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Dallas-Shooting, Polizeigewalt, Rassenkrieg?, Unruhen

Baton Rouge shooting: Three officers dead and several injured, while second suspect 'still at large' 

Seven police officers have been shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and three have died, according to reports. 
The incident happened near the Old Hammond area in Baton Rouge.
"One suspect is dead, law enforcement believes two others may be at large," the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office said. 
One man was reported be walking down the side of a road carrying an assault rifle. Witnesses reported him to police, and when the police arrived on the scene the shootout occurred. 
"Seven officers were shot and at least three officers are dead," a police source told CNN. 
Parish Kip Holden, the mayor-president of East Baton Rouge told CNN that he believed three officers may have been killed in the attack.
 "There is still an active scene. They are investigating. Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything. It's just been one thing after another," Mr Holden said.

Baton Rouge Schüsse auf US-Polizisten - drei tot, mehrere verletzt
In Baton Rouge im US-Bundesstaat Louisiana sind am Sonntag mindestens drei Polizisten erschossen worden. Ein Tatverdächtiger ist tot.
ISIS Mouthpiece Urges 'Black Community' To Join Islam, Fight US Government

[Bild: 20160717_isis.jpg]

auch so ein Brandstifter wie mir scheint
Baton Rouge Police Shooting: “Cosmo” Story is a Carbon Copy of Other Shootings
by Scott Creighton
This is going to be a quick report as I am trying to work on another project and up against a TECO timeline (tree knocked over yesterday during wind-storm and laying on power lines outside my house)
All I wanted too say about this event was that it looks suspiciously like so many others we have seen in recent days.
  • Multiple shooters becoming one “lone gunman” in the end.
  • Suspect dead
  • Ties to military.
  • Rented car.
  • Type of weapon(s) used
  • Body armor
  • Masks
  • Questionable motive
  • “Fog of war” reporting
Apparently there is a video manifesto he did on Youtube after the Alton Sterling shooting. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that.
In this case we have a dead suspect, Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri, who on his birthday decided to travel all the way to Baton Rouge to walk down the street wearing all black camo outfit with body armor and a mask carrying an “Ar-15 type” rifle, supposedly waiting for police to show up.
Of course, that story does quite jive with the witness statements:
Witness Brady Vancel told WAFB that he saw two people shooting at each other before authorities even arrived.
“There was multiple gunshots going back and forth and back and forth before any police ever showed up. This was not a come-at-police situation,” Vancel said. “They weren’t targeting police at first, I don’t assume so, because these were men out here shooting at each other in an empty parking lot until the police showed and then it turned into a gun battle, I’m guessing to try to get themselves free or get out of the situation.”  Huffington Post
That story morphed into the “ambush” story just as the two suspects everyone saw leaving the scene turned into “nothing too see here, move along” after they were detained… and then released (same two guys from that black sports car in Dallas perhaps?)

Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Soros for Inciting Race War
The head of a Dallas police organization is suing a collection of Black Lives Matter figureheads and other prominent individuals for allegedly inciting racial violence against American police officers.
Dallas Police Department Sergeant Demetrick Pennie, President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, filed an amended federal complaint September 16 against more than a dozen defendant institutions and individuals to build a class action case on behalf of “police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities including but not limited to Jews, Christians and Caucasians” for “inciting” race riots and related violence.
The suit hopes to produce damages and an injunction placed against alleged threats of racially-motived violence going forward.
The defendants represent a who’s who of public figures in both racial and general political matters. Apart from founding members and public faces related to Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam; Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network; Malik Zulu Shabazz and the New Black Panthers; George Soros; President Barack Obama; former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; and Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton are all included in the suit.....
The Charlotte Riots: What They Are Not Telling You
As America awaits to see if Charlotte will burn for the third consecutive night, Paul Joseph Watson points out something troubling: thugs burned down a city because a black cop shot someone, yet meanwhile the mainstream media spun it, or at least tried, as as "peaceful protest." There is just one problem: violent criminals looting, attacking bystanders, attacking journalists, setting fires, smashing up cars, smashing up businesses and shooting at each other is not a "peaceful protest."
And with all of these activities having been documented in the clip below, it is worth pointing out that:
  • Stealing and looting cash registers from local businesses is not a legitimate form of protest
  • A “protester” shooting another “protester” is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Physically attacking reporters is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Throwing rocks off bridges at passing vehicles full of families is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Beating up innocent people in parking lots because they’re white is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Smashing up apartment windows where black people live to “protest” in favor of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Trashing your own neighborhood is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Looting the Charlotte Hornets team store so you can steal basketball merchandise is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Attempting to hijack cars and terrify their innocent occupants is not a legitimate form of protest.
What was unfolding in Charlotte - and may still be - is not a protest. It’s a violent, unjustified riot by criminals and thugs. The question is why is the media giving it legitimacy by still referring to it as a protest?
As Watson points out, if mobs of white supremacists were looting stores, setting fires, attacking journalists and shooting guns, would the media call it a protest?
What is most disturbing is that behind the pent up rage and thuggish violence, dressed up in the socially-acceptable package of "black lives matter" is the reality that white violence is the last thing blacks should be "protesting."
was in Charlotte passierte:

Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old African American man, was fatally shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department police officer, Brentley Vinson, on the afternoon of September 20, 2016, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Police officers arrived at an apartment complex to search for an unrelated man with an outstanding warrant. According to police, officers saw Scott exit a vehicle in the parking lot while carrying a handgun. Officers state that after Scott refused to drop the gun, Vinson, also an African American, fatally shot Scott.
Vinson was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. The shooting sparked both peaceful protests and violent riots in Charlotte over two nights. One person died and multiple officers and civilians were injured as a result of the unrest.
Watch the following clip for the full story of the Charlotte riots that the mainstream media is not telling you.

Hier anschauen (auf youtube Content-warning):
Charlotte riot: State of emergency declared after protester shot in second night of clashes over North Carolina police shooting
At least one protester has been critically injured as clashes with police erupted for a second night in the city of Charlotte amid escalating tensions over the fatal police shooting of a black man in North Carolina.
Pat McCrory, the North Carolina governor, declared a state of emergency and said the National Guard and state highway patrol troopers would be deployed.
The latest trouble began with a peaceful rally that turned violent after several hundred chanting demonstrators marched through downtown with brief stops at a black church, police headquarters and a large entertainment venue called the EpiCentre.....
What Is Going On In Charlotte Is Far More Important Than Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Divorce
While one of America’s largest cities is being ripped in two, most Americans appear to be far more interested in the drama surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.  As Charlotte braces for a third night of rioting and violence, the mainstream media is full of headlines such as “Welp, the Jolie-Pitt Divorce Got Real Depressing Real Fast” and “Even the Dalai Lama has something to say about Brangelina’s divorce“.  Yes, the “Brangelina divorce” is an important cultural moment that illustrates our ongoing moral and social decay, but what is going on in Charlotte is far more important.  Trust in our most important institutions is deeply broken, and Americans are increasingly choosing chaos and violence over peaceful discourse.  For a very long time I have been warning that these kinds of riots were coming, and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every day is starting to rapidly disappear.
There had been hope that things would settle down after the first couple of nights of chaos in Charlotte, but as I write this article protesters have already massed downtown despite a midnight curfew imposed by Mayor Jennifer Roberts…
Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War
Posted on December 7, 2014 by State of the Nation
Race Riots Incited To Overshadow
Raging Class Warfare
A full-blown race war is being incited to redirect the anger
and channel the energies from the ongoing class warfare
between the 1% and 99%
Racial Hatreds Also Stoked To Divide The Nation
And Distract From Obama’s Impeachable Crimes
State of the Nation
No other Administration in American history has manufactured so many crises and committed so many impeachable crimes as the current one.  The number of governmental wrongdoings and pervasiveness of political scandal are as unprecedented as they are unrivaled.
No other US President has acted in such an autocratic manner, and with such impunity. President Obama’s ongoing dictatorial conduct has become so consistent that many refer to him as king, as well as the first monarch of the USA.  To those who have watched him systematically trash the Constitution, tyrant and despot are the more common descriptions.
The entire Executive Branch has become infamous for its predictable lawlessness and chaotic governance, deceptive pronouncements and diplomatic dissembling.  Every thing they do, or don’t do, is mired in political calculation and self-serving machinations. Continuation of the facade of political correctness appears to be its central organizing principle, as well as the defining characteristic of so many incompetent ‘czars’ and unqualified politicos.
Just how numerous are the scandals and incessant are the improprieties … as well as the unparalleled transgressions against the Constitution and flagrant violations of federal law? Here are just a few of the more serious offenses perpetrated by the Obama Administration:
•  Using the IRS to target Obama’s political enemies
•  Reckless and unlawful NSA spying on American citizens and foreign leaders
•  Repeatedly and illegally rewriting the Affordable Healthcare Act
•  Initiating undeclared wars in Libya and Syria
•  Prosecuting illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
•  Benghazi debacle and cover-up
•  Associated Press reporters’ phone records scandal
•  ATF “Fast and Furious” fiasco
•  HHS Secretary Sebelius solicits large donations from companies to save Obamacare
•  Pigford scandal
•  Immigration Enforcement – relentless subversion by DOJ
•  GSA Administrator resignation in the face of blatant waste of taxpayers’ money
•  Justice Department monitoring reporter James Rosen of FOX News
•  Cash for Clunkers debacle
• ‘Monsanto Protection Act
•  Indefinite Surveillance via the National Defense Authorization Act
•  Solyndra and other solar company financial scandals
•  BP Gulf oil spill gross misrepresentation and mishandling
•  US Federal Government used to promote the LGBT agenda
•  Posting a fraudulent and forged copy of Obama birth certificate at
•  Obama’s birth place questioned according to his own Harvard Law Review entry
•  CIA Spying on the Senate
•  Disastrous rollout of Obamacare
•  Orchestrating a violent coup d’état in Kiev throwing the Ukraine into civil war
•  Issuing illegal executive orders to legislate new immigration law without Congressional approval
•  Appointing unqualified candidates to ambassadorships
•  Inflaming racial hatreds in Ferguson, MO and NYC, Sanford, FL and Boston
•  Race-bating whenever it serves the Administration’s narrow political goals
•  Continuous attempts to incite a full-blown national race war

The last three bullet points above clearly spell out a deliberate and premeditated strategy to divide the nation using manufactured racism.  That racially charged agenda has been implemented with a “nod and a wink” since the very inception of Obama’s first term.  In light of the growing list of serious scandals and unrivaled law-breaking by this Administration, it is clear why there is such a relentless push for a “full scale race war”. Obama’s inner circle must feel that it has no choice but to distract the American people from the unrelenting corruption and ubiquitous malfeasance that must be kept hidden from the public.
When it’s not distracting the citizenry with transparent race-bating, the Obama Administration is diverting attention away from the very real class war that has been raging since the stock market crash of 2008.
Race Card Used As Red Herring To Divert Attention From Ongoing Class Warfare....


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