicans — blocked and worked against Trump’s agenda from the day he took office. Stealing the election was merely the final prong in their assault on him and on the wishes of ordinary Americans. If Washington doesn’t begin to take populist demands seriously, violence is inevitable.
Additionally, the occupation was a show of strength; it showed what a crowd of angry white Right-wingers — usually regarded as well-behaved and docile, which has always been one of the failings of our people — can do when they decide to take action. The Swamp had better take notice of this, not only in order to win elections but to defuse the pressure cooker in Middle America that led to Wednesday’s explosion of violence in the first place. This means they have to stop attributing the fact that working-class whites aren’t on board with their agenda to the influence of scapegoats like Trump or conspiracy theories and instead finally recognize that our nation’s yeomanry have legitimate grievances that won’t go away just because Trump does.
For its part, the American Left, which now has Biden as its figurehead, really has no moral authority whatsoever to condemn the Capitol occupation given that they’ve been bending over backward to excuse the violence of BLM and Antifa for years now. Remember “punch a Nazi”?
Not that these are in any way comparable to what happened in the Capitol; BLM and Antifa violence has resulted in dozens of deaths, rapes, other violence, and untold billions in property damage across the United States. The Capitol protesters, by contrast, were mostly peaceful and caused very little serious damage (if there had been extensive damage it seems unlikely the House would have been able to reconvene so quickly). Most importantly, they were not attacking innocent bystanders’ private property. There also doesn’t seem to have been much looting apart from a few items taken as pranks; compare this to the scenes we witnessed from Minneapolis last spring, when we saw black rioters stripping entire shopping centers down to their frames.
The Left, of course, will never accept this logic; for them, the occupation was the next Charlottesville, if not the next 9/11 — but we have to never cease from reminding them of their hypocrisy. In looking at the photos of politicians scurrying for cover as the protesters began to break into the House chamber, I was reminded of the mockery that Trump took from Democratic politicians back in May when word got out that he had been briefly sent to the emergency bunker beneath the White House after it had been besieged by BLM rioters. There’s also a delicious irony in the fact that some of the politicians who have been calling for police departments to be defunded were hiding behind these very same police when their constituents came calling.

Trump’s Last Stand

President Trump was decisively beaten, if not fair and square. The hopes of millions of American voters were squashed and extinguished. The saga of the Orange Man is over. The victors used a gambit: they sacrificed the sanctity and security of the Capitol, allowed intruders in, permitted them to take selfies in the Speaker’s office, and then faked horror and outrage. The attempted calls for electoral transparency were deflated in real time as huge crowds were dispersed, electors were confirmed, and the ascendancy of Biden was assured, while Trump followers were branded ‘domestic terrorists’.
Donald Trump denounced the people whom he personally called to protest. His close political allies withdrew their support. Within hours, or even minutes, this ruler of the world admired by millions became a non-person. Like a boy who posted an obscenity, he was banned by Twitter and Facebook. Time will tell whether he will go to prison, as so many Dems pray for, but his political life seems to have ended, even if his cause may live.
The deck was stacked against President Trump from Day One. His orders were ignored. The US courts, judges, police, the whole system of law enforcement was against him; his orders were blocked or overturned, while the media made fun of him and the opposition relentlessly delegitimised him. He was blocked even by Fox News. Dem-run states adjusted their laws to assure the elections’ result. Trump was a lame duck from the very beginning of his presidency to its bitter end. He was kept on a short leash by the almighty Deep State, and when he tried to free himself, they pulled the leash.
On January 6, a massive demonstration in his support gathered in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands Americans came to the capital to demand justice after the election fraud became obvious. They hoped that the Republican representatives would refuse to certify the fraud and appoint a commission to check and recount the votes. Some of the protesters managed to break into the Capitol, or were let in by the police. This peaceful Occupy Capitol action, the exercise of a natural right to protest, was met with lethal fire, and a young female protester from San Diego, Ashli Babbitt, was murdered by the plainclothes police. The Republican representatives were cowed and surrendered; Biden was confirmed to take office.
The horror and outrage of the Dem politicians and media were as faked as their news. During last year, many government buildings were taken over by Dem-sponsored BLM activists, and in not one case did the police use lethal weapons or even rush the protesters out of buildings.
“Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the locked King Street entrance to the Capitol, chanting “Break down the door!” and “General strike!” Moments later, police ceded control of the State Street doors and allowed the crowd to surge inside, joining thousands who had already gathered in the Capitol to protest the votes. The area outside the Assembly, which is scheduled to take the bill up at 11 a.m. today, was crowded with protesters who chanted, “We’re not leaving. Not this time.” …
Department of Administration spokesman Tim Donovan said although protesters were being encouraged to leave, no one would be forcibly removed. … Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said he had instructed … Police Chief Noble Wray not to allow his officers to participate in removing demonstrators from the building.”
This was what happened in Madison, Wisconsin in March 2011, as Steve Sailer reminded us. Indeed, this is what the protesters expected; some were dressed in flamboyant carnival attire; they behaved well and peacefully, within acceptable limits. It was not an insurrection; they didn’t try to take over the Congress in any meaningful sense. For them, it was an honest and funny way to express their indignation. But the real gambit plotters intended to frame them. They even murdered four protesters hoping they would respond with violence, but in vain.
White American protesters are exceptionally non-violent lot; as with Occupy Wall Street a few years back the January 6 Capitol protesters were timid and obedient as lambs. For this reason, BLM was invented, for Blacks are able to riot violently, as opposed to well-trained whites. It is not a race thing: lily-white French Yellow Vests and Ukrainian nationalists have fought the police all right. But US whites are not prone to riot, not since the Civil War. Being a foreigner, I do not understand why the Americans want to keep their guns if they never use them, but that’s the way they are.
Anyway, their non-violence didn’t help them. The president-elect Biden begrudged them even the name of protesters: “Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.” Indeed, the name should be preserved for Deep State-authorised looters and their brethren all over the world, whether in Hong Kong or Minsk, in Seattle or Portland.
Russian social networks were comparing the Washington DC events with those nearer to home and complained of ‘double standards’. The US media expressed no indignation when their appointee Boris Yeltsin shelled the Russian Parliament in 1993. The New York Times and the State Department had encouraged the nationalist mob to storm Ukrainian government offices in 2014. They cheered on the opposition in Minsk in taking over their parliament after failing to win elections. The Belarus protesters claimed their country’s election results were rigged, just like Trump supporters did for the US elections, but Biden didn’t call them “domestic terrorists”. (Actually, neither did President Lukashenko: he called them ‘protesters’, and their violent demos were dispersed without a single shot fired.) In such cases, Jews respond with “How can you compare?!”....
How the White House COVID Task Force Sunk the Trump Presidency

Trump abdicated in March 2020

President Trump took in the early days of 2020 from a position of incredible strength.  At the beginning of the year, no serious analyst would have told you that he was in major jeopardy of losing the 2020 election. The American economy was booming, we had solid employment numbers, no major international crises, and the president was setting up a bold agenda for his second term to further “drain the swamp” and bolster his domestic policy priorities. Election fraud was always a potential factor to be monitored, but there was no massive, unprecedented mail-in voting scheme to worry about.
But news reports coming out of Wuhan, China indicated that a potentially threatening situation was afoot. On January 29, President Trump acted with haste in authorizing the creation of a White House Coronavirus Task Force. A month later, the small task force expanded to include Vice President Mike Pence as its chairman. In what will be looked back on as a catastrophic delegation mistake, the VP decided to appoint Dr. Deborah Birx as the response coordinator for the task force. Prior to the COVID crisis, Birx was best known for her work on an HIV/AIDS vaccine, which does not exist. She had never been anywhere near having access to the levers of power in America.
The COVID task force would soon grow to 27 members, but several of the individuals appointed to the task force are cabinet-level officials, and could not devote their entire portfolio to the coronavirus. That led to an opening that allowed for Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr Deborah Birx, CDC Director Robert Redfield, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and a few others to monopolize the policy shop set up by the task force for the coronavirus crisis.
With much of the world succumbing to total fear, panic, and hysteria, and a wave of new lockdowns hitting Europe and elsewhere, President Trump remained incredibly level-headed. In discussing COVID-19, the president reminded his colleagues that the “cure could not be worse than the disease.” There was a chance that America would join Sweden and a handful of other nations balking at the trend to hit the self-destruct button.
Fauci and Birx had other plans, and they eventually found a diabolical method to ratchet up the pressure to such an incredible extent that the president would finally agree to their demands.
In mid March, with the “European wave” in full swing, the two government bureaucrats presented junk epidemiological models to the president that seemed more like a hostage-like situation than policy advice. Birx and Fauci vouched for the supposed science of a mere model devised by a handful of academics in England, which claimed that millions of Americans would die if President Trump did not lock down the nation immediately.
The coronavirus was presented as a ticking time bomb that would wipe out a significant percentage of the nation if the president did not act right away. Under enormous pressure to “do something” to react to the crisis, the president made the fatal mistake of agreeing to what was advertised as a very temporary two-week lockdown policy initiative.
At the flip of a switch, the president authorized the federal response plan, and state governors were now instituting what was marketed as a 15 day reset in order to retain hospital capacity for the supposedly deadly wave that was coming to America. We were told that after the two weeks, things could then return to normal and that the 30 million small businesses across America would be able to open back up relatively unscathed.
15 Days to Slow The Spread then became 30 Days To Slow The Spread. The so-called crisis kept growing to the point that the task force members were soon not even addressing the endpoint to their draconian policy demands. The president, who already had severe doubts about the policies pushed by Fauci, Birx, Redfield, and crew, eventually acceded so much territory to the public health bureaucrats that it seemed at times he had handed over the keys to his presidency to the task force.
The Fauci-Birx policy goal posts continued to shift dramatically over the course of the Spring. The goals were no longer about retaining hospital capacity, but permanently transforming the nation into a COVID safety regime, despite the data rolling in showing a disease that was not nearly as threatening as once perceived. The U.S. economy was no longer booming. Instead, it was in a self-inflicted freefall. Tens of millions of Americans were in crisis, and right in the middle of what was now a heated election cycle. The health bureaucrats’ coronavirus policies were tearing apart the fabric of the nation, and the presidency was now very much up for grabs. The president could no longer point to his economic record, his peacetime regime, or his steady hand, because all of these talking points were being compromised by bad coronavirus policies.
All of a sudden, the president was now on defense, having completely lost the narrative to the panic mongers in government and media. The 2020 campaign was very much within the margins of a contested election.
President Trump, having privately evolved to “Team Reason” on COVID policy, and having witnessed the reality that the coronavirus was not living up to its destructive hype once promised by Fauci and Birx, wanted to take action to correct the record.
He tried to reset the narrative and bring back a reasonable, rational policy, but it was too late. America had already decided to buy the pseudoscience that Fauci and Birx, among others, were selling to them. It was no longer politically suitable to simply dismiss his prior capitulation to the public health bureaucrats on his task force. [Or it would have demanded a bigger man.] Fauci had become a worshipped celebrity figure with solid approval ratings, and sadly, much of the nation was now propagandized into supporting the disastrous lockdowns that were destroying the nation.
Many on the “Team Reason” side of the debate celebrated the appointment of Dr. Scott Atlas, — at the personal request of President Trump — as a desperately needed breath of fresh air for a task force that was peddling failed ideas and junk science. But Atlas, to no fault of his own, failed to make an impact on the task force. That’s because the fix was in from the beginning. The team assembled by VP Pence, which at this point was unapologetically, publicly recommending an extreme COVID policy agenda of economic and societal destruction, went to work immediately to distance themselves from Atlas, and waged a full fledged information warfare campaign against him.
Sources in the Trump Administration, who had first-hand access to Coronavirus Task Force meetings and conversations, made it clear to me that the health bureaucrats made it their mission to destroy and delegitimize Scott Atlas, who quietly resigned from his role in late November. Sources familiar with Atlas’s thought process told me that he was incredibly frustrated by the government bureaucrats’ devotion to their select non pharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and other forms of societal and economic devastation. Atlas also remained frustrated by what could be described as a lack of overall intellect on the task force.
Emails surfaced showing that White House Task Force members such as Birx, Fauci, Redfield, and others were enraged that Dr Atlas came to the table with a different set of ideas, and they rightly perceived him as a threat to their monopoly on their pro-lockdown COVID messaging campaigns. Birx, for her part, routinely sent out emails through private channels to media reporters and her colleagues seeking to undermine the ideas presented by Atlas, while simultaneously refusing to defend her ideas or debate his solutions in person.
By the time President Trump decided to rebuke the task force in calling for an expedited return to normalcy, the political damage had already been done. The president’s campaign messaging, for its part, was stuck in a strange place between attempting to have their COVID cake and eat it too, in recognizing that polling shifted in the direction of the restrictionist camp.
By agreeing to Fauci and Birx’s initial COVID ransom situation demands, the president set in motion a wave of momentum against him that he could never get back.
We are now just days away from President Trump being replaced by Joe Biden, and the White House COVID Task Force, led by career bureaucrats and incompetent politicians, continues its broken mission. For reasons that remain unclear, Fauci, Birx, and the gang remain on the COVID Task Force, and to this day, the White House is still delivering corona panic to states across the nation. The Task Force will live on, and to the not-so-hidden delight of its members, President Trump is president no more....

It is the most amazing thing I have witnessed in my 72 years. A christmas virus that just keeps giving to the tyrants and taking from the proles,,, but no matter how harsh the lockdown, the distancing, the mask mandates,,, no matter how the government throws money around the world to be used for LBGT, Climate Change and a multitude of other gigantic boondoggles cloaked as a covid relief package Americans “believe!”.
No matter how stupid the “science” gets,,, covid spreads with farts,,, with sex,,, causes heart failure,,, and just about every symptom in the book Americans “believe!”
No matter how many lose their jobs,,, no matter how many small businesses are forced closed,,, no matter how travel is restricted,,, no matter their relatives in nursing homes being abandoned and many killed,,, Americans “believe!”.
No matter how many articles and other proof revealing the PCR test is useless and cannot diagnose any disease,,, cannot determine if a virus is replicating,,, as per the inventor himself,,,no matter the CDC comes out and states the alleged disease only killed 6% of the total deaths,,, Americans “believe!”.
No matter how much evidence the virus is a fake and being used to destroy the very foundation of civilization, never isolated,,, never laid eyes on,,, Americans “believe!”
No matter the mRNA vaccine could never pass any of the tests to get approved,,, all of a sudden one designed in 30 days and testing still not completed with a mere 30,000 subjects,,, No matter the powers they love are doing everything possible to force mandate everyone to take this experimental concoction for an alleged disease that has a 99.97% recovery with most admittedly not knowing they even had it,,, Americans “believe!”.
What does this show besides the complete stupidity of American and the world maskholes? It shows no matter what Trump did or could have done would have changed the outcome because no matter what,,, Americans “believe!”.
So now “believers”,,, line up for your injection of a concoction that the manufacturers refuse to divulge all of the ingredients while at the same time are free from worry because government has decreed they cannot be punished in a court of law.

And Americans still “believe!”
Das turbokapitalistische Sprachrohr der globalistischen Finanzelite, Corriere Della Sera:

Die 5 Gründe warum Twitter Trumps Account dauerhaft geschlossen hat:

„Er kann immer noch zu Gewalt anstiften“
Die Gründe für diese Entscheidung wurden von der Gesellschaft erläutert. Und es wurden Beiträge des Profils @realDonaldTrump, das 88 Millionen Follower hat, mit dem Vorwurf der „Verherrlichung von Konflikten“ aufgelistet.
von Giuseppe Sarcina, Korrespondent in Washington

Ende der Übertragung und auch einer Schlüsselphase der amerikanischen politischen Kommunikation. Twitter hat beschlossen, den Account @realDonaldTrump, 88 Millionen Follower, der in den letzten vier bis fünf Jahren am meisten verfolgt, kritisiert, geliebt oder gehasst wurde, „dauerhaft zu sperren“. Das von Jack Dorsey geführte Unternehmen erklärte in einer Mitteilung, warum es den US-Präsidenten gesperrt hat: „Nach sorgfältiger Analyse der jüngsten Tweets des „RealDonaldTrump“ Accounts und des Kontexts, in dem er operierte – mit besonderem Bezug darauf, wie diese Botschaften auf und außerhalb von Twitter empfangen und interpretiert wurden – haben wir den Account aufgrund des Risikos einer weiteren Aufstachelung zur Gewalt dauerhaft gesperrt.“ Twitter-Manager erinnern daran, dass „Menschen in Machtpositionen sich nicht über den Regeln sehen können“ und dieses Social „nicht zur Aufstachelung zur Gewalt nutzen können.“

Die beiden anvisierten Beiträge.
Es folgt eine detaillierte Betrachtung der letzten beiden Tweets, die Trump am 8. Januar 2021 abgesetzt hat. Hier ist der erste: „Die 75 Millionen amerikanischen Patrioten, die für mich gestimmt haben…werden in Zukunft eine riesige Stimme haben. Niemand wird ihnen gegenüber respektlos sein, noch werden sie in irgendeiner Art und Weise unfair behandelt werden.“ Kurz darauf kam der zweite: „Für alle, die gefragt haben: Ich werde nicht zur Amtseinführung am 20. Januar gehen.“ Nach Meinung von Twitter können die Aussagen des Präsidenten als „Aufforderung zu Gewalttaten“ gelesen werden. angesichts der Spannungen in den Vereinigten Staaten, nach dem Anschlag auf dem Capitol Hill am 6. Januar. Die beiden Tweets verstoßen demnach gegen die Regeln gegen „Gewaltverherrlichung“, die von Twitter aufgestellt wurden.

Die fünf Punkte
Aber das ist nicht alles. Das Statement weist auf fünf Punkte hin. Zunächst kündigt der Präsident an, dass er nicht an Joe Bidens „Amtseinführung“ teilnehmen wird, „was von vielen seiner Anhänger als weitere Bestätigung dafür interpretiert wurde, dass die Wahl nicht rechtmäßig war.“ Außerdem widerspricht der Tweet dem Memo, das sein stellvertretender Stabschef Dan Scavino in Umlauf gebracht hat: „Es wird am 20. Januar einen geordneten Übergang der Macht geben.“ Der zweite Aspekt ist vielleicht der beunruhigendste: „Die Ankündigung, dass der Präsident nicht anwesend sein wird, könnte als Ermutigung für diejenigen dienen, die gewaltsame Aktionen auf dem Capitol Hill in Betracht ziehen.“ Drittens: „Die Worte ‚Amerikanische Patrioten‘, mit denen einige seiner Unterstützer bezeichnet werden, werden als Unterstützung für diejenigen interpretiert, die Gewalttaten begangen haben.“ Viertens: „Die Feststellung, dass die Unterstützer in Zukunft ‚eine gewichtige Stimme‘ haben werden und dass sie in keiner Weise ungerecht behandelt werden, wird als weiteres Indiz dafür gewertet, dass Präsident Trump gar nicht die Absicht hat, ‚einen geordneten Übergang‘ zu ermöglichen.“ Der fünfte Punkt ist eine rote Fahne: „Pläne für zukünftige bewaffnete Proteste verbreiten sich bereits auf und neben Twitter, einschließlich eines zweiten Angriffs auf den Kongress und andere öffentliche Gebäude für den 17. Januar 2021 (ein Sonntag, d. Red.).“

Twitters Vorgehen
Der Schritt von Twitter bestätigt also einige weit verbreitete Überzeugungen in Washington. Zuallererst: Die „Versöhnungsrede“, die am Donnerstag, den 7. Januar, veröffentlicht wurde, gab nicht Trumps Ansichten wieder. Der amtierende Präsident setzt, wenn auch zweideutiger, die Delegitimierungskampagne fort. Darüber hinaus berichtet Twitter, dass die Wut von Trump nicht verflogen ist. Höchste Alarmbereitschaft also für die nächsten zwei Wochen in Washington, aber nicht nur. Auf einer allgemeineren Ebene schließt sich damit eine Zeit der politischen Kommunikation. Seit vier-fünf Jahren benutzt Trump Twitter als Keule gegen „seine Feinde“, aber vor allem als Werkzeug, um „seine Leute“ zu erreichen und die Mittlerrolle einiger Zeitungen und des Fernsehens zu verdrängen. Aber die Vernetzung mit anderen Medien, angefangen mit Fox News. „Ohne Twitter wäre ich nicht hier“, hatte Trump nach seinem Einzug ins Weiße Haus gesagt. „Ich verfolge seine Tweets nicht“, hatte stattdessen 2016 der damalige Präsidenten Barack Obama geäußert. Offensichtlich ein Fehler. Das @RealDonaldTrump-Fenster hatte Mitte 2015 2,8 Millionen Follower. Bis zum Ende des Jahres hatten sie sich bereits verdoppelt und dann die Explosion in 2016-2017 und die stratosphärische Schwelle von 88 Millionen. Bis zum unehrenhaften Ende der Reihe am 8. Januar 2021. Ein historischer Tag in der kurzen Geschichte der Socials.
JUST IN - Amazon to shut down #Parler today at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The platform will be offline for up to a week, as it has to rebuild from scratch, says the CEO. @disclosetv
Warum die Amazon Cloud ( AWS, Amazon Web Services) nicht vertrauenswürdig ist

Einfach gucken, wie da Sperrungen zustandekommen:
Enough is enough. Amazon hosts Parler on @awscloud.
As Amazon workers, we demand Amazon deny Parler services until it removes posts inciting violence, including at the Presidential inauguration.
We cannot be complicit in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy.
— Amazon Employees For Climate Justice (@AMZNforClimate) January 9, 2021

We won. Our statement:
— Amazon Employees For Climate Justice (@AMZNforClimate) January 10, 2021

Da ging es nicht um AGB oder Vertragsverstöße. Da hat einfach ein von außen politisch gesteuerter linker Mob durchgesetzt, deren Server sehr, sehr kurzfristig abzuschalten.

Und sowas beschränkt sich ja dann auch nicht auf bloße Abschaltungen. Genauso würden die ja auch Daten löschen oder heimlich abgreifen.
Wer ist denn noch so blöd, amerikanischen Clouds zu vertrauen, wenn da ein politisch von außen gesteuerter Mob das Sagen hat?
Ich hatte das ja schon beschrieben, wie man hier dem Fernsehen diktiert, dass der Diskurs tagesaktuell festlege, was gerade erlaubte Meinung und was nicht erlaubter Hass ist, der keine Meinungsfreiheit genießt und zu löschen ist. Wie will man einen Geschäftsbetrieb noch aufrechterhalten können und als Geschäftsführer noch seine Aufgaben erfüllen können, wenn die dort tagesaktuell willkürlich festlegen, was noch erlaubt ist und was nicht und dann innerhalb 48 Stunden abschalten?
Spätestens jetzt müssten sämtliche Aufsichtsräte von Firmen, die US-Clouds verwenden, sofort Alarm schlagen
The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet
Wanting to turn back the clock and restore the American Empire to what it was before Donald Trump’s presidency is a fool’s errand. It’s already a thing of the past – and the storming of the US Capitol was just the last straw.
Don’t take my word for it, though. “If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today,” argued none other than the head of the Council on Foreign Relations – the foremost think tank advocating for the Empire in Washington – after Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol by several hundred Trump supporters protesting the certification of the election for Biden.
“No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again,” lamented CFR president Richard Haas.
Big Tech Censorship: Part 1
This past week saw a turbulent beginning of the end of the unprecedented term of President Trump. A rally in Washington supporting the president and calls to overturn the election turned violent. Protesters stormed both chambers of Congress and one was shot before being driven from Capitol Hill. Members of Congress returned to certify Joe Biden as president-elect. Meantime, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube took aggressive, new steps to clamp down hard on President Trump’s social media accounts. Among other objections, Twitter said President Trump violated policies in his video urging protesters to be peaceful and go home, because he reiterated claims about election fraud. Some welcome Big Tech’s crackdown; others say it’s a radical violation of free speech. It highlights a long-simmering battle over the control of information online. That’s the focus of our special investigation.

Big Tech Censorship: Part 2
It is no accident that so much Big Tech fact checking and labels appeared in the lead-up to the 2020 election. Millions poured into the efforts behind the scenes. We continue our report on Big Tech censorship by Following the Money.
Whistleblower Zach Vorhies says his bosses at Google were devastated by President Trump’s unexpected victory. Then-CEO of Google’s parent company Eric Schmidt was a major donor and volunteer for Hillary Clinton.
Beyond political activism, Big Tech also stepped up control over public information. When coronavirus hit, Google directed searches to the World Health Organization, the very group criticized for “let[ing] China take charge" and praising the communist nation where the pandemic reportedly started. Then came the mask disaster. Taking cues from public health guidance last March, many declared face masks "are NOT effective.” And Facebook banned ads “selling medical face masks.”

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