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Die Biden-Administration
Biden Issues Barrage Of 17 Executive Actions On Border, Climate, Immigration & "100 Day Masking Challenge"

With just hours to go before his swearing-in, Joe Biden and his team have already started Wednesday with a blitz of announcements for Executive Orders that will be issued immediately.
Following at least a week's worth of media leaks teasing all the Biden "Day One" action items (Rejoin the Paris Accords, Keystone Pipeline, Halt the departure from the WTO, But mostly the massive immigration package that could create paths to citizenship for millions of illegal migrants), Biden is moving ahead with no fewer than 17 executive actions targeting Trump's various policies.
CNN reports there will be a total of 17 executive actions, at least 15 of those will be executive orders targeting a range of issues, while Biden pushes his immigration package and a raft of immigration legislation. Of these 17 actions, 9 will involve reversals of Trump-era policies.
His very first action will an executive order mandating masks be worn by all on federal property.
And after holding a COVID victim's memorial event on Tuesday evening, timed to maximally undermine Trump, who was at a private farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews
The FT reports that the barrage of orders also includes a "100-day masking challenge" to promote the wearing of face masks across the US, with a guest appearance by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who will (shocker of the century) serve as the media face of the challenge.
As expected, Biden will also roll back the Trump travel ban on citizens of certain Muslim -majority countries introduced at the very beginning of the Trump Administration, which survived a bitter court battle that infamously occupied plenty of headline space during the first half of 2017. It also sent protesters rushing to airports around the country as some travelers were caught up in the chaos.
"It was rooted in xenophobia and religious animus and president-elect Biden has been clear that we will not turn our back on our values with discriminatory bans on entry to the United States," Jake Sullivan, Biden's pick for national security adviser, said of the Muslim ban recently during a briefing.
Biden will sign the EOs and other memoranda in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, his incoming press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.
Psaki confirmed that, as we have previously reported, Biden plans to accompany his slate of EOs with a comprehensive immigration package that will be sent to Congress straightaway, where it will need to be passed by the (Democrat-controlled) House and Senate.
We have also noted previously that the day one orders will be part of a "10-day blitz" of orders, upon which we have previously reported, they will target the "four overlapping and compounding crises": COVID-19, the economy, climate change and racial inequality.
"In his first 10 days in office, President-elect Biden will take decisive action to address these four crises, prevent other urgent and irreversible harms, and restore America’s place in the world," Klain wrote at the time.
Other '10-day blitz' items include presidential directives on safely reopening schools and businesses, after Democrats spent much of last year insisting they remain closed.

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January 20, 2021

Biden Administration's 'New' Foreign Policy Is The 'More Of The Same' Old One

Today a new U.S. administration will come in. On foreign policy issues it will be just as disappointing as the leaving one. U.S. foreign policy is dictated by ingrained interests. The mechanisms of policy making in Washington DC guarantee that it is always a continuity and that any changes to it are slow and will only be minor.
Donald Trump and his administration were hated by the woke 'libruls' and the media for their style, not for what they were or were not doing. While Joe Biden, who has been warmongering in the Senate for decades, is now being sold as fresh bread, he is bringing no change to the menu. His foreign policy marketing team will only change the package color of the same old product the Trump team has sold.
The confirmation hearing of Biden's incoming Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and of the incoming Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines give some hints towards these 'new' policies.
The Iranian parliament has ordered the government to end some IAEA inspections and to increase the enrichment level of Uranium starting in mid February unless the Biden administration immediately removes the sanctions on Iran and returns to the nuclear deal.
The Biden administration is likely to ignore this opportunity:
President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, pledged to consult with Israel, Gulf allies and Congress when seeking "a longer and stronger" agreement to rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions. During his Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday, Blinken said the incoming administration would “engage on the takeoff, not just the landing” with allies and partners before taking steps to rejoin the landmark nuclear agreement.
"President-elect Biden is committed to the proposition that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon,” Blinken told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “Iran with a nuclear weapon or the threshold capacity to build one is an Iran that would act with potentially greater impunity than it already is.”
If Iran returns to strict compliance under the nuclear pact, Biden has said he will reenter the multilateral pact as a starting point for follow-on negotiations to “tighten and lengthen Iran’s nuclear constraints” and address Iran's missile program. Blinken said Tuesday that “we are a long way from there," adding that the administration would need to first ensure Iran is making good on its obligations.
Iran does not want nuclear weapons. It wants its rights and respect. It is the U.S. which has broken the deal. Iran has responded to that by expanding its capabilities beyond some of the limits of the deal. This is reversible but only if the U.S. acts first and at a reasonable speed. Lengthy talks with allies and Congress will prevent that from happening.
The incoming DNI Haines seems to share that analysis:
Republicans questioned Haines on her views about China and Iran, including the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal that Trump pulled back from. Haines said that while the incoming Biden administration has indicated that it would come back to the table with Iran if Tehran came back into compliance, she noted that "frankly, we're a long ways from that."
This summer the people of Iran will elect a new government, likely a conservative one. It will be even less willing to make additional concessions to the U.S. than the current Rouhani government. The conflict will thus fester.
There will also be no policy changes towards Tehran's allies. The Biden administration will not rescind but only 'review' the terrorist designation of the Houthi in Yemen even as it is causing a famine:

Cont. reading: Biden Administration's 'New' Foreign Policy Is The 'More Of The Same' Old One
Biden schliesst die 2021 Keystone-Pipeline und das wird erstmal Tausende von
amerikanischen Arbeitsplätzen vernichten.
After rigging the elections and staging the January 6th false flag “riot” at the capitol building in D.C., Democrats have some horrifying plans to roll out in their quest to achieve a full-blown Orwellian nightmare future for America… or at least what’s left of it.
With the rule of law now utterly rejected by every layer of the judicial system in the nation — including SCOTUS — there is no longer any controlling legal authority which will halt the rapid advance of the Left’s most ambitious agendas. And with Democrats now proving they can steal elections right in front of us, even with overwhelming evidence literally recorded on video cameras as the ballot counting crimes took place, they know nothing can stop them from fulfilling their most crazed visions of a Marxist society rooted in authoritarianism, censorship and lies.
Big Media, Big Tech and Big Government have now merged into one gargantuan monstrosity which allows no dissent and no challenges to its power. Obey or be crushed. Parler is being steamrolled by Apple as a demonstration of what happens if you dare suffer under the illusion that such a thing as the First Amendment even exists in this country anymore.
But that’s only the beginning. What comes next — if Trump and the Pentagon don’t stop Biden first — will rupture this nation to its core.
Here’s a list of 25 things that Democrats will likely try to implement in America, especially given that the GOP has proven itself to be completely useless at stopping the lawlessness of the Left. There was once a time when the GOP promised that if we voted for them, they would protect us from the most insane policy nightmares of the radical Left. But as of January 6th, the GOP has joined the radical Left in betraying America, and there is no longer any point in voting for any GOP candidate ever again.
25 things the Democrats will likely push if Biden is installed as president
  1. Enforce nationwide mandatory masks and mandatory vaccines, all under fear of arrest.
  2. Declare the Insurrection Act under Biden and weaponize the US military against patriots and Trump supporters by labeling them all “terrorists.”
  3. Run a new slew of false flag operations to further paint Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists. The very same crisis actors used in the Jan. 6th riots are available for more acting gigs, and they already own all the MAGA gear to wear as costumes for CNN’s cameras.
  4. Use forced “covid” lockdowns to further crush the US economy and drive the population onto government subsidies and food stamps, placing most Americans under the control of the regime.
  5. Raise the minimum wage to $23 per hour, across the nation, causing a total collapse of the small business sector and driving tens of millions to unemployment and homelessness.
  6. Tear down the border wall and encourage millions of illegals to swarm into America where they receive voting cards and instructions to vote for Democrats.
  7. Outlaw all AR-15s and semiautomatic rifles, destroy the Second Amendment and confiscate all guns held by private citizens. (That’s about 500 million guns, by the way.)
  8. Ban arm braces, 80% lowers, standard capacity magazines and most ammunition in order to disarm the public and make it easier for the Biden administration to achieve its goal of genocidal extermination of Christians, Whites and Trump supporters.
  9. Crank up the money printing machines and create trillions in new debt to bail out Democrat-run cities and states. This will further destroy the dollar and lead to a financial collapse during which people who still hold dollars as currency will lose everything. (Anyone stupid enough to put their savings into dollars is about to learn a very expensive lesson about fiat currency collapse that has been repeated throughout world history.)
  10. Protect Big Tech and its censorship regime in order to achieve total information dominance over America, snuffing out all independent or dissenting voices by any means necessary, including de-platforming, lawfare, economic warfare or threats of arrest.
  11. Enact new carbon taxes to loot the people for driving cars, buying food or using electricity. Control human behavior through carbon allotments, and punish those who speak out against the new “green tyranny.”
  12. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and other anti-America trade agreements that Trump rejected, once again placing America at a punishing disadvantage in trade actions with other nations, accelerating the global looting of America.
  13. Remove all restrictions on China and invite the CCP to continue influencing America’s media, tech giants, stock market and elections, where they already have a strong foothold.
  14. Critical Race Theory will be pushed into all public schools as part of the mass indoctrination of the youth with “official” hatred towards Whites, Christians and conservatives. All White people will be marginalized based solely on the whiteness of their skin, all while Leftists claim to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” as long as you’re a transgender, a Trump hater or a Person Of Color.
  15. Enact government reparations to force White taxpayers to fund new handouts to People Of Color (POC) under the false justification that POC are “victims” and Whites are “oppressors.” (In reality, it’s White, conservative Christians who are now the marginalized victims in America.)
  16. Eliminate $1 trillion in student debt, forcing taxpayers to pay off loans for left-wing university indoctrination training.
  17. The NIH will be funded with tens of billions of dollars to create more biological weapons such as covid-21, covid-22, covid-23, all of which will be released to oppress the people through the same series of scamdemic hoaxes we all endured in 2020.
  18. Launch nationwide arrests of pro-Trump conservatives to be placed into FEMA camps or executed as “traitors” after being labeled insurrectionists. The very same “resistance” that the Left celebrated for four years under Trump will be criminalized and prosecuted under Biden.
  19. Pursue economy-crushing “Green New Deal” policies that will crush America’s economy and lead to mass famine due to the collapse of farming. Starvation is a desired policy of the Left because they want the masses to be completely dependent on government handouts for food, housing and health care.
  20. Install more compromised voting machines across America so that Democrats never lose another election again. The ideal scenario for Democrats is to achieve a state where the votes of real voters no longer matter at all. That was already achieved on November 3rd, 2020.
  21. Use widespread eminent domain laws to seize rural land and drive people into the Agenda 21 cities where they are easier to control and monitor. Use 5G Internet-Of-Things surveillance to track the movements and speech archives of all individuals. Roll out a Total Information Awareness techno-fascist police state under the banner of “security.”
  22. All private health insurance will be outlawed, and healthcare rationing will be put in place, including death panels to decide who lives and who dies. Have no illusions: White people will be deemed to have no value in society whatsoever, so Whites will be killed first.
  23. Purge the entire history of Trump from the internet and the White House archives, seeking to erase and rewrite history in classic Orwellian fashion. Purge all evidence of the election rigging crimes of the Democrats and erase all evidence of vaccine harm or the laboratory origins of the coronavirus.
  24. “Anti-terrorism” laws will be invoked to cut off banking and all financial services to those who express dissent toward the authoritarian Biden regime. Any person flagged by the new social credit scoring system will be denied access to air travel, grocery stores or voting locations, much like is currently done in communist China.
  25. The First Amendment will be nullified by new “hate speech” laws which will be upheld by the traitorous US Supreme Court as “justified” due to “right-wing violence.”
So unless Trump takes decisive action in the next nine days to expose the criminal corruption of the Democrats and reverse the stolen election, America will face the most deliberately destructive administration in its history… and the republic will not survive.
With Biden and Harris at the helm, I predict the United States of America as we know it will no longer be recognizable by 2023. It will be a failed state by 2025, and the fiat dollar will collapse, leading to widespread poverty, social chaos, disease and mass death.
Wayne Dupree: Biden’s press secretary vows to deliver truth and transparency, but the words Democrat and truth are not synonymous
You only have to look back at the president’s record during the Obama administration to know that he is Pinocchio Joe – a politician adept at brazenly telling lies, and saying one thing and doing another.
Former CNN employee Jen Psaki told the White House press briefing room that she’ll bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.” This is surely an interesting way to bring unity to the country, to take a jab at Donald Trump at every opportunity you can. Especially in trivial ways such as this, which don’t add anything to the conversation, except as a continued display of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Can we really expect truth and transparency from somebody who worked for CNN? Can we really expect transparency from “Quid Pro Quo Joe” – a man who was the nodding dog vice president in an administration that was almost certainly the least transparent one in history? Yes, Jen. Please be transparent about the new White House plans to rewrite the Constitution and to continue to silence conservatives.
Say one thing, do another. It’s obvious! She started off the press briefings with a lie. She spoke about Biden “reversing the Muslim ban.” There was never a ban on Muslims. It was on countries that refused to ensure Americans’ safety; when they were given reasonable information on how to do that, those countries chose not to. Then, in true, current Democrat Party form, she took questions that had obviously been spoonfed to the left-wing marketers – sorry, I mean mainstream journalists.
The Dems are still trying their old mind-control tricks to sway people’s thinking. Their entire goal the whole time Trump served as president was to slander and defame his character by making him out to be a horrible person. They also try to paint themselves as the only ones who know right and wrong, which obviously they do not – in fact, they couldn’t see the light if it were shone in front of their faces.....
Caitlin Johnstone: The next two years will be the Democratic Party at its most transparent

By Caitlin Johnstone, an independent journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter @caitoz
Joe Biden is now the president of the USA. His day-one executive orders should have prioritized ending the single worst crisis in the world in Yemen, a war in which he campaigned on ending US involvement, but they did not.
Ending US participation in the Yemen genocide could and should have begun on day one. In These Times reported the following back in November (emphasis added):
“One thing Biden can do, starting on day one, is end U.S. involvement in the Yemen war – involvement that he helped initiate. By executive order, Biden could get the Pentagon to end intelligence sharing for the Saudi coalition airstrikes, end logistical support, and end spare parts transfers that keep Saudi warplanes in the air,” Hassan El-Tayyab, lead Middle East policy lobbyist for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a progressive organization, tells In These Times. “He could restore humanitarian assistance to northern Yemen. He could use his power as president to put pressure on other nations that are supporting the Saudi coalition – like France, the United Kingdom and Canada – and get them to follow suit. He could have the State Department put a stop on all arms sales to Saudi Arabia unless they meet certain benchmarks.”
Biden did none of these things, which, while unsurprising, is still inexcusable. This isn’t some 10-year infrastructure plan we’re talking about. This is the worst mass atrocity on our entire planet, and it should be treated with proportionate urgency. This administration consciously chose not to end US participation in that atrocity as swiftly as possible, which will remain an inexcusable decision, even if the Yemen war is eventually ended later.
Instead of grilling Biden about his decision not to prioritize his promise to end the Yemen war, which is what any real journalist would do, the press are asking him stupid-nonsense questions about whether he can “unite the country.”
CNN keeps screaming at Biden "can you unite the country" and he keeps ignoring them. Hilariously dumb question, even funnier reaction.
— Secular Talk (@KyleKulinski) January 20, 2021
In the lead-up to Biden’s inauguration, we were treated to some Senate hearings on his cabinet picks, in which we learnt that this administration will continue Trump’s murderous coup-mongering in Venezuela, that it will maintain Trump’s incendiary decision to have the US embassy in Jerusalem, that reviving the Iran nuclear deal is a long way off from happening and will first require consultation with Israel, and that it will be continuing Trump’s cold-war escalations against China.
In one of the more bizarre displays in the Senate hearings, Biden’s nominee to lead the State Department, Tony Blinken, defended his support for the disastrous Libya intervention during his time in the Obama administration by blaming its aftermath on Muammar Gaddafi, the leader who was mutilated to death in the streets after a US-led intervention to oust him.
“Here’s what I think we misjudged,” Blinken said. “We didn’t fully appreciate the fact that one of the things Gaddafi had done over the years was to make sure that there was no possible rival to his power, and as a result there was no effective bureaucracy, no effective administration in Libya with which to work when he was gone.”
By “when he was gone,” Blinken means when he was dead, because the United States helped kill him after staging an intervention based on lies. He is defending his push for an intervention that led to a failed state in which people are sold as slaves by saying that, if Gaddafi had run his country better, it would not have collapsed into violence and chaos when the Obama administration murdered him.
This is like an axe murderer blaming his actions on his victim’s bad housekeeping. The brazenness with which imperialist goons can shrug off all responsibility for their actions will never cease to astonish.
At Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken defends support for war in Libya“In fact, I think it’s been written about. I was [Biden’s] national security adviser, and he didn’t agree with that course of action.”
— Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola) January 19, 2021
The next two years will be the Democratic Party at its most transparent. After two years, they are statistically likely to lose control of the House and/or Senate, after which time they’ll be able to pawn off all imperialist bloodshed and lack of progress on an ‘obstructionist Congress’, like they did for the last six years of the Obama administration. But until then, the Democrats are going to have to own all their reactionary depravity and mass murder on their own.
This will set a sharp contrast from the past four years, during which every mundane part of the US empire’s institutionalized abuse was portrayed as an anomaly unique to the Trump administration. Unable to blame their refusal to advance progressive policies and basic human decency on Trump and Vladimir Putin these next two years, they’ll be forced to kill any leftward movement all on their own. Which is why we are now already seeing mass-media articles with headlines such as “Under Biden, it’s time for Democrats to let go of Medicare for All.”
And this period will provide ample opportunities to highlight the fact that’s exactly what the Democratic Party exists to do: kill all leftward movement in the most powerful government on earth. As the US continues its soul-crushing neoliberal policies at home and its murderous neoconservative policies abroad with the same degree of psychopathy it displayed in previous administrations, we must draw attention to the fact that it is the Democratic Party that bears the responsibility for these matters.....
Machtwechsel in den USA: Kein Frieden mit Biden
Künftige Spitzenfunktionäre der US-Außenpolitik haben unmittelbar vor der Amtseinführung von Präsident Joseph Biden am Mittwoch die zu erwartenden Aggressionen der neuen Regierung präzisiert. Die Vereinigten Staaten müssten China »aus einer Position der Stärke gegenübertreten«, hatte der designierte Außenminister Antony Blinken bereits am Dienstag in seiner Anhörung vor dem US-Senat erklärt und gab sich gewiss, Washington werde im Machtkampf gegen Beijing siegen: »Wir können China aus dem Feld schlagen.« Eine »aggressive Antwort« an China versprach auch Avril Haines, die als Director of National Intelligence an der Spitze der 17 US-Geheimdienste stehen wird.
Bidens HHS friert Trumps Insulin- und Epinephrin-Regel bis März ein
Das Gesundheitsministerium hat am Donnerstag die von der ehemaligen Trump-Administration im Dezember beschlossene Medikamentenrichtlinie eingefroren, die von Gesundheitszentren verlangt, alle Einsparungen bei Insulin und Epinephrin an die Patienten weiterzugeben.
Zentren, die die Einsparungen nicht weitergeben, würden sich nicht für Bundeszuschüsse qualifizieren. Die Regel, die Ende Dezember fertiggestellt wurde, wird bis zum 22. März verschoben, sagte das Department of Health and Human Services in einem Federal Register Post.
Dieses Einfrieren ist Teil der groß angelegten Bemühungen der Biden-Administration, die diese Woche angekündigt wurde und die Gesundheitspolitik der Trump-Administration unter die Lupe nehmen wird. Wenn die Politik der vorherigen Regierung Bedenken in Bezug auf Fakten, Gesetze oder Politik“ aufwirft, wird das Biden HHS sie aufschieben und sich mit dem Office of Management and Budget über andere Maßnahmen beraten.
Ehemalige HHS-Führer argumentierten, dass die Medikamentenregel Patienten zugute kommen würde, die damit kämpfen, für teures Insulin und Allergiemedikamente zu bezahlen. Die Gesundheitszentren sagten jedoch, dass sie diese Einsparungen bereits weitergeben und dass diese Regel lediglich eine administrative Belastung darstellt, die sie als Einrichtungen darstellt, die die Patienten übervorteilen. Es ist nicht klar, wie viele Einrichtungen die Regel befolgen müssen oder mit Finanzierungsbeschränkungen rechnen müssen.
As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective
Their retraction-admission validates what President Trump stated in the very beginning of the pandemic

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