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integrity initiative
Dies wäre der FAZ Artikel von Constanze Kurz, aktualisiert am 25.12.18.
Es wird ausschliesslich von GB berichtet, von den Angriffen auf Corbyn und ganz zum Schluß noch ein weiter Blick nach Spanien.

"Der britische Skandal weitet sich bereits auf Spanien auf, wo die von britischen Staatsgeldern reichlich finanzierte Klitsche ebenfalls eine Social-Media-Kampagne vom Zaun brach. Diesmal ging es um einen Mann, den der neue spanische Regierungschef zum nationalen Geheimdienstaufseher benennen wollte. Dokumente, die aus dem Institute for Statecraft nach außen gedrungen sind, erwähnen ein ganzes Netzwerk spanischer Journalisten – für die Kampagne von den Briten gesteuert."

Von Deutschland spricht Frau Kurz mit KEINEM Wort.
Integrity Initiative: Mit allen Mitteln gegen Russland
Wie um zu beweisen, dass der Fall Relotius nur die Spitze eines Eisbergs ist, wird im Mainstream praktisch nicht über die Leaks zur Integrity Initiative berichtet. Diese stellt sich nach außen hin scheinbar harmlos als Zusammenschluss von Personen dar, die (russische) Desinformationen bekämpfen wollen. Anonymous zugespielte Dokumente, deren Echtheit die britische Regierung praktisch bestätigt hat, indem sie Fragen zur genannten Dotierung und zum Institute for Statecraft beantwortete, legen eine militärisch-geheimdienstliche Operation offen. Dabei wird vermeintliche „Kreml-Nähe“ gerne auch untergeschoben, um (für wen?) politisch unliebsame Figuren zu diffamieren und möglichst zu entfernen bzw. wie bei Jeremy Corbyn daran zu hindern, an die Spitze des Staates zu gelangen.......
Kit Klarenberg‏ @KitKlarenberg
Absolutely BOMBSHELL stuff in the latest #IntegrityInitiative document dump on #Skripal. @InitIntegrity has some SERIOUS questions to answer about their role in the 'affair'.

[Bild: DwFABnsXcAMwSDY.jpg:large]

Johanna Ross‏ @shottlandka 3 Std.vor 3 Stunden
Antwort an @KitKlarenberg @InitIntegrity
Extraordinary revelations regarding the meeting of Donnelly and Barrons. The words 'if no catastrophe happens' and 'wait for something dreadful to happen are significant in the context of Skripal
Kit Klarenberg‏ @KitKlarenberg 4 Std.vor 4 Stunden

2015 document - … - suggests ensuring view Russia is "unsuitable" for hosting sporting events. Later internal IforS files suggest England should boycott #WorldCup2018...
Den Ric Cole habe ich letztens auf Eliott Higgins Twitter gefunden....hier sein Werk "Rethinking Camouflage".
Es geht oberflächlich betrachtet um eine neue Generation der Tarnung....aber lest selbst, am besten das ganze Werk auf Coles Seite.
Unten Auszüge...
Bellingcat wird auch miteinbezogen in die neue britische Strategie.

Ric Cole
Director (Military) at i3 Gen. #MilSocialMedia advocate and #CamoGeek.

Rethinking Camouflage…
Inspired by Churchill’s Wizards – The British Genius for Deception 1914–1945 by Nicholas Rankin

“All Warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“War is deception” – Haditha ‘al-harb khuda’, the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]

Those readers who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my fetish for camouflage and many often comment or challenge me with the hashtag #CamoGeek. What many will not realise is that as a child I was painfully introvert and struggled at school. To overcome this I was encouraged to take up public speaking, join the debating club and, most importantly, to act in school plays.

A couple of years ago, while attending a conference, I enjoyed a coffee and morning pastry with US Marine Corps General Joseph L Osterman, who was then the Commander of the USMC Special Operations Command (MARSOC). One of his “big ideas” at the time was getting small teams of Raiders in and out of hot spots and the grey zone, without compromising the individuals or the mission. Similarities can be seen with the GRU chemical weapons attack in Salisbury and the subsequent investigation by the Open Source Intelligence website Bellingcat.

While enjoying Churchill’s Wizards, with its interlocking stories, recurring themes and multitude of lessons for Info Ops planners and practitioners, I could not help but think:

- We (Britain and her Allies) have lost the operational edge when we consider camouflage in its broadest sense and with it an entire capability (a subset or IO which includes Deception, Counter-Command Warfare, OPSEC and EW).

- Much like sniping, camouflage is ignored during peacetime and rushed into service in times of crisis. Those who advocate camouflage, deception or ‘unconventional methods’ are often treated with suspicion, mockery and contempt by those officers in the ‘top third’.

- Finally, and most importantly, we consider camouflage in a far too narrow a spectrum. Namely, the clothes worn by soldiers, cam-cream on faces and scrim on helmets, and at best reduction of our Infra-Red and Radio Frequency (IR and RF) signatures.

To address the current lack in camouflage thinking, I propose that we are now in the age of 3rd Generation Camouflage.

So what does 3rd Generation Camouflage look like?

Well, firstly it must be recognised that 3GenCam functions primarily in the Information Environment, as such the planning, coordination and assessment of it sits within Info Ops (IO) – itself an often misrepresented, misunderstand and under-appreciated capability (just saying!).

Within IO, 3GenCam draws together capabilities, functions and specialist knowledge from across the Information Activities, including; Media Ops, OPSEC, PERSEC, Deception, Electronic Warfare (EW), Open Source Intelligence linked to wider All Source Intelligence ‘fusion’ and a healthy portion of creativity, imagination and unconventional thinking – often absent in our headquarters, where conformity, group think and “because I said so” are the norm.

Example: During the NATO intervention against the Libyan regime in 2011, a small team of ‘experts’ were seconded to the MOD to consider deception operations against Colonel Ghadaffi and his inner circle (including his playboy son Saif al’Islam). This team delved deep into operations of WW2 and counter-revolutionary doctrine to produce a “Chinese take away menu” of options with a view to psychologically isolate the dictator and undermine his control.

While it can never be proven that these activities ever took place or contributed to his capture, Ghadaffi’s decision to move and attempt to escape the country proved to be his undoing – maybe images of “ninjas with stealth helicopters” (noting at the time that the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US Navy SEALs was widely reported) filled his nightmares and irrational suspicions about his senior commanders preoccupied his waking hours.

This example demonstrates that 3rd Gen Camo must take the methods and creative thinking of the past and apply it, like a fresh coat of paint over our current 1st and 2nd Gen thinking. It must be recognised in our policies and it is encouraging to see leading MPs dedicating time to these issues. Our doctrine must free up thought processes to allow greater creativity, while drawing heavily on past endeavours (camouflage workshops, technological solutions) and an adaptable approach to very modern problems. Practitioners in this field must be drawn from a diverse pool, including deep specialist, empowered with authority to set the conditions to effectively implement “camouflage” when called upon to support military operations, political manoeuvres and react to the activities of our adversaries – not waiting for a crisis to occur before rushing half-baked capabilities into service.

Open Source Intelligence – the UK Military needs a capability similar to that of the Bellingcat group. Many believe this exists in 77th Brigade, but in truth Information Manoeuvre is a corralling of existing capabilities such as PSYOPS, Civil Affairs and Info Ops. Legal and ethical constraints are too often cited as reasons why OSINT is not used by the military, but this can not be allowed to effectively hand the advantage to our adversaries to run a mock and turn audiences against us unchallenged.

Please post your comments below or continue the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #CamoGeek.

Und zufällig lief mir auf Eliots Twitter auch der Hakan über den Weg:

Eliot Higgins hat retweetet
hakan ta█████r██
‏Verifizierter Account @hatr
10 Std.Vor 10 Stunden

twitter just suspended the account responsible for circulating the links to leaked documents from german politicians.

hakan ta█████r██Verifizierter Account
investigative reporter, covering hackers and hackbackers, interested in python. alumn @DJSde, @ledeprog
Beigetreten Juni 2009
603 Fotos und Videos

Leider komme ich nun nicht mehr auf die Seite von Ric Cole, nun soll ich mich einloggen mit Google oder FB :-)
Ich denke 1mal kommt Ihr so drauf und könnt lesen und speichern.
January 04, 2019

'Integrity Initiative' - New Documents From Shady NGO Released

The British Government runs an anti-Russian smear campaign through the pseudo non-government-organization Integrity Initiative. Some person, operating under the 'Anonymous' label, obtained internal papers of the Initiative and publishes those in several batches. Moon of Alabama was one of the first sites that analyzed the released papers.
Our last piece on the Initiative concluded:
After reading through all the released Initiative papers and lists one gets the impression of a secret military intelligence operation, disguised as a public NGO. Financed by millions of government money the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative work under a charity label to create and disseminate disinformation to the global public and back into the government and military itself.
Today the Anonymous account released a new batch of some 50 internal Integrity Initiative documents at the Cyber Guerrilla website.
With the new release Anonymous lays out a timeline that connects the Skripal affair in Britain with the activities and personal of the Integrity Initiative. Our last piece had already drawn the Skripal connection to the Initiative, but some of the new documents add to the trail.
The trail starts with a document (pdf), written in January 2015(!), that lays out a plan and options for sanctioning Russia.

continue >
Matt Goll‏ @GollMatt 23 Min.Vor 23 Minuten

#Integrityinitiative activity in germany … … … … …
Moon of Alabama‏ @MoonofA 4 Std.Vor 4 Stunden

@Ian56789 @MarkSleboda1 @Malinka1102 @ValLisitsa @NinaByzantina Folks, you are all noted as "trolls" in some of the files of the new #IntegrityInitiative release …
6. Januar 2019 um 02:07

Zitat:Mit dem „German Cluster“ hat die Integrity Initiative ganz schön ins Klo gegriffen

Head of @InitIntegrity's German cluster says he's going to bring criminal charges against me for accessing II internal files. In the process helpfully confirming many of the people I contacted in the cluster for comment ARE collaborating with the organization!! Cheers pal!
— Kit Klarenberg (@KitKlarenberg) 5. Januar 2019
How the Integrity Initiative Spun the West’s Improbable Skripal Narrative

[Bild: 1-Skripal-Integrity.jpg]

Zitat:One of the biggest and most under-reported stories of 2018 was also one of the most dazzling propaganda operations ever conducted in modern history. The narrative went something like this: a retired former Russian spy and UK double agent, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were having lunch in a sleepy Wiltshire town, before being brutally poisoned by an alleged “military grade chemical weapon” known as Novichok.
What followed was a textbook, state-managed media operation. Incredibly, within only 48 hours, the UK government had already attributed blame to the Russian Federation and its president, Vladimir Putin. The motive: no apparent reason, just Putin being mean. “There’s no logic in it; it doesn’t make sense, and I don’t think it needs to make sense, because essentially what the media is doing is propagandizing the population in favor of the madman theory. That’s critical to do when you’re trying to start aggression against a country,” said Moon of Alabama at the time.
How can the state and the mainstream media coordinate in a way that would make the inconceivable become the accepted ‘official’ western consensus reality narrative? Enter the British government-funded anti-Russian propaganda effort ironically named, the Integrity Initiative. A bona fide deep sate agency working under the guise of an anodyne ‘think tank,’ this clandestine government-media complex network not only helped craft the mainstream Skripal Affair narrative, but it also coordinated and organized attacks against any dissenting persons in the alternative press and on social media who dared to challenge their ‘official’ western propaganda line.
The level of Kafkaesque corruption in this government-funded psy-op is simply breathtaking…

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