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integrity initiative
Desinformation in Klumpen

Ein Kommentar von Dirk Pohlmann.

Kit Klarenberg‏ @KitKlarenberg
In my latest article on #IntegrityInitiative, I analyze why #Germany is the organization's 'Most Important Target', and why they are determined to damage ties between the country and #Russia … #disinformation #Russophobia #propaganda #meddling

tony kevin‏ @tonykevin
tony kevin hat Kit Klarenberg retweetet
# German liberal democrats would rightly be very worried to read this massive expose of how #IntegrityInitiative spooks subvert democracy

Damaging Ties: Why Germany is the Integrity Initiative’s 'Most Important Target'

Kit Klarenberg

Zitat:On the afternoon of January 4 I was putting the finishing touches to a series of articles about the Integrity Initiative's activities in Germany, when hacking syndicate Anonymous released another tranche of files plucked from the organization's internal servers. The content was so explosive I was forced to put the multi-part project on hold.
The new trove included several highly incriminating files related to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in March 2018, which raised a number of extremely serious questions about the shadowy British state and NATO-funded ‘think tank' and its connections with the affair.
A few hours after publishing an article based on a precursory investigation of the documents, I received a curious email from political scientist Hannes Adomeit — the subject line 'Criminal Charges against Kit Klarenberg' — which made me somewhat glad I'd postponed my German series.
'Criminal Charges'
For several days, I'd been attempting to reach out to him and other individuals — prominent German politicians, businesspeople, military officials, academics and journalists — named in an ‘interim report' on the German cluster. It appeared Adomeit led the cluster, and had produced the write up for his Initiative paymasters in October 2018.
Responses to my enquiries were few, and Adomeit's email potentially shed light on why — he'd automatically moved my email to his 'trash' folder after seeing it'd been sent from an '' address.....
WikiLeaks‏Verifizierter Account @wikileaks
MI6 linked, UK foreign ministry funded (2 million pounds) influence operation "Integrity Initiative" pushes schoolyard propaganda on Julian Assange after similar attacks on UK opposition leader @JeremyCorbyn

[Bild: DwZEk0ZWoAAO1c1.jpg]
CookieWise‏ @ccbaxter1960 14 Min.Vor 14 Minuten
#MSM virtual blackout of #IntegrityInitiative #InstituteforStatecraft is working. A politically astute friend not in #TwitterWorld has not heard of what ought to be a national scandal. Perhaps more than ever this establishes the corruption of our media and hence our 'democracy'.

Ntisec #NeoSlave‏ @ntisec 25 Min.Vor 25 Minuten
#IntegrityInitiative We realy need to kill these voices of the warrmongering #FUD spreading #MilitaryIndustrialComplex Enough already, dont create enemy's to make a profit for the deepstate powers that need a proven wardrivven investment oppurtunity.

The Times:

Russia and China ‘using Scotland to destabilise UK’
Zitat:Russia and China are using Scotland as a back door to influence British policy and destabilise the Union, a foreign affairs expert has claimed.
Authoritarian regimes find a “friendlier ear” in Scotland than London, according to John Hemmings, a director of the Asia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a foreign policy think tank.
He said that Scottish independence was considered an opportunity to diminish Britain’s power as a key defender of the rules-based system that has guided world trade and international relations since the Second World War.

UK hat bald fertig

[Bild: QSv-nyT0?format=jpg&name=600x314]
Was the Integrity Initiative behind the Salisbury Poisoning?

Documents implicate British government thinktank in Skripal drama

The Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative
Founded in 2006 as The Institute for Statecraft and Governance, IfS is registered as a charity in Scotland, with its nominal HQ a derelict building which is due for demolition, owned by company director Daniel Lafayeedney. Lafayeedney is a former SAS operative and now works in military intelligence.
Craig Murray and Kit Klarenberg established that the Institute’s real HQ is in the basement of 2 Temple Place, London. But the accounts and budgets that have been made public don’t list any rent or other property expenditure, so it is not clear exactly who is paying for this basement in one of London’s most luxurious and expensive properties.
Some of the organisation’s funding comes from private donations and partner organisations but the majority comes from the Foreign Office, the British MOD, the State Department, NATO HQ, Facebook, the Smith Richardson Foundation and the Lithuanian MOD.

The Director of IfS and its Integrity Initiative is Christopher Nigel Donnelly, a long-term British military intelligence officer. As detailed by Craig Murray, a large proportion of its staff and contacts are either employees of the FCO or the MOD — mostly intelligence and PR specialists.
In short, they are a Western government-funded ‘charity’ packed to the gills with media and intelligence professionals, run by a senior British military intelligence officer. They’ve tried to hide where they are working, and it is clear that some of their funding is covert. For example, their handbook mentions funding from the British MOD, but none of the documents specify how much money the MOD provided or when it was requested or claimed.
An Alternative Timeline for the Skripals’ Poisoning?
In early 2015 Victor Madeira of the Institute for Statecraft outlined his proposals for sanctions to be taken against the Russian Federation (RF). He suggested that they ‘expel every RF intelligence officer’ and military attaché ‘from as many countries as possible’, calling this a ‘global Operation Foot (1971)’. Operation FOOT was the largest expulsion of ‘diplomats’ in history that saw over 1000 Soviet officials booted out of the UK.
One of Madeira’s other proposals was to fund the removal of paywalls on the Kyiv Post, The Times, The New York Times etc. This would involve public money being used to subsidise major Western news media organisations, to enable them to better compete with the likes of RT.
They launched Operation Iris — a media monitoring program that covered not just mainstream Western and Russian media but also social media discussion of the case of the Skripals.
On April 14th, FCO propaganda man Andy Pryce (an associate of the Integrity Initiative) sent out a letter summarising what in his view is Russian disinformation. It accused Russia of faking evidence, staging news broadcasts and running an army of Twitter-bots and trolls promoting the idea that maybe the Skripals weren’t poisoned with Novichok by the Russian state.
The letter also mentions ‘Chemical weapons expert Dan Kaszeta’ as among those who have debunked Russian state ‘claims’ and ‘conspiracy theories’. There are three key problems with this.
  1. Kaszeta’s attempt to debunk conspiracy theories relied almost entirely on information about other nerve agents, not Novichok, and speculated that the Skripals were wearing gloves, OR washed their hands because they got some ‘muck’ on them, OR that the door handle got wet, diluting the poison. But no evidence has emerged in support of any of these possibilities, the Skripals were apparently so covered with the stuff that a table in the seafood restaurant they visited three hours later had to be burned, and the OPCW’s testing of the door found ‘the chemical substance found was of high purity, persistent and resistant to weather conditions.’
  2. Kaszeta is not a scientific expert in chemical weapons (least of all Novichok) but an expert in crisis response planning, especially in the wake of a CBRN attack. It appears he never wrote a word about Novichok prior to March 2018.
  3. Kaszeta was writing articles on the Skripal affair on behalf of the Integrity Initiative, who were paying him for those articles.
The Pablo Miller Twist
Not only were the Integrity Initiative monitoring dissent regarding the official Skripal narrative and paying for articles to ‘debunk conspiracy theories’, they also met with Pablo Miller, the long-time MI6 handler of Sergei Skripal and a neighbour of his in Salisbury.
According to Anonymous (who leaked the documents) Miller attended a meeting in July 2018 with the White Helmets at the Institute for Statecraft. Presumably this took place at their London office, not the decrepit building in Scotland.....

full story >

Die Weißhelme mit Pablo Miller, dem MI6-Handler von Sergei Skripal, im Institute for Statecraft, Juli 2018

Juli 2018 Giftgasangriff in Duma/Syrien

Giftgaseinsätze in Syrien Die schwierige Suche nach dem Täter

Das Recherchenetzwerk Bellingcat sieht starke Indizien dafür, dass Syriens Regime den mutmaßlichen Giftgasangriff in Duma durchführte. Doch der Nachweis ist auch diesmal schwierig.
Von Anna Osius, ARD-Studio Kairo
Das Recherchenetzwerk "Bellingcat" hat Videos und Fotos zu dem mutmaßlichen Giftgasangriff in Duma ausgewertet und verglichen. Das Ergebnis: Es sei höchstwahrscheinlich, dass kürzlich mindestens 34 Menschen durch einen Giftgasangriff in der Stadt getötet wurden, schreiben die Journalisten. Und: Der Hubschrauber, der die Fassbombe abwarf, sei auf einem Flughafen der syrischen Luftwaffe gestartet.
Bashar al-Assad und sein engster Verbündeter Russland weisen jede Verantwortung für einen Giftgasangriff von sich. Sie behaupten sogar, es habe gar keinen Giftgasangriff gegeben. Dagegen wendet sich die Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO: Ihren Informationen zufolge sind rund 500 Menschen von einem Chemiewaffenangriff in Duma betroffen gewesen.

der Nachweis ist schwierig, weil es den nie gab
Max Blumenthal‏Verifizierter Account @MaxBlumenthal
Thanks you @jimmy_dore for highlighting our work at @GrayzoneProject to expose the covert UK govt-backed Integrity Initiative smear factory. Bernie supporters should follow this strange & still unsolved story, especially as the centrist attacks escalate:

Baba Yaga‏ @WhirlwindWisdom 12 Min.Vor 12 Minuten
Baba Yaga hat Max Blumenthal retweetet
@ninaturner @RoseAnnDeMoro @janeosanders @OurRevolution
British spy, Simon Bracey Lane, of #IntegrityInitiative, was a Bernie Sanders volunteer

What will they think of next?
Die »Integrity Initiative«
Es ist die wohl größte Geheimdienstenthüllung seit Edward Snowden. Doch die etablierten Medien berichten seit bald zwei Monaten nicht darüber. Ein Überblick.
Gemäß veröffentlichten Originaldokumenten betreibt die britische »Integrity Initiative« ein internationales, verdecktes Netzwerk aus Geheimdienstlern, Militäroffizieren, Politikern, Journalisten und Akademikern, das umfangreiche anti-russische Medienkampagnen koordinierte.
Finanziert wird die Initiative unter anderem vom britischen und amerikanischen Außenministerium, der NATO, aber auch von Facebook und deutschen Unternehmen. Der offizielle Leitspruch der parastaatlichen Initiative lautet »Defending Democracy Against Disinformation«.
Die »Integrity Initiative« verbindet, nach derzeitigem Kenntnisstand, Schlüsselakteure in mehreren brisanten Kampagnen, darunter dem unaufgeklärten Skripal-Fall, dem angeblichen Giftgasangriff im syrischen Douma, der versuchten Diskreditierung von Labour-Präsident Jeremy Corbyn, der erfolgreichen Verhinderung eines spanischen Sicherheitsdirektors, und weiteren Aktionen.
Während etwa in Deutschland bereits ein nationaler »Cluster« unter Leitung eines ehemaligen britischen Geheimdienstlers aufgebaut wurde, waren oder sind solche Cluster für die Schweiz und Österreich sowie weitere Staaten noch in der Planung.
Der Schweizer Cluster sollte – mit Blick auf die Parlamentswahlen 2019 – vom Vizedirektor eines Genfer Sicherheitszentrums koordiniert werden, der zuvor als NATO-Berater und Offizier in der britischen Armee diente. Das Zentrum wird von der Schweizer Regierung mitfinanziert.
Etablierte deutschsprachige Medien berichteten über die Initiative bislang nicht. Die Schweizer Plattform Swissinfo publizierte eine kurze Agenturmeldung, jedoch nur auf italienisch. Es ist nicht klar, ob es keine deutsche Meldung gab, oder ob sie von sämtlichen Medien ignoriert wurde.
Referenzen zur »Integrity Initiative« ganz hier >
„Integrity Initiative“ – Kopf der deutsche Zelle meldet sich zu Wort

Auch an Tag Fünf nach den Leaks zum britischen antirussischen Geheimprogramm „Integrity Initiative“ herrscht in den deutschen Leitmedien dazu Schweigen im Walde. Dabei wird gerade eine Deutsche Zelle mit namhaften Journalisten aufgebaut. Eine davon hat sich nun geäußert. Und auch der Kopf der Zelle hat sich zu einer Reaktion hinreißen lassen.
Der Politologe Hannes Adomeit ist Kopf der deutschen Zelle des britischen Thinktank-Programms „Integrity Initiative“, dessen Aufgabe es sein soll, antirussische Kräfte in Medien und Expertenkreisen zu bündeln. Die Hackergruppe Anonymous hatte am 4.Januar einen Scan von Geheimdokumenten des britischen Datenprojekts „Integrity Initiative“ veröffentlicht, aus dem hervorgeht, dass im EU-Raum eine eigene Einheit für Desinformation tätig ist. Es handelt sich bei dem Leak um mehrere Dutzend Dokumente zur Tätigkeit dieser Geheiminitiative in Großbritannien und vielen anderen Ländern. Später wurde auch ein Zwischenbericht zur Bildung einer Deutschen Zelle („German Cluster“) der Initiative geleakt, der im deutschsprachigen Raum erstmals am 7. Januar von der Website „Nachdenkseiten“ analysiert wurde.
„Ich bin fest entschlossen, Rechtsschritte gegen Sie einzuleiten“
In den britischen Medien war Kit Klarenberg von Sputnik International der Erste, der den deutschen Zwischenbericht thematisierte. Klarenberg schrieb Adomeit und einige der in dem Zwischenbericht erwähnten Journalisten an und bat um Stellungnahmen. Adomeit schien sich seiner Sache so sicher zu sein, dass er sich zu einer Antwort hinreißen ließ. Er drohte unserem britischen Sputnik-Kollegen mit Anzeige und Gefängnis.
Hier ist die deutsche Übersetzung der Email, die Adomeit an den britischen Sputnik-Redakteur schrieb:

weiter >
Operation Mockingbird on steroids - The #IntegrityInitiative

New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In American Politics
The Integrity Initiative has mobilized an international disinformation campaign across Europe. Now, with government and right-wing foundation money, this massive “political smear unit” is infiltrating the US.
By Max Blumenthal and Mark Ames
A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of fighting “Russian disinformation.”
The leaked documents revealed a secret network of spies, prominent journalists and think-tanks colluding under the umbrella of a group called “Integrity Initiative” to shape domestic opinion—and to smear political opponents of the right-wing Tory government, including the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.
Until now, this Integrity Initiative domestic spy scandal has been ignored in the American media, perhaps because it has mostly involved British names. But it is clear that the influence operation has already been activated in the US. Hacked documents reveal that the Integrity Initiative is cultivating powerful allies inside the State Department, top DC think tanks, the FBI and the DHS, where it has gained access to Katharine Gorka and her husband, the fascist-linked cable news pundit Sebastian Gorka.
The Integrity Initiative has spelled out plans to expand its network across the US, meddling in American politics and recruiting “a new generation of Russia watchers” behind the false guise of a non-partisan charity. Moreover, the group has hired one of the most notorious American “perception management” specialists, John Rendon, to train its clusters of pundits and cultivate relationships with the media.
Back in the UK, Member of Parliament Chris Williamson has clamored for an investigation into the Integrity Initiative’s abuse of public money.
The Integrity Initiative story is just growing and growing. Many are rightly outraged that this Tory government could fund a political smear unit.
Questions need to be answered. Share this video on Facebook to make that happen.
— Chris Williamson MP #GTTO (@DerbyChrisW) December 14, 2018


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