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Corona: "Die Epidemie, die nie da war" – Dr. med. Claus Köhnlein

How to Practice Proper Social Distancing - #PropagandaWatch

absolutes "Must see"!

-One of your best. This is a nightmare.

-Anyone else think that the term asymptomatic is a convenient way to find you guilty without having to prove it? Especially with all the false positives and paid celebrities who push the agenda?

-Shouting out of window "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it!" Will never be a news article.

-“We’re not going back to normal” That is utterly horrifying. I simply refuse to “live” in such a world. That either won’t be the case, some way or other, or I’ll die. That’s all there is to it.

-The so called "Corona Crisis" is obviously the greatest and most successful mass manipulation of all time. Orson Welles would be proud of it.

-This "quarantine shaming" idea is just one-half, maybe one-quarter step removed from the whole concept of snitching on one another, since too many are awakening to the realities of our lives as slaves, and of the incredible levels of inequality, they need to make certain that we mistrust each other and don't begin to perceive our common dilemma and start coming together.

-Pathetic. Thousands of people die every day. But totalitarianism is gladly accepted by people?

-"It's a trap" One of my favourite Star Wars quotes. The deep state cabal must absolutely be on cloud nine by now. Social isolation, no public gatherings, people glued to the MS media news, a social wage for millions, enhanced monitoring of people's location...My state of Victoria tendered for a huge order of automatic rifles about a year ago. Why? I noticed it at the time and I thought it extremely strange. They knew this was coming. A year ago.

-Again, I am still mindblown this is happening in my life time. I am amazed every day about how far this narrative is running, its really hard to understand how it will end, or, if it will end. Everytime I see an ounce of common sense its followed by a pound of absolute garbage.
Mr. Dax Dirk Müller zum Coronavirus und Börsencrash: "Die Regierung hat komplett versagt"

-Klopapier. Die neue Währung. Aber nur für Arschlöcher.
ZDF heute@ZDFheute2 Std.
In nur knapp vier Monaten forderte das Coronavirus die Gesundheitssysteme von rund 170 Ländern heraus. #COVID2019

(mit freundlicher Unterstützung vom John Hopkins Pandemie-Büro)
Fellner! LIVE: Bohrn Mena vs. Grosz

Profiteure der Angst - SARS H1N1 H5N1 - Impfstoff-Marketing mit erfundenen Pandemien - NDR 2009

#Corona #Politik #Nachrichten

Wenn Staaten die Menschen aus ihrer EIGENEN Wohnung werfen



Hier noch einer dem der Kragen platzt..
(27.03.2020, 20:12)diedienichtimmerlacht schrieb:

Hier noch einer dem der Kragen platzt..

Ich fände es praktisch, wenn man in dem Beitrag nochmals zusätzlich den link zu dem Video posten - dann hätten wir die Chance, das Video auch woanders zu suchen

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