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Indien 2019-2020

Bislang 23 Tote bei Protesten - Tausende Menschen trotz Versammlungsverbot auf der Straße
In Indien sind bei den landesweiten Protesten gegen das Einbürgerungsgesetz laut den Behörden bisher mindestens 23 Menschen getötet worden.
Trotz Versammlungsverbot und blockiertem Internet gingen auch heute wieder Menschen auf die Straße. Im Bundesstaat Uttar Pradesh wurden nach Angaben der Polizei mehr als 600 Personen in Gewahrsam genommen. Bei den Protesten legten Demonstrierende Feuer und warfen Steine auf Sicherheitskräfte. Andernorts verliefen die Kundgebungen weitgehend friedlich.
Das neue Gesetz erleichtert illegal eingereisten Migranten aus Bangladesch, Pakistan und Afghanistan die Einbürgerung, sofern sie keine Muslime sind. Kritiker sehen darin eine Diskriminierung und einen Verstoß gegen die säkulare Verfassung Indiens.

[Bild: SUOZXHSV?format=jpg&name=900x900]
Seit Tagen gehen in #Indien Menschen auf die Straße, um gegen eine Reform des Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetzes zu protestieren. An einigen Orten sind die Proteste wieder in Gewalt umgeschlagen - mit mehr als 20 Toten.

Berliner Zeitung@berlinerzeitung

Bei Demonstrationen in #Indien gegen das neue #Einbürgerungsgesetz kommt es weiter zu Ausschreitungen. Das Gesetz soll illegal eingereisten Migranten die Einbürgerung erleichtern - wenn sie keine Muslime sind.

Proteste gegen Modis #Einbürgerungsgesetz - Eine Vergewaltigung der Seele Indiens. #Indien
[Bild: EMINK92XkAApMu7?format=jpg&name=900x900]

In #Indien dauern die gewaltsamen Proteste gegen das neue Staatsbürgerschaftsrecht an. Nach schweren Zusammenstößen mit der Polizei an einer Uni in Neu Delhi, gab es landesweite Solidaritätsdemos von Studenten. Das neue Gesetz erleichtert die Einbürgerung von Nicht-Muslimen. AFP

[Bild: EL6RPOdX0AAQJYZ?format=jpg&name=900x900]

Bis zu 100 TN haben am Samstag Nachmittag am Nabel in der Innenstadt #Göttingen gegen das geplante "Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz" und Polizeigewalt in #Indien demonstriert. Etwas verspätet unsere Bilder bei Flickr: #IndiaAgainstCAA_NRC #CAA_NRC_Protests

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[Bild: EMZfF16WsAAaxU4?format=jpg&name=small]
[Bild: EMZfF12XsAAYTZD?format=jpg&name=small]
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An invasion of falsehoods: India’s ‘liberals’ running propaganda war over new citizenship law

[Bild: 5dfed05520302718bf118c52.JPG]
Protesters pelt stones at police personnel during clashes over citizenship law in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India December 20

As cops are being beaten up and trains and buses burnt by communal mobs, an info war has been unleashed against Modi’s government to twist the CAA and spin large-scale violence and bigotry as spontaneous, progressive resistance.
This protest movement has many fathers, the most useful being the one that should disown it the quickest: Liberals.
It is through them that a massive information war against India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) –– which offers shelter to persecuted Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis from Islamic Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh –– is being carried out.
From film personalities like Farhan Akhtar and Sushant Rajput to selectively secular activists and journalists, self-proclaimed liberals are circulating lies from very dubious sources about the CAA and the proposed nationwide National Register of  Citizens (NRC).
The same global breed pander to Islamists in the name of multiculturalism in Europe, fight for an unbridled refugee movement, and facilitate demographic and cultural takeovers across the continent.
Circulation of fakes
Bollywood film actor and director Akhtar recently tweeted a widely circulated online poster inviting people to join the CAA protests in Mumbai. The poster is credited to Stand With Kashmir, an online entity suspected to be run by the Pakistani spy agency ISI from the US and Canada. It has Facebook and Instagram pages with 50,000 and 15,000 followers respectively. It aggressively pushes Pakistan’s separatist and jihadi view of Kashmir, and this poster is a class showcase of that.
Today, Actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted about the event i.e. Anti CAB event/protest. But what i noticed that The image Farhan Akhtar tweeted for anti-CAB protest has 'Stand With Kashmir' logo and map of India is also wrong.
— ?️ ईन्द्रजीत ñíŗwåň ? (@enochjoel00) December 18, 2019
Akhtar failed to notice that India’s map in the poster did not show Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Akshai Chin (conflicted zones with Pakistan and China) as integral parts of the nation.
Then come the outright lies. The poster says the “law excludes Muslims.” But why should the majority Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, who have systemically persecuted their minorities to the point of near-extinction, be granted protection from religious persecution? Do you protect the sheep running away from a wolf by sheltering the wolf alongside its prey?
Sudden love for women and LGBTQIA
The propaganda document goes on to say, “When combined with the National Register for Citizens…many people will be inhumanly excluded due to being Muslims, transgender, atheists, adivasis, Dalits, women, landless… [sic]”
Amusingly, a nationwide NRC has not yet been drafted. And India’s citizenship has nothing to do with religion, gender, colour, caste, or being tribal or not.
The same Islamists were livid with the special status to Kashmir under Articles 370 and 35A –– which discriminated against women, LGBTQIA, and backward castes.
“India’s Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, Parsis and Christians will be granted citizenship without documents, but not Muslims. Why this discrimination?” says the document.
The CAA will only fast-track citizenship for persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. An Indian Hindu without documents will face the same procedures as an Indian Muslim without documents.
So, what’s the fuss about?
Sleeper cells have got activated
Elements of banned extremist organisations have crawled out of the underground to run riot in the name of protest. And there is a new, interesting attempt to dress up garden variety Islamism as progressive resistance.
One such instance is Ladeeda Farzana Sakhaloon. ‘Liberal’ media posted selfies with this nerdy, headscarf-covered girl, describing her as a “Shero.”
Scratch the surface, and a sinister story emerges.
Her husband and she are part of a highly communal group named Students Islamic Organisation which cheers conversions and Islamic rule.
“During the protest gathering happened yesterday. Some liberals dictated us to refrain from chanting ‘Insha Allah’ and ‘Allah-Hu-Akbar,’” Ladeeda writes in a social media post. “We have only submitted completely towards Almighty. We have abandoned your secular slogans long before. Those slogans will be raised loudly again and again… [sic].”
Path to hell is paved with…
On Thursday, a ‘liberal’ website had to eat crow for trying to whitewash the most egregious slogans shouted at the anti-CAA protests.
Protesters were seen in a video shouting “freedom from Hindus.” Indians were outraged by the genocidal tones, but this website called it a fake. It turned out later that the video was genuine.
While policemen are being beaten up, trains and buses burnt by predominantly aggressive Muslim mobs, an information jihad rages against India, twisting the law and spinning large-scale violence and bigotry in the name of protests as some kind of spontaneous, righteous, anti-fascist youth resistance.

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What happens when US ‘religious freedom’ watchdog goes to India in search of ‘monsters to destroy’

[Bild: 5e017a692030274ab9284ad8.JPG]
FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators throw stones towards police next to burning vehicles during a protest against a new citizenship law, in Lucknow, India, December 19, 2019

A busybody US committee for ‘international religious freedom’ has butted into India’s turmoil over new citizenship rules, exposing Washington’s hypocrisy and threatening to derail US attempts to cultivate New Delhi as an ally.
On Monday, the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) condemned “religious violence” across India and called on the government in New Delhi to “stop use of force on those exercising right to express concern” about India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).
USCIRF condemns religious violence in UP and across India; calls on #Modi govt officials & law enforcement to stop use of force on those exercising right to express concern about #CAB#CAA and expansion of #NRC.
— USCIRF (@USCIRF) December 23, 2019
At least 22 people have died over the past two weeks as a result of protests against the laws adopted earlier this month, which many Western outlets described as discriminatory against Muslims.
The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi insists that the CAA and the NRC are in no way aimed against Indian Muslims. The CAA is intended to expedite persecuted minorities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh – all majority Muslim – getting Indian citizenship, while the NRC aims to tally up the immigrants living in India illegally. Neither should affect the rights of Muslims with Indian citizenship.......

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'What's a foreign hand doing here?' Indians outraged over German students' protesting against citizenship bill
A German exchange student in India was deported from the country after participating in demonstrations against a new citizenship bill, local media reported. Indians have been raising alarm over foreigners joining the protests.
Jakob Lindenthal, a post-graduate student in physics at the Indian Institute of Technology (ITT) in Chennai, was allegedly ordered by immigration officials to leave India after he had joined in on anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) rallies.
Photographs of Lindenthal show him hold placards reading “No democracy without dissent” and “1933-1945: We have been there” – apparently drawing parallels to Hitler’s Germany.
During one protest, he told The Hindu newspaper that India was slowly creeping toward discriminatory policies, even if the government claims otherwise. Citing Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews, he noted that “In the beginning, [Germans] never know where it [would] all end.”......

Reality of fakes: Western media’s news factory on India is well-oiled and kicking
From the New York Times to the BBC and the Wall Street Journal, the biggest news media have been caught peddling lies and being condescending and hostile towards India, a vibrant democracy and one of the oldest civilisations.
It has been 72 years since India achieved freedom from her British colonisers, but the West’s media has still not come to terms with it.
Its correspondents still arrive like new viceroys, and much of the reportage ranges from patronising and condescending to viscerally hostile and downright fake. Media outlets from nations merely a few hundred years old, for instance, lecture civilisations like India – one of the oldest in the world – on civilisational matters such as Kashmir. They also give sermons to unique civilisations like China or Russia on matters they understand little about.
And the vanguards of western media continue to speak sanctimoniously about their editorial standards, despite being repeatedly caught spreading fake news.
Citizenship law and ‘Eew’ York Times
The moment the Narendra Modi government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act to shelter persecuted minorities from neighbouring Islamic nations Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the western fake narrative-setting machinery creaked into action. One of the first off the block was the virulently anti-India – and globally anti-nationalist – New York Times.
One of its very first reports carried a lie in the headline. ‘India takes step towards blocking naturalization for Muslims’, it screamed.
New York Times crosses limits of fake news, says 'India blocks naturalization for Muslims.'In a sinister spin to recent events, #NewYorkTimes has carried an insidious, fake news about the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill
— (@tfipost) December 10, 2019
But the act only gives a right to persecuted minorities. It does not take away the rights of any individual or group. Muslims can still obtain Indian citizenship by way of naturalisation, provided they fulfill necessary conditions.

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Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2020

Der größte Streik aller Zeiten in Indien erschüttert die Modi-Regierung

Vor ein paar Tagen noch dachte ich zutiefst betrübt über das Schicksal dieser armen indischen Arbeiter- und Bäuer/innen nach, als ich den langen Essay von Arundhati Roy übersetzte. Und siehe da - wie durch einen Zauberschlag - stehen 250 000 000 Menschen auf den Straßen. Ginge das nur immer so. Nun hat der Modi seit Jahren die indische Gesellschaft gespalten und seine Safran-Horden gegen das Volk gehetzt und was passiert jetzt? Die gesamte Arbeiterklasse . ob Hindus, Sikhs, Moslems, Christen, Dalits - steht geschlossen in gemeinsamen Aktionen auf den Straßen. Das hat der elende Modi-Krüppel nicht erwartet. Nun muss sich die Arbeiter-und Bauernschaft nicht über das Ohr hauen lassen, sondern an ihren Forderungen eisern festhalten. Das ist gut für die Moral und den Geldsack......

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