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The DNC mafia is about to complete the process of assimilation of the progressives, exactly as predicted

January 07, 2021
Since already July 2018, we identified an immediate mobilization by the corporate media in the US to force the progressive wing of the Democratic party comply with the DNC neoliberal norm. In the specific example, we analyzed how the corporate pundit forced the new star of the progressive wing, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to literally declare loyalty to the DNC corporate "chief-baroness" Nancy Pelosi.

After that, we saw an unexplained and bizarre contribution of both Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez to the establishment pro-McCain 'litanies'. In this totally unnecessary self-recruitment for the McCain's legacy whitewash operation, Cortez retreated unconditionally and the establishment marked a second victory against her.

As we had mentioned, the corporate media will focus mainly on pushing progressives to be 'swallowed' by the current DNC establishment in order to destroy the political revolution of Bernie Sanders. Yet, it is expected also to continue the McCarthyism 2.0 operation more intensively for the purpose of smearing every progressive who will not align with the 'business as usual' line of the corporate Democrats. 

We added that, in the road for the crucial 2020, these operations will become more frequent and more aggressive. However, the strategy of 'compromise with the establishment' is not the right way. Indeed, the progressives will end up doing what the establishment wants and will eventually be 'swallowed' by the corporate Democrats. It seems that the process of 'metamorphosis' of the young Cortez has already started.

Right before the 2020 general election we pointed out that, with a potential Biden victory the corporate Dems will re-establish their position in the party against progressives, as they will be able to play the Trump-scare card for four more years. During that time, they will get all the help they want from the liberal media to bury forever the most popular Socialist policies. Simply by claiming that the Trump nightmare could return in 2024. Therefore, they will demand "unity" from all party members under their own terms, in short, under full restoration of the neoliberal status quo.

Well, it seems that, unfortunately, the scenario has been already verified. As the World Socialist Web Site reported:

On Sunday, as the new 117th Congress assembled in Washington D.C., Nancy Pelosi was reelected speaker of the House. Her narrow margin of victory was supplied by the so-called “progressive” Democrats headed up by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
All four members of the “Squad”—Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib of Detroit, Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis, Ayanna Pressley of Boston—plus newly elected “progressives” Cori Bush of St. Louis and Jamaal Bowman of New York, voted for the leader of the right-wing Democratic Party establishment. Of this group, three—Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Bush—claim membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
US Socialist Equality Party National Secretary Joseph Kishore remarked after the vote, “No one should be in the least surprised by Ocasio-Cortez voting for Pelosi for speaker. The ‘Squad,’ the DSA are a faction of the Democratic Party. She is, after all, the same person who called [the late US senator and notorious war hawk] John McCain an ‘unparalleled example of human decency and American service.’” [...] neither Ocasio-Cortez nor any of the other so-called “progressives” mounted any challenge to Pelosi or the rest of the leadership of the party in the House and Senate.


Throughout the entirety of the Trump administration, Pelosi and the Democrats have worked hand in glove with the Trump administration to pass record military budgets, going so far as to override his recent veto of the $740 billion National Defense Authorization Act.

The so-called progressives rallied behind Pelosi despite the fact that the right-wing policies of the Democratic Party were responsible for major losses for the Democrats in the November 3 election, including the loss of 11 seats in the House and the loss of governorships and state legislatures across the country.


This latest vote demonstrates once again the bankruptcy of all political perspectives based on the claim that the Democratic Party can be pressured from below to serve as an instrument of progressive social change. It also refutes the claims, propagated by Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA, that a Biden administration would provide “space” for social reforms.
Perhaps even more disappointing was the fact that Ocasio-Cortez (and the entire progressive wing), essentially ignored the calls from grassroots progressives who urged them to push Pelosi to bring Medicare for All to the floor of the House for a vote.
From the initiative's website we read: 
Rep. Nancy Pelosi is running for her fourth term as Speaker of the House. The election is in the first week of January and this time, because Democrats lost seats in the House and were left with a slim majority, she needs votes from congressional progressives to get re-elected.

Pelosi is refusing to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 300,000 Americans.

Voters sent progressives to Congress to fight for Medicare for all and this is their fleeting moment of leverage. Establishment Democrats make demands of Pelosi for their votes and so should progressives. Wall Street makes demands of Pelosi for their support and so should progressives.


Political comedian Jimmy Dore launched the initiative and NFL Chargers running back Justin Jackson kicked off a public discussion with AOC about it on Twitter. Many other movement figures have expressed support for the idea including Aaron Maté, Briahna Joy Gray, Caitlin Johnstone, Dr. Cornel West, Graham Elwood, Katie Halper, Krystal Ball, Kyle Kulinski, Marianne Williamson, Max Blumenthal, Nick Brana, Niko House, Ron Placone, Ryan Knight, Stef Zamorano, and Susan Sarandon.

We put the Squad and House progressives in office to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, establishment Democrats, and the insurance corporations that fund them. This is a rare moment where Pelosi needs something from progressives. It could be years before we have another chance and millions of people do not have that long.

This country needs Medicare for all now. A floor vote is the absolute least we must demand. We want a vote on the last full week of January, after Biden is inaugurated. The progressive movement has shown huge support for this campaign and we want to know: Will you stand up to Democratic Party leadership when we need it the most?

Mitch McConnell sends letter to GOP senators on impeachment procedure summary
Democrats could vote on impeachment early next week
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Friday sent a letter to GOP senators sharing a summary of how the upper chamber could legally "dispose of any articles of impeachment" against President Trump before Jan. 20.
The letter came after House Democrats drafted new articles of impeachment against the president Friday following a deadly riot at the Capitol. A mob of Trump loyalists broke into the building Wednesday in hopes of to stopping Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory.
"The Senate is currently in recess and is holding pro forma sessions every three days until January 19. Pursuant to the unanimously approved order setting up the recess and these pro forma sessions, the Senate may conduct no business until January 19," McConnell wrote.
Thomas Chatterton Williams

„Es gibt in den USA eine sehr ernsthafte Ablehnung der Demokratie“
Die WELT: Wer am 6. Januar CNN eingeschaltet hatte, hörte teilweise im Minutentakt folgende Spekulation: Hätte es sich um eine Black Lives Matters-Demonstration gehandelt, hätte die Polizei viel härter durchgegriffen. Ist das nur ein Whataboutism?
Thomas Chatterton Williams: Es ist schwer, eine Situation zu bewerten, die kontrafaktisch ist. Ich habe gesehen, wie einer weißen Frau von der Polizei in den Hals geschossen wurde, als sie versuchte, eine Tür aufzubrechen. Es sah für mich wie ein gerechtfertigter Schuss aus. Nichtsdestotrotz war es ein tödlicher Schuss. Die Polizei war eindeutig in der Unterzahl. Ich bin alarmiert und werde misstrauisch, wenn es um die Frage geht, wie und warum das passieren konnte....
Biden says Cruz, Hawley part of ‘big lie’ -- while senators claim they are being called Nazis
Both GOP senators fire back, calling the comments 'sad' and 'immature'
What happened at the Capitol was bad. But the Democrats' rhetoric of ‘sedition’ and ‘insurrection’ is paranoid and authoritarian
By Charlie Stone, author and journalist who has worked for the BBC, several national newspapers in the UK and international media.
If Biden, Pelosi and co were serious about 'healing' the nation, they wouldn't be trying to paint a bunch of red-hatted, flag-waving, occasionally shirtless morons taking selfies in the Senate chamber as a coup d'etat.
Come on, guys and gals, chill out USA. Calm down, calm down. You say you want to heal. Okay. The first thing y'all need to do is dial down the rhetoric.
A coup attempt, an insurrection, sedition – whatever wonderfully evocative term you care to reach for – is not some strange-looking dude with a painted face and horns on his head posing for the cameras inside the Capitol's hallowed halls...
2021 und nicht 1984: Das Wahrheitsministerium wird mit 37 Jahren Verspätung eröffnet
Wer Orwells Buch 1984 gelesen hat, der kennt das Wahrheitsministerium. Wer das Buch nicht gelesen hat, der wird es nun kennenlernen, denn aus der Zensur in sozialen Medien geht nun das Wahrheitsministerium hervor. Die Zensur in sozialen Medien war schon bisher schlimm genug. Bis vor der US-Wahl beschränkte sie sich noch weitgehend auf die Zensur …

2021 und nicht 1984: Das Wahrheitsministerium wird mit 37 Jahren Verspätung eröffnet“ weiterlesen
ABC News Calls For "Cleansing" Of Trump Supporters
"...getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else..."
We've been in this environment since 911. It's been one continual project, not something new being being imposed. It's a continual tightening of society, including the Pandemic.
It's all been allowed to happen for an obvious agenda of compliance and control. From 'riots' of BLM/Antifa to the 'insurrection' of Trumpeteers, the point is to narrow accepted thought - to manufacture consent, which is much easier with an un or misinformed populace. A social credit system is coming to the west - call it the Karen Revolution.
Democracy is not an option, and never has been. Time to network with slow-mail and smoke signals, because as an organizing principle beyond sales and marketing, the internet's days are numbered.

Posted by: gottlieb

Wir sind seit 911 in dieser Umgebung. Es ist ein kontinuierliches Projekt gewesen, nicht etwas Neues, das auferlegt wird. Es ist eine kontinuierliche Verschärfung der Gesellschaft, einschließlich der Pandemie.
Es ist alles erlaubt, für eine offensichtliche Tagesordnung der Einhaltung und Kontrolle passieren. Von den "Unruhen" der BLM/Antifa bis zum "Aufstand" der Trumpeteers geht es darum, das akzeptierte Denken einzuschränken - um Zustimmung herzustellen, was mit einer un- oder falsch informierten Bevölkerung viel einfacher ist. Ein soziales Kreditsystem wird in den Westen kommen - nennen Sie es die Karen Revolution.
Demokratie ist keine Option und war es auch nie. Es ist Zeit, sich mit Slow-Mail und Rauchzeichen zu vernetzen, denn als Organisationsprinzip jenseits von Vertrieb und Marketing sind die Tage des Internets gezählt.

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10. Januar 2021 um 08:33
Asymmetrischer Bürgerkrieg
Big Tech legt die Karten auf den Tisch. Konspirierte, meinungsterroristische Attacke auf Parler. Nach Angriff von Apple und Google auf deren APP plant nun Amazon die Stilllegung der Server.
Es sei ein koordinierter Angriff, der designte und getimte sei, um einen möglichst großen Schaden anzurichten
Parler CEO denounces ‘coordinated attack’ by Big Tech as Amazon prepares to pull plug on its servers — RT USA News
Amazon is preparing to pull the plug on Parler, suspending it from web hosting services, after Apple and Google banned the app from their respective app stores in what the company’s CEO John Matze called a “coordinated attack.”
While the conservative-friendly social media company hopes to move to a new hosting provider soon, it acknowledged that its options are “limited”due to a “coordinated effort” designed and timed to “inflict the most damage,” according Matze.
„“This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place. We were too successful too fast. You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.““

Amazon Kicks Parler Off Web Server — Shuts Platform Down Until They Find New Host

By Cassandra Fairbanks
UPDATE: Parler CEO John Matze has responded to the ban and vowed to have the platform back up in a week or sooner.
Amazon has kicked Parler off their webhosting service, meaning the platform will be offline until they find a new host.
The ban goes into effect on Sunday, effectively shutting down the platform that conservatives have flocked to since the big tech giants began banning conservatives.
Parler has faced what can only be described as a mass coordinated cyber attack by Big Tech, first being banned by Apple and Google within a 24 hour time period.

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