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London Bridge Attacke 29.11.2019
30. November 2019 um 13:01
“ Usman Khan wurde 2012 wegen islamistischem Terrorismus zu acht Jahren Haft verurteilt. “
Wie schön, daß er vorzeitig entlassen wurde. So ist das halt in einem Rechtsstaat.
Hauptsache, so jemand wie Assange, der ja tatsächlich gemeingefährlich für die öffentliche Sicherheit ist, wird weiterhin in Isolationshaft gehalten und physisch und psychisch fertiggemacht.
Was war noch mal sein Verbrechen?

(Im Skripal-Land ist alles möglich)

London Bridge attacker 'had links to Anjem Choudary' – latest updates
Counter-terror expert says UK playing ‘Russian roulette’ with public as attacker had recently been released from jail

On 29 November 2019, City of London Police were called to an incident at Fishmongers' Hall, at the northern end of London Bridge in Central London, where a criminal justice conference was taking place.[1]

"A man attending the event, Usman Khan, wearing a fake suicide vest, threatened to blow up the hall.[2]

"He began stabbing people inside the building. 

"He subsequently began stabbing pedestrians at the north side of the bridge. 

"Several people fought back, including one who grabbed a narwhal tusk from the wall inside Fishmongers' Hall to use against him as a weapon.[3]

"Several people were injured before members of the public restrained the attacker on the bridge.[4][5][6] 

"The police arrived shortly thereafter and surrounded the attacker, firing multiple shots.[5] The attacker was shot by police and died at the scene."[7][8]

The attack occurred at the same location as another attack in June 2017.[4]

Usman Khan:

[Bild: usman%2Bkhan%2Blondon%2Bbridge%2Battaccker.jpg]

[Bild: usman%2Bkhan%2Blondon%2Bbridge%2Battaccker%2B2%2B.jpg]

Khan was part of a group from Stoke-on-Trent, Cardiff and London who were jailed in 2012.

"Khan had planned to establish a 'terrorist military training facility' on land owned by his family in Kashmir, according to sentencing remarks.

"Khan, at 19, was the youngest of the group.

"Khan was originally classed as never to be released from jail unless deemed no longer a threat but this condition was later lifted."


Brabantian 30 November 2019 at 00:47

Notable how the intel-agency-tied Wikipedia ignores the contradiction in their own narrative as above.

The attacker is 'restrained', tackled and on the ground, very close to being unable to move ... so how does shooting him become 'necessary'?

Yet a group of London police, collectively decide to un-hand and release the man who is tackled, giving him some free moments to set off his 'bombs', and maybe kill the police as well as himself

Then after the pause they allowed, it becomes 'necessary' for police to shoot the man ... whom they just released from their grip a moment earlier

Even most police are not so anxious to shoot & kill, as shootings make 'problems' for them ... Having a violent man already tackled on the ground, police instinct is to hold him more firmly, not to release him so he can pull a trigger

Dead men tell no tales.

From today's 'London Bridge terrorist attack', there is chilling video of UK police shooting a man on the ground ... there is a fight, people piled on including a perhaps civilian, then people are pulled away / jump away, and the man on the ground is shot, execution-style, gunshots clearly heard in some of the twitter video

The 'justification' would be that the man on the ground, originally wielding a knife, also had a suicide explosive vest

One 4chan commenter suggests that the 'civilians' who 'attacked the attacker' may well be MI5 etc agents, given the fear of typical Britons of doing such things



Videos of the London Bridge police shooting of the 'terrorist', raise questions

The videos fit the assassination of a groomed manipulee, guided in the terrorist role ... with the possibility that the police killing this man, knew the 'explosive suicide vest' was fake

For these kinds of incidents - a group of police with a man they can grab, who may have hidden weapons or explosives - there is a clear procedure -

The officer nearest each of the man's hands, will grab and immobilise that hand and its fingers, whilst other colleagues grab legs and feet, bring handcuffs etc

Nearly everyone has an instinct about this ... with a child throwing a tantrum and about to do something dangerous, you grab the child's arms ... sexual attackers grab a woman's wrists ... etc

With a 'Muslim terrorist' thought to have suicide explosives, there is realistically no time for police to jump away to safety if they are already next to him, it is safer and wiser for them to grab his wrists

Viewing the videos of the killing, you see a long enough pause between the men pulling away and then killing their target, that the Muslim could have blown up all of them with the right explosives

Pulling away from him, would be a decision of police assassins who knew the 'suicide bomb gear' was not real ... as well as of police who were 'afraid' & acted unwisely

One man, whom police struggled to pull away from the bearded Muslim, had the normal instinct, his priority was holding the Muslim down, but police wrestled with him, giving the 'terrorist' more opportunity ... that was strange

It seems that the killing was real. A detail from one video from the other end of London bridge, a detail not often seen in Hollywood etc., is that after the man was shot, vapour rose from the man's body, reflecting the heat of a high-speed bullet entry into a warm human body suddenly having holes

A mind-control goal in the wide sharing of news videos and photos of 'police shooting dead a terrorist'?

This photo is notable, some time after the killing, a distant view of the corpse now lying straight on the sidewalk, man's Muslim-style beard visible prominently

As usual

« The attacker was known to the police ... »

and also « had links to Islamist terror groups ... It is not known whether this could be Islamic State or al Qaeda. » - Sky News

Journalists and plain-clothes police 'coincidentally' nearby

Owen Jones of the Guardian was nearby ... he had written of being downtown during the 2017 attacks too

3 June 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack took place 5 days before the 8 June 2017 UK general election

29 November 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack 13 days before the 12 December 2019 UK general election

Terrorists follow the polling calendar? Eager to help highlight a 'law & order' theme as Britons go to vote?

Is it time again for that Sadiq Khan photo meme, with Khan's famous statement that 'Terror attacks are just part and parcel of living in a big city'?

Der Londoner Bürgermeister hat gemeint, dass man in einer Millionenstadt ständig mit derartigen Anschlägen rechnen muß!
Weitgereist dürfte er nicht sein, ansonsten wüßte er, dass Tokio mindestens gleich groß (wenn nicht größer) als London ist. Die Anzahl derartiger Anschläge aber bei 0 in Worten NULL liegt!
da hab ich noch was:

Eyewitness inadvertently cycled into cordon as police were locking down London Bridge

Owen Jones, a columnist for the Guardian, was by London Bridge when this incident started to unfold on Friday afternoon.
“I was about to cycle across London Bridge," he explains to CNN. "This was just minutes after the incident had unfolded and ... all the emergency services were arriving at that point."
Jones says he realized the incident was serious when he "cycled into a police cordon as it was being unfurled."
"People were running from the area and people were fighting. The police were yelling at them ‘keep moving keep moving’ and obviously people were panicking. It’s a surreal moment when you’re in an urban area and people are fleeing the area you’re about to cycle through. It feels like you’re in a slightly surreal disaster film."
Jones said the area around London Bridge remains cordoned off and the area is evacuated.......


owen jones as witness on sky

it's a meme now

(rein zufällig natürlich)
Terrorist in London überwältigt: Einer der gefeierten Helden soll Frauenmörder sein

Zitat:Der 42-jährige James Ford war einer der Männer, die den Täter überwältigten. Doch nach Angaben der Zeitung „Daily Mail“ ist Ford ein verurteilter Mörder, der 2003 eine damals 21-jährige geistig behinderte Frau umgebracht hatte. Die junge Frau wurde mit einer tödlichen Schnittwunde am Hals aufgefunden.

Ford wurde laut dem Blatt ein Jahr später zu einer lebenslangen Haftstrafe verurteilt. Am Freitag hatte er Freigang und war deshalb zur Stelle, als der Messer-Angreifer auf Passanten losging.
Zitat:Ford wurde laut dem Blatt ein Jahr später zu einer lebenslangen Haftstrafe verurteilt. Am Freitag hatte er Freigang und war deshalb zur Stelle, als der Messer-Angreifer auf Passanten losging.  

ja, das leuchtet ein - Freigang für einen Lebenslänglichen ist schließlich alternativlos, denn er muss sich nach seiner Haftverbüßung (wohl so ca. 10 Jahre - wird jetzt nach seiner Heldentat vermindert) wieder in die Gesellschaft sozialisieren.

man stelle sich nur vor, der gute Mann wäre nicht zur Stelle gewesen....
meine tastatur spinnt herum, wahrscheinlich gibt die umschalttaste ihren geist auf - bitte um entschuldigung, für konstantes kleinschreiben.
Sit back and enjoy the show!

'Amazing bravery': Stories of London Bridge attack heroes emerge
LONDON – A day after two people were killed in a terror-related stabbing attack on a bridge in central London, reports emerged of the brave actions taken by members of the public to detain the alleged assailant before he was shot dead by British police. 
Scotland Yard identified the suspect as Usman Khan, 28, an extremist previously jailed for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange, Britain's Parliament and the U.S. Embassy. After serving prison time for his role in that plot, Khan was released in 2018 and fitted with an electronic tag to monitor his movements, according to a report in The Times (of London). Khan was wearing a fake suicide belt when he was fatally shot Friday. Police feared it was real and that he was trying to detonate it.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, according to SITE Intel, an extremist tracking group. While ISIS's claim cannot be confirmed, Rita Katz, director of the U.S.-based SITE, said on Twitter that the claim demonstrates improved communications skills by the once hard-hit group to get its message out within a day of the attack.
Terror in London: Suspect had served time for terror crimes, UK police say
One of the two people killed in the incident on London Bridge was named Saturday as Jack Merritt, 28. He was working in the conference center where the attack took place. 
Merritt's father, David, said of his son on Twitter that he was "a beautiful spirit who always took the side of the underdog." 
A woman who also died in the attack has not been named. Three others, a man and two women, remain in the hospital with serious injuries.....

weiter >

How convenient, another terrorist attack on a bridge where similar events have happened before. A bridge is one of the best places in the city to pull off a hoax event because a bridge can be shut down becoming a completely controlled environment. The M15 agents must have a good ol' time naming these actors playing the roles of attackers and victims. How many times are they going to use the name Kahn (as in con)? And the masses will fall for this shit time and time again, giving up more money and freedoms. The crazies are in control and back at it again. Booo!!!

How to make a movie:

Hero Polish chef called Lukasz who fought London Bridge terrorist with a 5ft narwhal tusk after grabbing it off the wall at Fishmongers Hall is being treated in hospital for stab wounds

How terror unfolded on the streets of London: Knife maniac was shot dead by armed police just FIVE minutes after launching attack with two knives - one DUCT-TAPED to his hand - leaving two dead and up to twelve injured

Ex-offenders tackled London Bridge terrorist and bundled him out of rehabilitation conference and onto the street when he started 'lashing out' in a downstairs room

The heroes of London Bridge who worked together to take down a terrorist: Plain-clothed British Transport policeman snatched blade off knife maniac after courageous bystanders floored him with fire extinguishers and wrestled him on the ground

'My friend died in my arms': Inside the academic day out that turned to tragedy when terrorist Usman Khan stabbed two people to death in rampage at rehabilitation conference called Learning Together

Acting boy:

ISIS claim responsibility for London Bridge terror attack by Usman Khan, who stabbed Cambridge graduate, 25, to death in rampage at prisoner rehabilitation conference that paired killers with students and held creative writing workshops

[Bild: isis_business__osama_hajjaj.jpeg]

How to distract attention from Cringe Andrew? Stage a hoax like this. It all fits the picture. As I said before, enjoy!
Usman Khan, the 28-year-old who killed two people at London Bridge in the United Kingdom on Friday, refuted claims in a 2008 BBC interview that he was terrorist following a raid on his residence by anti-terror police.

Usman Khan: London Bridge attacker was ‘being monitored by MI5, but not under constant watch

‘It is very difficult to stop someone from going out and buying a knife and carrying out an attack,’ security source admits
Usman Khan and eight other aspiring jihadis, inspired by al-Qaeda, plotted to get combat training in Pakistan and gain experience carrying out attacks in Kashmir in rehearsal for launching Mumbai-style atrocities in Britain.
The wish-list of targets, their 2012 trial heard, included the US embassy, the Stock Exchange, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, synagogues, and the headquarters of the Church of Scientology in London, as well as pubs and public toilets in the Stoke-on-Trent area.
The group was tracked early by MI5, who bugged their homes and cars, and arrested them before they could carry out any attacks.
Sentencing them in 2012, Mr Justice Wilkie described what unfolded as a “serious, long-term venture in terrorism that could have resulted in atrocities in Britain”. He added that Khan and two others appeared to be the “more serious” terrorists in the group.
The question now is how despite of all that, 28-year-old Khan was free and able to go on a rampage armed with knives and wearing a fake suicide vest, spreading terror and stabbing several people, killing two of them, at London Bridge.
Khan was freed under licence in December 2018 from a sentence that had been reduced on appeal. The Independent understands that, as a recently released prisoner, he was being monitored by MI5 but not kept under constant surveillance. Such monitoring involves a number of security measures rather than a target being tracked at all times.


Versagen der Behörden? Ob ein Untersuchungsausschuß hilft? Ironie
(30.11.2019, 17:42)kalter hornung schrieb:
(29.11.2019, 21:09)Rundumblick schrieb:

Weiß jemand, warum der Typ am Ende das Tuch loswerden will?

Ja, sein Verhalten ist auffällig. VT-Vorschlag: Der Zivilbeamte (?) bringt ein Messer im Tuch (Fingerabdrücke) zum Tatort, kann das Messer aber nicht gefahrlos platzieren oder dem Killer übergeben. Als die Sache gelaufen ist, will er das Messer zunächst wieder einwickeln, als ihm klar wird, daß er das Tuch nicht mehr braucht und er vll. danach gefragt wird. Er wirft das Tuch weg.

ich denke. dass ist ein Police-Officer (oder ein Agent des Inlandsgeheimdienst MI5). Die Art und Weise, wie er das Messer hält, verrät es. Er achtet darauf keine Fingerabdrücke darauf zu hinterlassen. Das weiß ein Laie nicht so ohne weiteres. Natürlich fällt noch auf, dass an diesem Messer kein Blut zu sehen ist.

Angeblich nahm Usman Khan an einer Konferenz über die Rehabilitation von Gefangenen in der Fishmongers' Hall nahe der London Bridge teil.
Angeblich hat er sich von der Besprechung entfernt.
Minuten später kam jemand mit Messern, die an seine Hände geklebt waren und einen gefälschten Selbstmordgürtel trugen".
War diese Person Usman Khan oder jemand anderes?

Metropolitan Police Service29. November um 16:48 ·
‪As of 12:30am, AC Neil Basu has issued this updated statement in relation to yesterday’s incident near #LondonBridge:
"The investigation into the attack near London Bridge continues at a pace.
"Whilst we are still in the early stages of the investigation, at this time we are not actively seeking anyone else in relation to the attack.
"However, we continue to make fast time enquiries to ensure that no other people were involved in this attack and that there is no outstanding threat to the public.
"As I stated earlier, police were called at 13:58hrs to a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge, EC1. Emergency services attended, including officers from the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police.
"A male suspect was shot by specialist armed officers and I can confirm that he died at the scene.
"We are now in a position to confirm the identity of the suspect as 28-year-old Usman Khan (10.03.1991), who had been residing in the Staffordshire area. As a result, officers are, tonight, carrying out searches at an address in Staffordshire.
"This individual was known to authorities, having been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences. He was released from prison in December 2018 on licence and clearly, a key line of enquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack.
"Tragically, two people – a man and a woman – were killed during the attack. Three others – a man and two women – were also injured and remain in hospital.
"The circumstances, as we currently understand them, are that the attacker attended an event earlier on Friday afternoon at Fishmonger’s Hall called ‘Learning Together’. We believe that the attack began inside before he left the building and proceeded onto London Bridge, where he was detained and subsequently confronted and shot by armed officers.
"Extensive cordons are likely to remain in place for some time and I would ask the public to continue to avoid the area.
"Public safety is our top priority and we are enhancing police patrols in the City and across London.
"I would ask anyone with information, images or footage of the incident that this be shared with the investigation team on the UK Police Image appeal website[url=][/url]"I would also appeal to anyone who may have information that could assist the investigation to call police, in confidence on 0800 789 321."The public should continue to remain vigilant and report any concerns they have to police. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, trust your instincts and ACT by reporting to police, in confidence, at"

London Bridge terrorist was guest at prisoner rehabilitation conference when he launched attack

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