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Interessante Dokumente/Leaks/Summary/History
  • Das Märchen von den TreibhausgasenUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff
  • Deutsche Politiker ignorieren die Kritik an ihrer Klimapolitik (Eine Dokumentation)UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff
  • Klimawandel und Energiewende - ein Intelligenztest?UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff
  • Erderwärmung, Treibhauseffekt und Zeit (CO2 ist klimaneutral)UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Der Großversuch Energiewende in DeutschlandUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff
  • Der Großversuch Energiewende in Deutschland (Status 2018)UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Das CO2 ist klimaneutralUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff Anthropogener KlimawandelUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Die grüne Stromversorgung DeutschlandsUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Klimasensitivität des CO2, eine Seifenblase!UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Warum Nur 2 Grad MehrUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff Klimawandel Und LogikUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Ein Physiker und "die" EnergiewendeUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Kein CO2 Treibhauseffekt in der VenusatmosphäreUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • ElektromobilitätUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Das Risiko Der Kernenergie Ist DeutschUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Die Ethik der Energiewende stellt 50 Jahre zuverlässiger Stromversorgung Deutschlands auf den PrüfstandUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  •  Klimaänderung, ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln?UPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
  • Atmosphärischer Treibhauseffekt und WasserkreislaufUPLOADED BYUlrich Wolff 
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manifest hanau;
(21.02.2020, 19:33)Rundumblick schrieb: manifest hanau;
Da war ich wohl zu langsam

– Wikileaks hat jetzt einige weitere Sammlungen online gestellt…
Wikileaks hat gerade alle seine Dateien online gestellt.

Alles von Hillary Clintons E-Mails, McCan, Steve Jobs HIV-Brief, Podesta, Afghanistan, Syrien, Iran, Bilderberg, WHO Pandemie, CIA-Agenten, die verhaftet wurde, auch Steuerbtrügereien (Caymans, Vaduz) sind dabei.
Das ist ziemlich umfangreich.

Hier runterladbar:
Files Wikileaks
Interessante Dokumente:
Etliche Declassierungen (noch nicht Obamagate) und etliche Andere (u.a. al-Qaeda, Burisma, ChemTrail u.v.m.)
(15.01.2021, 11:27)Rundumblick schrieb: Interessante Dokumente:
Etliche Declassierungen (noch nicht Obamagate) und etliche Andere (u.a. al-Qaeda, Burisma, ChemTrail u.v.m.)

Several of those are dubious and some of the content doesn't match the title given.

For those who want to get ahold of REAL (certified/proveable) government documents, here is the Library of Congress guide on how to get your own (verified) access to declassified documents.

It's not rocket science. Just library science.

Also here is the link to the verified declassified documents that the government is posting online

You'll need to work with your local library on this.

Welcome to CRC’s work-in-progress, InfluenceWatch.
Capital Research Center conceived of this project after identifying a need for more fact-based, accurate descriptions of all of the various influencers of public policy issues. Many so-called “watchdog” groups are instead opponents. Armed with 30-years of research and data on advocacy organizations, foundations and donors, CRC also tapped in to a universe of contributors to help build the individual and organizational profiles that will populate the website.
CRC has a perspective on the public policy process as well, but this resource is more important than that. We’re seeking the information to speak for itself—information that frequently is not cited in reports about these individuals and organizations.
InfluenceWatch strives to be comprehensive, and profiles will be frequently updated and written in a manner that’s accurate and measured. Over time, InfluenceWatch will bring unprecedented transparency to the funding, motives, and interconnections of the entities profiled.
The InfluenceWatch team will constantly be editing to improve facts, add new connections, provide more information, improve sources, and otherwise strengthen the value of all of the information on the website.


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