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Dallas-Shooting, Polizeigewalt, Rassenkrieg?, Unruhen
Obama Does Dallas To Distract From Comey Debacle

Hey, let’s first kill two innocent black minorities in cold blood as a pretext to conduct a blackop to kill five policemen and wound 7 others

The “False Flag PSYOPS” never stop and will only intensify until the election, if there even is a presidential election!

*Qualification: SOTN understands that each of the events described in this article may be a government-staged hoax.  We have not had the time or resources to verify the accuracy of any of the MSM reports contained herein.  However, it is safe to assume that they are all full of disinfo, misinfo and patently false information.
Obama, Clinton et alia absolutely had to distract, divert and misdirect in the wake of the unparalleled damage that FBI Director James Comey has inflicted on the FBI, on the Justice Department, and on the Obama Administration.
TPTB know full well that the only way to effectively distract from such an overwhelming political bloodbath (Comey’s performance in Congress) is to outdo it with a real bloodbath.
SOTN is extremely sorry to say that we warned exactly about this predictable eventuality. And so it has come to pass in Dallas. Here’s a screenshot from our last article posted before the Dallas police slaughter during the early morning of July 7th.
So, here’s how this one went down.
Second US police shooting in two days sparks outrage
First, they take out two completely innocent black minorities by rogue policemen (see preceding link) in order to provide a plausible pretext for a massacre … of five policemen while wounding 7 other cops.
Snipers kill five police officers in Dallas, wound seven others during protest (MSM propaganda piece)

Do you get it?!
Now all of this just happens to take place on the very day that FBI Director James B. Comey is giving the most deceptive, deceitful and dissembling testimony ever publicly rendered to the US Congress.  Yes, it was a bloodbath to end ALL political bloodbaths. Couldn’t get any worse … unless, of course, Comey had fallen on his sword (a real steel sword) right there in front of millions of viewers in living color—RED!
Then Obama decides to do Dallas … AHH, not that far from the site of the Kennedy assassination.
What better way to shift the attention of the whole country … and stir up sympathy for the USA’s law enforcement agencies.  With the FBI under intense scrutiny, now the Director himself has an opportunity to rehabilitate himself.  As if he can ever recover from the worst public betrayal of the American people in U.S. history.
This highly strategic use of extremely violent false flag operation is really over the top. Quite unfortunately, however, it will only continue to get worse … much worse!  Right up until and probably beyond November 8th.....


Diskussion um Rassismus in den USA Obama nennt Schützen von Dallas "verrückten Einzeltäter"
Die Polizistenmorde in Dallas haben die Debatten über Rassismus und Waffengesetze in den USA neu entfacht. Die Empörung sei gerechtfertigt, sagt US-Präsident Obama beim Nato-Gipfel in Warschau. Trotzdem müsse Amerika jetzt zusammenhalten.

Dallas-Polizeichef David Brown Das Gesicht des Schocks
David Brown überbrachte die Nachrichten der Polizistenmorde in Dallas. Sie dürften den Polizeichef der Stadt an eine persönliche Tragödie erinnern: Vor sechs Jahren starb sein Sohn - ein Polizistenmörder.

(nur dokumentiert)
Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge
In his last few seconds of life, Alton Sterling seemed completely immobile. Two Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers had pinned him to the floor, flat on his back. But even as Sterling seemed completely unable to move, one of the police officers yelled, "He’s got a gun!" Within seconds, an officer shot Sterling, who was still pinned to the ground by the cops. Sterling died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to an autopsy.

After a bystander released video of the shooting, people quickly protested in the area and voiced their anger on social media. Several people went to the convenience store where Sterling was shot, holding up "black lives matter" and "hands up, don’t shoot" signs, Maya Lau and Bryn Stole reported for the Advocate.

Sterling’s death is the latest in a long string of police shootings to lead to outrage, particularly from the Black Lives Matter and racial justice movements against racial disparities in the criminal justice system. To many critics, it is just another example of an issue that quickly rose to the national spotlight after the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014.

According to the Advocate, Baton Rouge police officers Blaine Salamoni and Howie Lake responded to a call at a convenience store around 12:35 am on Tuesday after receiving an anonymous tip that a man in a red shirt who was selling CDs had pointed a gun at someone. Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, matched part of the description: He sold CDs, and he was wearing a red shirt.

Two cellphone videos recorded by bystanders, one published by the Daily Beast after the shooting drew national attention, show what happened next: Two police officers yelled at Sterling to get on the ground. The officers then pulled him to the ground, pinning Sterling on his back. An officer yelled, "He’s got a gun!" One officer aimed his gun at Sterling’s chest at virtually point-blank range. Within seconds, at least one officer opened fire, even though Sterling looks completely pinned down and unable to move. One officer then pulled out an object — it’s not clear what it is — from Sterling’s right pants pocket. Sterling was pronounced dead shortly after.

Shop owner Abdullah Muflahi told the Advocate that the officers were "aggressive" from the start, and that Sterling was armed but was not holding his gun and didn’t have his hand near his pocket at the time of the shooting.

District Attorney Hillar Moore said the officers felt "completely justified" in shooting.

Both officers are on administrative leave, per Baton Rouge Police Department policy, and an investigation, led by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, is underway. Both officers were reportedly wearing body cameras, and the police car had a dashboard camera as well.

As the Advocate reported, Sterling had a criminal record. But Sterling’s previous convictions aren’t what’s relevant to the shooting; it’s whether he was holding and trying to use a gun on the officers at the time he was shot. The legal standard for use of force requires officers to reasonably perceive a threat at the moment of use of force.

Since Sterling was seemingly immobile in the videos of the shooting, critics argue that he was not in fact a threat and the shooting is another example of excessive use of force against a black man.

Alton Sterling Shooting by Baton Rouge Police Sparks Outrage all Over Social Media

Philando Castile Police Shooting Video Livestreamed on Facebook

Philando Castile Shot And Killed In Front Of Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Dallas Police Shooting | Gunman Wanted to Kill White Cops

One of the suspects in the ambush-style shootings in Dallas that left five police officers dead overnight told a hostage negotiator he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and he wanted to kill white people, especially cops, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference this morning.

The suspect, who is now dead, shared that information with a hostage negotiator, Brown said.

The suspect "wanted to kill officers" and "expressed anger for Black Lives Matter," Brown said.

"None of that makes sense," Brown said.

The suspect also said he was not affiliated with any groups and that he was acting alone, Brown said.

Dallas Police Shooting | Eyewitness Accounts of Sniper Ambush

Twelve police officers were shot ambush-style, including five fatally, in Dallas Thursday night by at least two snipers, amid a protest against the recent police shootings of two black men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota, according to the mayor's office.

One of the suspects had engaged in a standoff for several hours with police, but a Dallas city official announced around 3:30 a.m. that it was over. That suspect is now dead, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

"Our explosives took him down," he told “Good Morning America” today.

"He was cornered in a garage and wouldn’t give up and we sent in explosives for that."

The conditions of the six wounded officers weren't immediately released. Two civilians were also injured, the mayor's office said.

Officials said there are three suspects in custody and police are still investigating a motive for the attack.

The Dallas Police Shooting PYSOP (Sniper Kills 5 Cops) Black Lives Matter - The Bigger Picture (3 Stunden - must see and hear)

Dallas Police Shooting / Shootout With Sniper (Scanner Audio)

[Bild: Texas-Governors-Mansion-Blue-Light-640x480.jpg]
Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police
[Bild: SMALL_newcointelpro.jpg]
War On The Streets Of America: Protesters Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over The Nation

This is what a nation looks like when it starts melting down from within.  A series of very disturbing incidents of police brutality against young black males has caused a firestorm to erupt all across the country.  You would have thought that the massacre of police in Dallas would have caused everyone to step back and reflect on what is really causing this cycle of violence, but instead the nationwide protests have gotten even bigger and more intense.  Over the weekend, protesters attacked police with rocks, bricks, bottles, fireworks, chunks of concrete, Molotov cocktails and rebar from a construction site.  In return, police fired pepper spray, smoke bombs and tear gas at protesters.  As I write this, more than 200 protesters have been arrested over the weekend so far, and authorities are bracing for what the coming night will bring.
For so long, I have been specifically warning that this kind of civil unrest was coming, but I truly wish that it would have turned out that I was wrong.  As a nation, we need to learn to love one another no matter what we look like or where we are from, but instead a cycle of violence has begun that is going to be very hard to break.
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Thousands march in Orlando for Black Lives Matter demonstration
Several thousand demonstrators marched through the streets of downtown Orlando Sunday for a Black Lives Matter rally to protest the recent police killings of black men.

WARNING: DAY OF RAGE #BlackLivesMatter Protests Set for Friday in 37 US Cities

No matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives, these protests are not safe places to be.
Here are the locations and times for the protests

[Bild: obamaneedriotsBLM.jpg]
Police Release Dramatic Footage Of Deadly Shooting Of Unarmed White Man

Perhaps in order to address the public's perception that all deadly police shootings are focused on miniorities in general, and blacks in particular, something we showed is not true recently, the Fresno police overnight released body camera videos showing two officers fatally shooting an unarmed white man amid renewed scrutiny across the United States over the use of force by police.

"That's Racism!" - 'Ebony' Editor Believes Killing White People Is Not A "Hate Crime"

Judging by Ebony Editor Jamilah Lemieux's perspective, "hate crimes" are reserved for minority groups and in her words "not the most comfortable word choice" for the 'hate crime' that Micah Johnson unleashed on numerous white Dallas police officers last week. As details, Lemieux, speaking on CNN yesterday, disagreed with President Obama's description of the mass murder of white people as a "hate crime."

“Tag des Zorns“: Geplante Massenproteste am 15. Juli in amerikanischen Städten

[Bild: Day-of-rage-protests.jpg]

“Tag des Zorns“: Geplante Massenproteste am 15. Juli in amerikanischen Städten
Von Daisy Luther
Amerika befindet sich im Krieg. Schwarze gegen Weiße, Bürger gegen Polizisten, Rassenprobleme sind zu einer Industrie geworden und das Geschäft boomt.
Der Zorn kocht über, in der ganzen Nation. Zuerst tauchten Videos auf, auf denen die grausame Tötung zweier schwarzer Männer durch die Polizei gezeigt wurde – was zumindest in den Videos als grundlos dargestellt wird. Proteste brachen über diese Tode aus und wurden dann derart gewaltsam, dass ein Mann auf 11 Polizisten und 2 Bürger bei einer Kundgebung in Dallas schoss, von denen 5 verstarben. Dies entzündete einen Krieg gegen Polizeibeamte und einen landesweiten Rausch der Gewalt gegen Polizisten. Einige gingen sogar so weit, die Jagdsaison auf weiße Menschen grundsätzlich zu eröffnen.
Aber jetzt kommt es noch schlimmer.
Tag des Zorns – Proteste in ganz Amerika
Obwohl ich fest davon ausgehe, dass wir abgelenkt und manipuliert werden, damit wir den Machenschaften und der Korruption der erhofften Präsidentin Hillary Clinton keine Aufmerksamkeit mehr schenken, so steht doch fest, dass irgendwo in der Nähe dieser Proteste anwesend zu sein die Chancen erheblich erhöht, ein Opfer der Gewalt zu werden. Wenn die Herdenmentalität übernimmt, dann begehen normalerweise anständige Menschen abscheuliche Taten.
Nutzen Sie diese Liste als Aufstellung der Orte, an denen Sie am Freitag, dem 15. Juli NICHT sein sollten. Auch wenn im Video zu Gewaltlosigkeit aufgerufen wird und Angriffe gegen Polizisten verurteilt werden, so kann man angesichts des Slogans “Day of Rage“ [Tag des Zorns] davon ausgehen, dass die Emotionen auf beiden Seiten sehr stark hochkochen werden. Egal wie groß Ihr Mitgefühl für jene sein mag, die unberechtigterweise ihr Leben verloren haben, diese Protestkundgebungen sind kein sicherer Ort.

7-minute video: Obama & W. Bush’s narcissism, joking, laughing at Dallas police memorial. Ready to stop this tragic-comedy with arrests, or need more War Crimes, bankster-looting, lying?

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