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Minnesota, USA - Proteste wegen des Todes von George Floyd
They Convicted an Innocent Man – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 
Tuesday afternoon, a jury convicted former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin of three counts of murder and manslaughter of George Floyd.  Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says, “This was a show trial essentially. . . .  Chauvin did not have a fair trial. . . . The media convicted an innocent man, and the jury was too fearful to stand on the evidence, and that was the story of the trial.”
PCR points out, “At the trial, the bloodwork showed that George Floyd had three times the fatal dose of Fentanyl.  There was also evidence given that Fentanyl causes breathing problems.  In fact, an overdose stops you from breathing and kills you.  It also came out that Floyd had breathing problems before he was restrained on the ground.  Police videos showed Floyd was complaining about breathing when he was sitting in back of the squad car, and he asked to get out.  The most surprising thing was the police video of Floyd being restrained showed that Officer Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck, it was on his shoulder blade. . . . The video the media showed over and over again had ‘camera perspective bias.’  So, how you see something is what the camera perspective is. . . . The Chief of Police, who had already condemned Chauvin for having his knee on Floyd’s neck, when he saw the body cam video (from the police perspective), he was then asked on the stand what his opinion was, and he said he had not seen that.  He also said Chauvin’s knee was on the shoulder blade of Floyd.”
The mainstream media never showed that video from the police perspective that shows Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade.  According to PCR, “There was an abundance of evidence that there was at least reasonable doubt that Office Chauvin was not guilty of the charges. . . . So, why did they (the jury) convict?  I think fear. . . . If you were on that jury and there was a mistrial or a verdict of not guilty, you knew your name would be leaked out and they would reveal who you are and Antifa and Black Lives Matter would be on your lawn threatening your life. . . . You knew you would face threats, and your house may be burned down.”.....

Causa George Floyd
#BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all charges of murdering George Floyd.
— (@newscomauHQ) April 20, 2021

Den Polizisten hat man geopfert, denn die Autopsie hatte ergeben, dass Floyd nicht am Knie gestorben ist.
I have to say, despite thinking that Chauvin killed George Floyd and deserves to be punished, it is unnerving to hear so many on CNN say that he must be found guilty *on all three counts* in order for justice to be done (and violence averted).
— Damon Linker (@DamonLinker) April 20, 2021

Der öffentliche Druck, dass Chauvin schuldig sein muss, war enorm groß.
Hätte man ihn nicht schuldig gesprochen, hätte Amerika gebrannt.
So hat Amerika geendet.
Wir leben in interessanten Zeiten, denn wir werden in den nächsten schätzungsweise 10 Jahren den Zerfall der amerikanischen Gesellschaft erleben. Ein Detail wird sein, dass sie nicht mehr genug Leute finden werden, die noch als Polizisten arbeiten wollen.

Untersuchung angekündigt George-Floyd-Gerichtsmediziner unter Verdacht
Weil er im Prozess um den Tod des Afroamerikaners George Floyd Herzrhytmusstörungen als Todesursache angab, sollen nun ältere Urteile des ehemaligen Chefgerichtsmediziners David Fowler in ähnlichen Fällen geprüft werden.

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