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London Bridge Attacke 29.11.2019
Mann mit Messer und Taschentuch(?):

[Bild: EKsRcgqXYAI6sCJ?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

[Bild: EKsRcgqWsAAcft2?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

Wozu das Gesicht pixeln?
[Bild: EKr_AHCXYAEt1KT?format=jpg&name=small]

Three men take Usman Khan down - with a fire extinguisher and a Narwhal tusk

When did it become customary to tamper with a crime scene for media images?

Why no forensic team or bomb disposal unit (are forced never just presume devices are fake)

Wasn't the view of his suicide 'vest' clear enough from under his jacket?

[Bild: EKkme0_WoAAjJAY?format=jpg&name=900x900]

[Bild: EKkme-eXUAAfRCj?format=jpg&name=900x900]

The attacker, alleged to be Usman Khan:

[Bild: khan%2Bcircled.jpg]
'Almost as close as the police': witnesses describes London Bridge incident

London Bridge terror attack: Police respond to gunshots as public flee scene

Remember everyone, trust everything the media tells you, the media loves you and is committed to truth - honest
Brabantian1 December 2019 at 09:08
This killing of Usman Khan suggests death squads may have come to Britain ... As Off-Guardian notes, "It has been confirmed by the police that the man was unarmed and restrained when he was shot."

So even if you are held down, your hands unable to move ... UK police can back away and shoot you dead, on some theory you can yet set off some explosive, despite being restrained?

Is this killing being actively questioned by Muslim groups etc? Or are the search engines helping the security services by hiding such complaints and demands for enquiries, from search results?

From the USA we are familiar with many allegations that particular police shootings are unjust, US police killing around 1000 people per year, disproportionately black people ... and those shootings are often far less questionable than this one

Are Britons just accepting the implausible narrative here? A group of UK police surrounding a man held down on the ground, suddenly decide to all back away and kill him ... even tho if the man did have a bomb, this would have given him time to set it off?

Off-Guardian provides an image of a 'tweet' ascribed to Jeremy Corbyn in which Corbyn is alleged to say, 'A man was murdered by British Police in broad daylight'

This 'Corbyn quote' is apparently not genuine ... but would it be wrong if Corbyn did say this?


Mark White of Sky News was conveniently 'embedded' with the elite UK Police Territorial Support Group (TSG) when they got the call to respond to Usman Khan ... tho they arrrived after Khan was already dead, killed by other UK police
Die Leseratte
Das wird ja immer merkwürdiger! In diesem Artikel steht, dass der Londoner Angriff gar nicht auf der Brücke stattfand, sondern in der Fishmongers' Hall. Dort fand eine Veranstaltung zu einem Resozialisiserungsprogramm für Ex-Häftlinge statt. Dort hätte der Attentäter bereits damit gedroht, die Halle in die Luft zu sprengen (mit der Fake-Weste) und dort hätte er auch bereits auf Menschen eingestochen. Weitere Ex-Häftlinge, die ebenfalls bei dieser Veranstaltung waren, haben ihn danach wohl bis auf die Brücke "gejagt" und da dann niedergerungen. Der lange "Stock", der in manchen Videos zu sehen ist, war angeblich ein Narwahlzahn, der in der Halle als Deko an der Wand hing. Ihn hat angeblich ein polnischer Koch genommen und sich damit an der Jagd auf den Täter beteiligt. Jetzt sind also Hälftlinge auf Freigang und Ex-Knackis sowie ein polnischer Zuwanderer die Helden des Attentats. Bisschen dick aufgetragen, oder? Langsam glaube ich auch an ein False Flag.

Das gibt es nur in London!
Islamistischer Attentäter mit Feuerlöscher und einem Narwalzahn zur Strecke gebracht!
WTF? Mit einem Narwalzahn?
Richter: „Und wie haben Sie sich gegen den Angreifer verteidigt?“
Zeuge: „Mit einem Narwalzahn, den ich für solche Zwecke immer mit mir führe!“
Richter: „Ist das nicht etwas unhandlich?“
Zeuge: „Nun ja, zugegebenermaßen. Doch sehr wirkungsvoll im Verteidigungsfall.“

Langsam verstehe ich, woher Monty Python ihre Ideen hatten.
(01.12.2019, 13:41)Rundumblick schrieb: Angeblich nahm Usman Khan an einer Konferenz über die Rehabilitation von Gefangenen in der Fishmongers' Hall nahe der London Bridge teil.
Angeblich hat er sich von der Besprechung entfernt.
Minuten später kam jemand mit Messern, die an seine Hände geklebt waren und einen gefälschten Selbstmordgürtel trugen".
War diese Person Usman Khan oder jemand anderes?

"Minuten später kam jemand mit Messern, die an seine Hände geklebt waren" Quelle?

Mit Messern die an seine Hände geklebt schwarz gekleidet ggf. noch mit Skimaske so dass man ein Panzertape mit dem der Mund verklebt nicht sah ... so könnte man einen Patsy Sündenbock Einfaltspinsel den Löwen zum fraß vorwerfen.
Bernd das Brot - Nachtschleife Nerds [720p nativ]

Ab Minute 3 ...  Was?  Ihr habt den elenden Zauberstab in meine Hand geklebt ...

(01.12.2019, 19:07)Rundumblick schrieb: [Bild: khan%2Bcircled.jpg]
Der Film mit dem Narvalzahn ist auch schon nicht mehr im Netz ...

Attentäter mit Walzahn gestoppt – Mann soll ausgezeichnet werden


(01.12.2019, 19:07)Rundumblick schrieb: [Bild: EKkme0_WoAAjJAY?format=jpg&name=900x900]

[Bild: EKkme-eXUAAfRCj?format=jpg&name=900x900]

Da lagen nach dem rumbalgen und Schüssen aber zwei vor Ort ... WTF
(02.12.2019, 07:04)ossi schrieb:  
(01.12.2019, 19:07)Rundumblick schrieb: [Bild: EKkme0_WoAAjJAY?format=jpg&name=900x900]

[Bild: EKkme-eXUAAfRCj?format=jpg&name=900x900]

Da lagen nach dem rumbalgen und Schüssen aber zwei vor Ort ... WTF

müssen aber nicht 2 sein, da man auf dem letzten Bild den Kopf nicht sieht, da verpixelt.
London Bridge – Evolving Narrative

The final, official story of the London Bridge attack is beginning to take shape. More information is coming together all the time, the very efficiently edited Wikipedia page for Fishmongers Hall already has a short section dedicated to events of the two days ago.
Here is what we know so far:
The Alleged Attacker
His name was Usman Khan, he was from Stoke on Trent. That’s it as far as personal details go, nothing about his personal life or his family has yet emerged and/or been released.
We do know he pleaded guilty to “preparing acts of terrorism” in 2012, that can be confirmed with contemporary sources.
Much is being made of the “convicted terrorist walking the streets” narrative, but the truth of the case is that Khan had never actually hurt anyone. Or attempted to hurt anyone. Or acted with violent intent in any way. The BBC made it clear, at the time, that there were no weapons, or bomb parts, found at any of the men’s houses, and no evidence they had made any efforts to purchase such.
Under current UK “anti-terror” legislation “intent and determination” is enough to be convicted of “planning a terrorist attack”. Which is to say, spitballing, hypotheticals and talking shit to your friends can get you 10 years in prison.
It is interesting to note that even the BBC, at the time, considered these men more likely “fantasists” than threats. The judges sentencing is no longer available online.
We know that Khan, and his 9 co-defendants, were under surveillance by MI5 for two whole years before being arrested. We are not told how they came to be under this surveillance, except a vague term “concerns were raised in the community”.
We know the men knew each other through their involvement in the (now banned) organisation Islam4UK. It could be assumed that MI5 either monitored everyone associated with this group, or indeed helped set up the group in the first place to use it as a “honeytrap”.
Regardless of the exact details of his past conviction, we know Khan was released December last year, and was in a rehabilitation program. There are also reports he was still tagged. Both of those claims appeared in the Times.
We are still in the dark as far as motive goes, with speculation raging. The Mirror suggest he was taking “vengeance” for the alleged death of al-Baghdadi in Syria last month. But that doesn’t seem likely, given the timeline. However, it was reported that ISIS had “claimed responsibility” for the attack.
So far none of the classic “suicide tapes” have appeared.

The Attack

The attack itself, as a narrative, has coalesced in the last 24 hours:
Khan had been attending the ‘Learning Together’ seminar in Fishmongers’ Hall, run by the Cambridge Institute of Criminology to help offenders reintegrate into society following their release from prison.
At 13:58 on 29 November, City of London Police were called to an incident at Fishmongers’ Hall. Khan, wearing a fake suicide vest, threatened to blow up the hall.
Holding two kitchen knives taped to his wrists, using similar tactics to the 2017 attack, he began stabbing people inside the building.
Several fought back, including a chef working at Fishmongers’ Hall who grabbed a narwhal tusk from the wall to use as a weapon, and a convicted murderer attending the conference.
Khan fled and began stabbing pedestrians outside on the north side of the bridge.
Several people were injured before members of the public and a plain-clothes British Transport Police officer, later seen walking away with a knife, restrained and disarmed Khan on the bridge. One of the people who stepped in to fight the attacker drove him back by spraying a fire extinguisher.
Armed City of London Police arrived a short time later and surrounded the attacker, who was being held down by a man. They pulled this person away to provide a clear shot, before firing twice. Khan died at the scene.

The victims have since been named as Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones. They were apparently Cambridge graduates attending the Institute of Criminology event. There is still relatively little information about them available, although Merritt’s father has made a statement some would consider political in nature.
A classmate of Merritt’s, who now works for the New York Times, wrote a piece about him.
The heroes of the narrative have shifted.
The current hero list is the “Polish chef” known only as “Lukasz”, who apparently used a Narwhal tusk as an improvised weapon to fight back, and James Ford, a convicted murderer. Plus a couple of unnamed ex-convicts also attending the IoC event.
“Lukasz” has reportedly been awarded a special award by the Polish government.
But the first “hero” to appear, on Friday, was this man:

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