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Cambridge Analytica und Facebook
Cambridge Analytica wieder in den Schlagzeilen
Knapp neunzig Millionen Facebook-Nutzer sind vermutlich durch den Cambridge-Analytica-Skandal betroffen. Nun meldet Bloomberg, dass auch Twitter in den Datenstrudel gerät. Zwar ist die Informationsdichte über den einzelnen Nutzer bei Twitter gewöhnlich geringer, aber Begeisterung dürfte bei ihnen nun nicht aufkommen: Der in den Facebook-Skandal verwickelte Cambridge-Wissenschaftler Alexander Kogan hatte sich im Jahr 2015 auch Zugriff zu Twitter-Daten gekauft. Inzwischen hat das Unternehmen gegenüber dem britischen Telegraph eingeräumt, einen Datenzugang an Kogan verkauft zu haben.
Neuer Facebook-Skandal toppt Cambridge Analytica
Die massenhafte Datenweitergabe von Facebook an App-Hersteller, die im Skandal um Cambridge Analytica gipfelte, war tatsächlich nur die Spitze eines Eisbergs. Facebook hatte auf die neuen Enthüllungen der „New York Times“ am Montag zwar blіtzartig mit einem Dementi reagiert. Das besteht allerdings aus einem Umbennungstrick und Schutzbehauptungen. Am aufschlussreichsten aber ist, was dabei verschwiegen wird. Facebook hat eingestandermaßen ein Jahrzehnt lang mindestens 60 Konzerne - von Amazon, Apple, Samsung bis zu Microsoft - eine unbekannte, jedenfalls enorme Zahl von Datensätzen abgreifen lassen.....
DC attorney general sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica
The Washington D.C. attorney general has filed a lawsuit suing Facebook for allowing political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica to gain access to personal data of tens of millions of the site’s users without permission.

The lawsuit, initially reported by the Washington Post, is the first major push by US regulators to hold Facebook to account for its dealings with the shady British consultancy firm after it was revealed earlier this year that it had harvested the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge.....
Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak ‘shows global manipulation is out of control’

Company’s work in 68 countries laid bare with release of more than 100,000 documents

An explosive leak of tens of thousands of documents from the defunct data firm Cambridge Analytica is set to expose the inner workings of the company that collapsed after the Observer revealed it had misappropriated 87 million Facebook profiles.
More than 100,000 documents relating to work in 68 countries that will lay bare the global infrastructure of an operation used to manipulate voters on “an industrial scale” are set to be released over the next months.
It comes as Christopher Steele, the ex-head of MI6’s Russia desk and the intelligence expert behind the so-called “Steele dossier” into Trump’s relationship with Russia, said that while the company had closed down, the failure to properly punish bad actors meant that the prospects for manipulation of the US election this year were even worse.
The release of documents began on New Year’s Day on an anonymous Twitter account, @HindsightFiles, with links to material on elections in Malaysia, Kenya and Brazil. The documents were revealed to have come from Brittany Kaiser, an ex-Cambridge Analytica employee turned whistleblower, and to be the same ones subpoenaed by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Kaiser, who starred in the Oscar-shortlisted Netflix documentary The Great Hack, decided to go public after last month’s election in Britain. “It’s so abundantly clear our electoral systems are wide open to abuse,” she said. “I’m very fearful about what is going to happen in the US election later this year, and I think one of the few ways of protecting ourselves is to get as much information out there as possible.”

The documents were retrieved from her email accounts and hard drives, and though she handed over some material to parliament in April 2018, she said there were thousands and thousands more pages which showed a “breadth and depth of the work” that went “way beyond what people think they know about ‘the Cambridge Analytica scandal’”.
Steele made a rare public intervention to comment on the leaks. He said that while he didn’t know what was in them, the context couldn’t be more important because “on our current trajectory these problems are likely to get worse, not better, and with crucial 2020 elections in America and elsewhere approaching, this is a very scary prospect. Something radical needs to be done about it, and fast.”
He said authorities in the west had failed to punish those practising social and other media manipulation, and “the result will be that while CA may have been exposed and eventually shut down, other, even more sophisticated actors will have been emboldened to interfere in our elections and sow social divisions”.
Kaiser said the Facebook data scandal was part of a much bigger global operation that worked with governments, intelligence agencies, commercial companies and political campaigns to manipulate and influence people, and that raised huge national security implications.
The unpublished documents contain material that suggests the firm was working for a political party in Ukraine in 2017 even while under investigation as part of Mueller’s inquiry and emails that Kaiser says describe how the firm helped develop a “sophisticated infrastructure of shell companies that were designed to funnel dark money into politics”...........


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