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Kinder leiden psychisch stark unter Corona
Kinderarzt Dr. Janzen über die Vergewaltigung der Kinder durch den Maskenzwang

Das Video wurde von youtube offenbar nur deswegen gelöscht, weil es erhebliche Zweifel an der Zweckmäßigkeit der staatlich verordneten Maskenpflicht für Kinder weckt.  Übrigens, in Hamburg gilt die Maskenpflicht schon für 3-jährige Kinder. In Sachsen-Anhalt müssen sogar 2-jährige Kinder beim Einkaufen und in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln eine Maske tragen.
Sofortige Abschaffung der Maskenpflicht an allen Schulen! - Online petition
Der Schutz unserer Kinder steht im Vordergrund! Somit ist die sofortige Abschaffung der Maskenpflicht in Schulen notwendig. Das
“COVID-Secure” Classroom Is Cruel Child Abuse

"The largest educational experiment that modern liberal society has ever inflicted on its young people"

[Bild: 119957600_2758852687692466_8019645437711631101_n.jpg]

‘Let Us Out!’, say the freshers, in bold capitals emblazoned on placards tacked to their bedroom windows.
For many, the student-halls lockdowns in Manchester, Glasgow and elsewhere have been a penny-drop moment. This no longer feels much like the progressive 21st century Britain we aspire to live in. More and more people have started to condemn this illiberal state of affairs.
As co-founder of UsforThem, the sight of students in lockdown sadly comes as no great revelation. We have been campaigning to get schools back open and to prioritise children’s welfare. I have spent four months now on the hidden front line of the largest educational experiment that modern liberal society has ever inflicted on its young people. It has been a shocking and at times upsetting experience. It has been clear for a while that Britain has gone mad.
Many schools are fundamentally different places to what they were back in March. The Department for Education has issued guidance on how schools should operate during the pandemic, and schools have different interpretations on how to implement it. The DfE calls these ‘protective measures’ – as if bubble-wrapping our children means the end of our worries. Well, let me burst that bubble now. The last thing some of the practices we have seen do is protect children. Instead, they are causing considerable harm.
For many pupils, school is now a bleak experience. Schooldays look different. More screens, less interaction. Less music, drama, art and whatever sport they once enjoyed. No playground tag, no singing. Many have to shiver through lessons as windows are open wide. Loo breaks and water refills are rationed, sometimes with unfortunate results. Teachers often look weird, sometimes scary, if they are wearing masks and visors. Some children have been given badges, which mark them out as exempt from wearing masks. One parent of a mask-exempt child was told her daughter would have to eat lunch in isolation.
You would be forgiven for thinking this was part of the plot of a dystopian novel. Certainly, not every school adheres to each of these practices, but we have seen each of the above examples countless times. The UsforThem inbox is inundated with messages from distraught parents and grandparents who despair of this new way of running schools. Parents of children with special-educational needs tell us their children have been left behind. Teachers tell us they have never been more concerned for the wellbeing of the young minds in their charge....


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