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USA - CDC/Fauci
Kann man den "Experten" trauen? Trumps wissenschaftlicher Experte Fauci behauptet jetzt, es könnten 200.000 am Coronavirus sterben von Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE
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[ Bill Mitchell / Twitter ]
Fauci thinks #Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work, over-counting COVID-19 deaths is a „conspiracy theory,“ 2 million will die, then 200,000 then 80,000 then 60,000… I’m beginning to think this guy is either an idiot or lying to us and I don’t think he is an idiot.

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Fauci: ‚Looks like‘ US deaths will be lower than original projection
“Although one of the original models projected 100- to 200,000 deaths, as we’re getting more data and seeing the positive effect of mitigation, those numbers are going to be downgraded,” Fauci said on Fox News. “I don’t know exactly what the numbers are going to be, but right now it looks like it’s going to be less than the original projection.”

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Fauci: I don’t think we should shake hands ‚ever again‘
„I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again, to be honest with you. Not only would it be good to prevent coronavirus disease; it probably would decrease instances of influenza dramatically in this country,“ the doctor added.
The Firing of Fauci Is Long Overdue

Fauci cannot get out of the box imposed by Big Pharma, and the CDC and WHO are part of the vaccine lobby.  President Trump needs to clean house before medical dogmatism kills us all.
Yet another scientific article endorses HCQ, but Fauci and CNN continue to erroneously assert that there is no evidence in behalf of the treatment that doctors say is curing the virus.
An international poll of more than 6,000 doctors released Thursday found that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus. 
How HCQ works:
“A graphical illustration of the antiviral mechanisms of CQ and HCQ. Both chemicals can interfere with the glycosylation of ACE2 and reduce the binding efficiency between ACE2 on the host cells and the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus. They can also increase the pH of endosomes and lysosomes, through which the fusion process of the virus with host cells and subsequent replication are prevented. When HCQ enters APCs, it prevents antigen processing and MHC class II-mediated autoantigen presentation to T cells. The subsequent activation of T cells and expression of CD154 and other cytokines are repressed. In addition, HCQ disrupts the interaction of DNA/RNA with TLRs and the nucleic acid sensor cGAS and therefore the transcription of pro-inflammatory genes cannot be stimulated. As a result, administration of CQ or HCQ not only blocks the invasion and replication of coronavirus, but also attenuates the possibility of cytokine storm. This figure appears in colour in the online version of JACand in black and white in the print version of JAC.”
“In summary, we propose that HCQ could serve as a better therapeutic approach than CQ for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection. There are three major reasons for this: (i) HCQ is likely to attenuate the severe progression of COVID-19 through inhibiting the cytokine storm by reducing CD154 expression in T cells; (ii) HCQ may confer a similar antiviral effect at both pre- and post- infection stages, as found with CQ; (iii) HCQ has fewer side effects, is safe in pregnancy and is cheaper and more highly available in China. Given the fast-growing number of COVID-19 patients and the urgent need for effective and safe drugs in the clinic, it is more practical to identify reliable candidates by screening currently available drugs. We herein strongly urge that clinical trials are performed to assess the preventive effects of HCQ on both infection and malignant progression.”
GOP lawmakers: Fauci may be doing more harm than good
Republican Reps. Andy Biggs (Ariz.) and Ken Buck (Colo.) criticized Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, for the impact of his social distancing recommendations, claiming that the stay-at-home policies informed by those recommendations have forced businesses, workers and corporations into economic turmoil. 
“For Fauci, is it merely a societal or economic inconvenience that about 17 million workers are unemployed because of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, with many more to come in the weeks and months ahead? The economic calamity lies largely with the origination of policies resulting from Fauci's recommendations,” the lawmakers wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner published Saturday.
Biggs and Buck, both members of the conservative Freedom Caucus and staunch allies of President Trump, join others on the right in criticizing public health officials on the administration’s coronavirus task force. On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, a conservative commentator on Fox News, said that Fauci “shouldn’t be making economic decisions.”
The lawmakers' op-ed comes as the United States has seen record increases in unemployment. In the first week of April, more than 6 million people filed for unemployment, according to data released by the U.S. Labor Department. More than 10 million people applied for unemployment in the last two weeks of March as businesses shuttered due to fears of the pandemic's spread. 
“The longer government-imposed lockdowns go on, the more people will lose their jobs — millions more,” the lawmakers wrote. “Thousands of businesses will close their doors. The physical and emotional toll from this self-imposed economic destruction will be worse than the doomsday prophets projected.”
Trump has shared similar concerns about closures in the past, tweeting, "WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF."
However, when asked by reporters about whether he would continue to listen to medical professionals on the coronavirus task force, Trump said yes. The president added that he would listen to health experts and balance their guidance with that of his economic advisers.
Fauci, a public health official with the National Institutes of Health, does not advise the president on matters besides science and is concerned with the mitigation of the disease to contain the outbreak and prevent casualties.
Both Fauci and Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the coronavirus task force, have said social distancing and the mass closures that result are the only ways to mitigate the spread of the disease. Once large-scale testing is available, they've asserted, the data they collect could help phase out the guidelines. 
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin signaled this week that the federal government is aiming to open up the economy by early May. However, state lawmakers and health experts are unsure of the feasibility of this date, as many states across the country have yet to reach their peak in confirmed coronavirus cases. 
Biggs and Buck said they are skeptical of the doctors' expertise, noting their estimates have fluctuated in terms of projected deaths, spanning from a high of 240,000 deaths estimated in the past weeks to a recalibrated estimation of 60,000 deaths most recently.

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#FireFauci Should be the Rallying Cry for a Generation

For weeks I’ve been careful to separate the threat of the disease, COVID-19, from the political response. I’ve felt strongly that one can respect the virus while at the same time be wary of the political response and the panic engineered over it. But that’s come to an end. It’s clear that the plan from the beginning was to allow this virus to run wild in high profile places like New York and Italy to create fear. It is also clear that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci were activated to ensure the worst possible response to the crisis would be implemented in the U.S.
Fauci: No Recovery Possible If Virus Isn't "Under Control"
"So what you do if you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike?"
dafranzl sagte:

21. April 2020 um 17:37

Coronavirus Roundtable With Dr. Buttar & Dr. Mikovits - How Your System Is Being Used Against You

Dr. Buttar und Judy Markowits..zu Covid19

Das sind die Gegner von Fauci…

Unglaubliche Einblicke…
Bei 1:10 :05 ca. Take off the masks,sie sagt,durch das Tragen der Masken wird man garantiert positiv,weil dann die schlafenden Virusteile im Körper gepuscht werden,durch die ausgeatmeten Viruse in der Maske(oder so ähnlich) Viren fliegen nicht durch die Luft,existieren nur in Körperzellen von ihren Wirten…

Zwei wirklich fanatische Gegner des augenblicklichen Wahnsinns!
29. April 2020 um 12:06
Dr. Fauci zieht Empfehlungen zu Vitamin C und D zurück
man lässt nichts unversucht….

29. April 2020 um 14:49

Das ist ein hochkrimineller Sackgänger ohne Ende. Der will „sein Baby“ weiter am Wachsen halten.
we: 'Paid for the virus that’s killing us': Giuliani attacks Fauci over grants to Wuhan laboratory
Einem Bericht zufolge hat die US-Geheimdienst-Gemeinschaft wachsende Zuversicht, dass der aktuelle Coronavirusstamm möglicherweise aus dem Wuhan-Institut für Virologie entwichen ist, anstatt auf einem Wildmarkt entstanden zu sein. Während eines Interviews am Sonntag am Runden Tisch "The Cats Roundtable" stellte Giuliani die Frage, warum die USA dem Labor Geld gegeben haben.
"Bereits 2014 verbot die Obama-Regierung den USA, Geld an ein Labor, auch in den USA, zu spenden, das mit diesen Viren herumspielt. Verbot es! Trotzdem gab Dr. Fauci 3,7 Millionen Dollar an das Labor in Wuhan, - nachdem das Außenministerium Berichte darüber herausgegeben hatte, wie unsicher dieses Labor war und wie verdächtig sie in der Art und Weise waren, wie sie ein Virus entwickelten, das auf Menschen übertragen werden konnte", behauptete er.
Obwohl Giuliani Dr. Anthony Fauci, der seit 1984 Direktor des Nationalen Instituts für Allergien und Infektionskrankheiten (NIAID) ist, die Schuld dafür gab, ist nicht klar, welche Rolle Fauci bei den Finanzierungsentscheidungen hatte. Der NIAID vergab 3,7 Millionen Dollar an EcoHealth Alliance für eine Studie über das "Risiko der zukünftigen Entstehung des Coronavirus (CoV) bei Wildtieren durch eingehende Felduntersuchungen an der Schnittstelle zwischen Mensch und Wildtieren in China".
Eines muss man der Trump Gruppe zugestehen: sie sind nicht zimperlich. Hier kritisiert der beste Freund und Anwalt von Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani (der ehemaliger Bürgermeister von New York am 11.09.2001) den obersten medizinischen Berater der US Regierung, Dr Anthony Fauci. Jeden Abend steht Dr Fauci auf der Pressekonferenz Bühne mit Donald Trump und erzählt der Welt, wie brav der Präsident ist, tagsüber geht er in Talkshows und kritisiert den Präsidenten.
nationalfile: The dark truth about Fauci and Bill Gates
Die Ermittler der Studie identifizierten SADS-CoV auf vier Schweinefarmen in der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong. Die Arbeit war eine Zusammenarbeit von Wissenschaftlern der EcoHealth Alliance, der Duke-NUS Medical School, des Wuhan Institute of Virology und anderer Organisationen und wurde vom National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) finanziert. Die Forschung wird in der Zeitschrift Nature veröffentlicht.
Übrigens, Fauci war Anfang März noch der Meinung, das Virus sei harmlos und Maßnahmen dagegen irrelevant
realclearpolitics: Virus expert`s early statements
Am 21. Januar betonte er, es sei unklar, ob sich das Virus von Mensch zu Mensch verbreiten könne. Auf die Frage, ob die USA stadtweite Abschaltungen in Betracht ziehen könnten, wie sie China zu dieser Zeit vornahm, antwortete Fauci: "Es gibt keine Chance auf der Welt, dass wir das Chicago, New York oder San Francisco antun könnten.
Wochen später spielte Fauci die Risiken immer noch herunter und sagte am 18. Februar, dass die "hypothetische Gefahr des Coronavirus" für Amerika "nur winzig" sei, verglichen mit der "realen und gegenwärtigen Gefahr" der saisonalen Grippe. Tage später änderte er schließlich seine Ansichten.
Wir können nur annehmen, dass er keine Zeit hatte, die Studie zu lesen, die sein eigenes Institut finanziert hatte.

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