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Briefbombenserie in den USA
10 Bomben an die sogenannten Liberalen waren Attrappen.
Es verdichtet sich immer weiter das es Wahlgeschenke des Deep State sind für die Demokraten.

Ryan Saavedra‏Verifizierter Account @RealSaavedra
BREAKING: NBC News reports that investigators have said that some of the 10 suspected mail bombs addressed to high-profile Democrats and others over the last few days were flawed and not capable of exploding.

Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones
Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, and the CNN office (addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan who actually works for NBC). As of this writing nobody has been killed or injured in any way by any of these many explosive devices, and there is as of this writing no publicly available evidence that they were designed to. As of this writing there is no evidence that the devices were intended to do anything other than what they have done: stir up fear and grab headlines.
And of course it is a good thing that nobody has been hurt by these devices. Obviously targeting anyone with packages containing explosive materials is terrible, even if those devices were not rigged with the intention of detonating and harming anyone, and it is a good thing that not a single one of them has done so. It is a good thing that none of America’s political elites were targeted by the sort of explosive device that America drops on people in other countries every single day. You know, the kind that actually explode....
also doch Putin:

Suspicious packages could be ‘Russian operation,’ says MSNBC host
It took less than 48 hours for the US mainstream media to go from blaming President Donald Trump for a series of suspicious packages sent to leading Democrats and CNN to blaming - who else? - Russia.

US authorities are still hunting for the person or persons responsible for ten or so packages containing what appeared to be pipe bombs - none of which have actually exploded - that were sent to CNN and prominent Democrats over the past two days.
For much of Thursday night’s Meet the Press Daily show on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd and his guests followed the narrative adopted by most media outlets, blaming what they described as Trump’s incendiary rhetoric against the press. Then Todd went there.....

Jimmy Dore‏Verifizierter Account @jimmy_dore 10 Std.vor 10 Stunden
Jimmy Dore hat Alex Rubinstein retweetet
“You’d learn more about the world by lying on the couch and drinking gin out of a bottle than by watching the news.”
— Garrison Keillor

Alex Rubinstein‏Verifizierter Account @RealAlexRubi
MSNBC's Chuck Todd says he "has this fear" that the bombs shipped through the mail to prominent Democrats "could be some Russian operation" to sow division in the US.

[Bild: DqZBTSlWkAENpbk.jpg]
Trump macht Medien für die Paketbomben verantwortlich

26. Oktober 2018  Florian Rötzer
Der US-Präsident kann von seinem aggressiven Stil nicht lassen, setzt den Krieg gegen die Medien fort und fördert die Verschwörungstheorien von False-Flag-Angriffen
Ganz kurz hätte man meinen können, US-Präsident Donald Trump würde nach den verschickten Paketbomben an demokratische Politiker und andere Trup-Kritiker seinen Konfrontationskurs einstellen. Bislang wurden 10 Paketbomben entdeckt, zuletzt gerichtet an Ex-Vizepräsident Joe Biden und Robert de Niro, der Trump als Dummkopf und Baby beschimpft hatte, was Trump verleitete, de Niro als Menschen mit geringer Intelligenz zu bezeichnen. Trump hatte sich in einer ersten Stellungnahme scharf von jeder Gewalt distanziert und mitten im Wahlkampf sogar von einer notwendigen nationalen Einheit gesprochen. Aber das hielt nicht lange vor....


Sieht aus wie eine Kampagne
Soros und Konsorten wäre es zuzutrauen.
Mit etwas Geld ein paar Migranten in Südamerika aufstacheln, ihnen Care-Pakete für den langen Marsch mit zu geben.
Und an der Heimatfront ein paar Knallfrösche als "Briefbomben" an vermeintliche Trump-Gegner schicken, die aber wie im Falle Obamas oder Clinton schon abgehalftert sind und wo es keinen Sinn machen würde, dass echte Trump-Sympathisanten die als Ziele auswählen.
Offenbar hat es nicht geklappt bisher mit frontalen Angriffen auf Trump. Also versucht man es mal anders herum.

"Der US-Präsident kann von seinem aggressiven Stil nicht lassen...." Unfug
Wer die Paketbomben tatsächlich verschickt hat, weiß ich natürlich auch nicht. Aber den Artikel kann ich in Gänze als Unfug erkennen!
Trump hat (leider) Recht, denn alle Kampagnen der dems oder der Anti-Trump-Medien gegen den US-Präsidenten waren FAKE und im Ergebnis ein FLOP: #MeToo (siehe Weinstein oder Stormy Daniels = Bullshit und ein zivilisatorischer Rückschritt), Kavanaugh denunzieren verhindern = gescheitert, "Russiagate" = kompletter Bullshit, Elizabeth Warren = Desaster...)
Es ist besorgnis erregend, das jedes Ereignis instrumentalisiert wird (schwarz-weiß-denke all around) undefined
Die dems haben noch immer ein massives Glaubwürdigkeitsproblem (der Friedensnobelpreisträger Obama war tatsächlich ein reaktionärers Arschloch) und statt politischer Fehleranalyse, betreiben die dems weiterhin "politiklose" Denunziation (des politischen Gegeners)!
Missing postmarks add to mystery of bombs sent through the mail
(CNN)A starting point for investigators trying to trace the bombs sent to Democratic figures and CNN this week: the postmark.

But in some cases, it appears to be a missing clue.
The postmark typically indicates when and where the mail was sent from and is marked over the stamps -- "canceling" them, and preventing the stamps from being reused. Unlike stamps, most of which cannot be traced, the impression left by a postmark or mail meter is distinctive and can help investigators focus their search.

A postmark is visible in a photo of at least one of the packages seen by CNN. A postmark is not visible in photos of several other packages shared with CNN -- only adding to the questions about their origins.
The lack of a postmark is very rare, according to Nancy Pope of the National Postal Museum.
A postal inspector who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity indicated it would be very unusual for a piece of mail to leave the facility where it was dropped off for delivery without such a mark.
That could indicate that a sender or senders were working in multiple diverse geographical areas, including New York, Washington, Florida and California.
Another source told CNN it is possible some of the stamps may not have been canceled because of the package's soft sides and odd shape, which would make it difficult to stamp.
The US Postal Service's website also says mail may not be postmarked if it was processed through a meter or if the postage was paid by permit or precanceled stamp. None of those appear to apply to this situation.
Adding to the mystery are post office markings on one of two packages sent to former Vice President Joe Biden indicating the stamps on the package did not cover the cost of the delivery, and additional postage is due.
That suggests the package was weighed at some point during the shipping process, a former postal inspector told CNN.
It was unclear from the photo whether that package had been postmarked.
Postmarks can be applied by machine and by hand, depending on how a piece of mail is sent, according to the Postal Service. When mail is run through an automated system at a processing distribution center, the postmark is applied, and the mailed item is screened by a biohazard detection system.
It was not clear why postmarks were not visible on several of the packages, and the US Postal Inspection Service provided a statement to CNN that did not address the question....
Mail bomb suspect detained, in FBI custody – report
Federal agents have arrested and detained a suspect in connection with a string of suspicious packages sent to prominent Democratic and left-wing figures over the last week, law enforcement sources say.

The packages contained crude, homemade pipe bombs, and were sent to an array of Democratic figures, including former president Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, former attorney general Eric Holder, and CNN’s New York studios.
The investigation into the source of the packages had focused on Florida, as all of the parcels listed Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office as their return addresses. FBI agents raided a mail facility in Opa-locka, Florida on Thursday evening, and had since been examining CCTV footage from the facility.
None of the devices actually exploded, and while law enforcement officials initially treated them all as “rudimentary, yet functional” explosives, several have been declared duds.
It is not yet known whether the suspect intended for them to detonate, or to incite fear.
Shortly before the arrest was announced, two packages were intercepted on Friday morning. One was addressed to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, while the other was intended for former director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Opa-locka, Florida City listed among top 10 most dangerous cities in US

in einer der schlimmsten Ecken im Norden von Miami.

Mehr Popcorn  

(da wird die Story doch gleich glaubwürdig! echt jetzt!)
Who mailed the bombs? An analysis
We are all familiar with the rash of pipe bombs found yesterday that were sent to high-level Democrats. We're so familiar that many reading this are probably thinking "Not another pipe bomb thread!" I have made a few statements concerning these bombs, but I have mostly held my tongue... not because of any approval or apathy (I have previously denounced the bomber unequivocally and continue to do so), but rather because I wasn't able to yet wrap my head around what happened. 

I now think I have a handle on what is going on. 

To start, let's look at the events: At least two of these (Soros and Brennan/CNN) were delivered by hand, while the majority were mailed through the Post Office. The one discovered at CNN, despite being delivered by courier, was stamped with six of the 'forever' stamps (unpostmarked) instead of having a post office paid stamp applied. It appears from reports that all the packages were similarly stamped. All of the packages had the return address of "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz." 

The bombs themselves are quite unusual. Reports have them as being filled with an explosive and possibly shrapnel. The ends appear to have something that looks remarkably similar to a fireworks mortar taped to each end. Each mortar has a wire attached to its top, coming from a small digital clock (similar to the small digital dashboard clocks sold cheaply at the big box stores for automotive use). The pipe is PVC and the whole thing is wrapped in what appears to be black electrical tape. They also have a parody of the ISIS flag on them, with the phrase "Get 'er done" on it, a reference to the comedic routines of Daniel Whitney, aka "Larry the Cable Guy." 

There are so many things wrong with this:
  • Fireworks mortars are two-stage; the round section contains the main explosives that produce the sky effects; the lower cylindrical section contains a propellant charge to launch them into the air. Since the propellant must go off first, the fuse attaches at the side of the propellant section near the bottom of the mortar. Yet the wires are attached to the top of the mortars and no fuse is visible. 

  • Electricity is not an efficient way to set off a fireworks mortar. They use a fairly primitive, low-power type of black powder, which is activated by a spark or heat from a fuse. In order for an electrical current to set off the mortar, it would have to be substantial enough to activate the powder by heat. The type of clock attached may include an alarm function, but the current level is minuscule (a few microamps). I know this from experience; one of my early projects was a similar clock used to energize a gong to wake me up in time for work. It took several stages of amplification circuitry as well as a separate power supply, to do that. The power needed in this case would be at least as great as what I used for that gong, and probably more. 

  • Two wires are used, but they go to separate mortars on each end of the device. In order to ignite the mortar, even if there was enough power, both wires would be needed at each mortar to create a circuit, or there would have to be a heating element connected internally. If there were such a heating element, the mortars would be superfluous. 

  • A pipe bomb works by holding in the pressure of the explosion until it builds to a point sufficient to rupture the pipe. The stronger the pipe, the stronger the blast. PVC is a very inefficient material for a pipe bomb, because it has a ow yield strength and will literally melt from the ignition itself before high pressure can be obtained. It will work, but poorly. 

    PVC does have the advantage of not being metallic; I'll grant that. 

  • Electrical tape tends to stretch readily, meaning the pressure could not be contained well at the ends during ignition. This weakness is placed on both ends as well, doubling the pressure leakage.
In short, there is no way these devices could work. The only real danger would be from an exterior fire or intense heat. These bombs were never meant to explode. 

Given all the above, this was not simply someone who didn't get it right. These bombs were assembled as a threat. The explosives were included only to make any police investigation look initially credible. The rest of the apparatus was intended to scare... and the parody of the ISIS flag indicates who was doing the scaring: Larry the Cable Guy is an icon for conservative humor, given his on-screen persona of a bumbling, back-woods hick with a penchant for perverted sexual tendencies. That flag parody identifies the bomb as having been made by someone poorly-educated and conservative. 

The targets I listed above are quite telling as well. All of the targets except Wasserman-Schultz are prominent liberal figures recently demonized in conservative and social media for statements against President Trump and his policies... To the untrained and ignorant eye, this was obviously... obviously!... some type of conservative Unibomber-type person who is mentally unhinged. As such,it is easy to twist this story as the result of right-wing violent rhetoric. But was it? 

~~ to be continued ~~

~~ continued ~~ 

Sometimes things are too perfect to be true. Firstly, why would someone who was sending a bomb attach a label to it identifying their political/social persuasion? "Get 'er done" is not all that popular anymore, as Daniel has slowed his touring after the success he had with Jeff Foxworthy. It remains as a legacy of his career, however. I find the use of that phrase to be quite unusual. In addition, if the bomb were to explode, that label would be immediately and completely destroyed... more proof that the bombs were never intended to go off. 

None of the targets are running for office this time. That is interesting because it would only make sense to attack those who were running for office if the intent was to use the terror of a mass bombing to effect political change. Yet, all of the targets are prominent liberal names. This can only create anger and unrest, and will do so without a bomb exploding. 

I also find it interesting that all the bombs were capable of being sent through the mail, yet two were not. Someone who was building these bombs out of personal funds would likely not bother stamping those which would not be mailed. That is indicative of an assembly line style batch process in manufacturing. In addition, the return address was only the name "Debbie Wasserman-Shultz." If the intent was to get any failed deliveries to the ex-DNC chair, her full address would have been used. After all, whoever sent these knew the addresses of the other victims; why exclude it from the final product? 

The timing, however, is the real tell. For many months we have all heard about the "blue wave" that was intended to sweep power form the conservatives in Washington. Historically, that was expected. However, as the election has drawn nigh, indications are that the Republicans are tightening their spread in the polls, and early voting is somewhat indicative that even those polls may be as far off as the polls were leading up to 2016. The blue wave may be changing into a red wave, in no small part due to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings and Trump's recent hard-line stance on the migrant caravan. 

During the last two years, we have also seen the Democrats lose their advantage in the Judicial Branch due to Trump's nominations not only for the Supreme Court, but for the lower courts as well. That is the last branch of government where the Democrats held an advantage. I believe panic is setting in, and this bomb scare is simply the result of a Democratic operation to try and paint the Republican supporters, especially the Trump supporters, as violent. 

I realized this tonight, watching the news. I saw Trump call for calm and a winding down of political rhetoric, amid condemnation of the bomber, whoever they may be, by conservative politicians. I also saw the Democratic operatives call not for an overall calm, but instead desperately pushing the narrative that "It's all Trump's fault!" That narrative is the exact opposite we need, and I would think, the exact opposite reaction a thinking individual would have who was recently targeted by a credible bombing attempt. 

Mark my words now: the culprit is not a conservative nut-job out for revenge; the culprit is the DNC itself. These bombing attempts are an attempt at a false flag operation, one which I am convinced will fail. 

Man Arrested In Connection To Suspected Explosive Packages
Federal authorities arrested a Florida man at approximately 10 a.m. Friday in connection with a spate of suspected explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats and anti-Trump figures over the past week. 

According to CNN, the man was arrested in the Miami area after discovering forensic evidence that led them to a packaging center, when then led them to the suspect - reportedly at a Plantation auto parts store in Broward County. 
The Miami Herald, meanwhile, reports that the suspect is from Aventura and is being questioned by FBI agents along with the joint terrorism task force, while KOIN News reports that the man is 56-years-old.....

CSGV‏Verifizierter Account @CSGV
Suspect of interest arrested in bombing attempts, Van covered with Trump/GOP images

[Bild: DqccqLuWkAAt44e.jpg:large]

[Bild: zh5bd330b3.jpg]

[Bild: DqciOp8X4AAECJz.jpg]
PICTURED: Trump-supporting, bodybuilding, Native American Florida strip-club worker is revealed as the 'MAGAbomber' who 'sent suspicious packages to 12 liberals'
  • Federal authorities arrested a suspect in the mail bombing spree on Friday in South Florida

  • The suspect is reportedly a male in his 50s who has a history of threatening judges 

  • FBI discovered suspicious package addressed to Senator Cory Booker in Florida on Thursday night

  • Then a postal inspector intercepted another package to James Clapper in Manhattan Friday morning

  • The suspicious package was addressed to Clapper at headquarters of CNN, where he is a contributor

  • NYPD bomb squad's Total Containment Vessel responded to postal facility in Midtown to remove package

  • Discoveries mark the 11th and 12th suspicious packages targeting outspoken critics of President Trump

  • FBI warns the public to be on the lookout for similar packages and says there could be more bombs 
[Bild: 5449742-6321331-image-a-12_1540570076038.jpg]
Cesar Altier Sayoc was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida in connection with the bombs
[Bild: Dqcn6SoXgAAYJVH.jpg]

Keith‏ @Keithyjohng 15 Min.vor 15 Minuten
Antwort an @PrisonPlanet
It's illegal in Florida to have those stickers all over your windows. Danger to law enforcement. Same reason you cant have limo tint on your car.

None of those window stickers were sun faded in the least bit.

Suspect is a registered DEMOCRAT.

[Bild: DqcrpsdWkAAONcU.jpg]

This is what's on it. First I lived in Florida, you cannot have your windows covered up, you will get pulled over, and in other states too. Another thing these stickers all look brand new, and why would this nutjob draw so much attention to himself....Something is "off

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