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Der Fall Skripal
Lebenszeichen von mutmaßlichem Nowitschok-Opfer Julia Skripal: "Mir und meinem Vater geht es gut"
3 Dez. 2020 
im April bzw. Mai 2018 wurden Julia und Sergei Skripal aus der Klinik im englischen Salisbury entlassen. Sie sollen Opfer eines Nowitschok-Anschlags gewesen sein. Seitdem gab es von Sergei Skripal und seiner Tochter so gut wie kein Lebenszeichen mehr – nun meldete sich Julia bei der in Russland lebenden Nichte ihres Vaters....
UK Defense ministry document reveals Skripals blood samples could have been manipulated


New evidence has emerged of gross violations during the UK investigation into the alleged poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury on 4th March 2018. The new revelations put into question the main evidence that the Skripals were poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok.
The blood samples taken from the Skripals could have been tampered with so that they test positive for Novichok, newly disclosed information obtained from the UK Ministry of Defense reveals. Furthermore, documents show that Russia was not the only country in the world that could be linked to the nerve agent Novichok.
The US had covered up its own Novichok program masked as research on fourth generation nerve agents (FGAs) and muzzled the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) a decade before the Skripals attack.
Breach of chain of custody
Newly disclosed information obtained from the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) under the Freedom of Information Act questions the integrity of the main evidence that the Skripals were poisoned with Novichok, namely their blood samples. The ministry is in charge of the British military laboratory DSTL Porton Down which analyzed the Skripals blood samples and reportedly identified Novichok.
“Our searches have failed to locate any information that provides the exact time that the samples were collected”, the ministry states. The information held by MOD therefore indicates that the samples were collected at some point between 16:15 on 4 March 2018 and 18:45 on 5 March 2018 (the approximate time according to MOD when the samples arrived at DSTL Porton Down). Even the time of arrival at Porton Down is indicated as “approximate”.
The lack of this information is gross violation and breach of the chain of custody. The UK NHS protocol requires that a request form accompany all specimens sent to the laboratory and clearly state the exact (not approximate) date and time of collection. This newly disclosed information questions the whole Skripals Novichok poisoning story. The fact that the chain of custody of these blood samples was broken directly suggests that they could have been manipulated and tampered with.
According to the UK Defense Ministry document, there is no information as to when exactly (date and time) the blood samples were collected. Hence, these samples are inadmissible evidence in court as without a proper chain of custody the samples could have been manipulated and contaminated with Novichok.
A British toxicologist with extensive knowledge in the field of organophosphate pesticide analysis who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons has reviewed the MOD document: “It is inconceivable that with such a visibility case, and the obvious significance of any and all biological samples, normal and expected sample logging and documentation did not take place. The person drawing the sample, in any clinical or forensic setting knows that the date and time must be recorded, and the donor positively identified. In a criminal case, evidence gleaned from these samples would be thrown out as inadmissible. Custody seals can be broken and re-applied. In a normal blood draw, the donor would sign the seal which is placed over the vials. In this case, with the donors apparently unconscious, then the phlebotomist would do the signing, and be able to later verify his/her signature on the seal. As we don’t know when, or possibly where the samples were taken, it would be difficult to prove that the seals were in fact the original seals. This lack of protocol is either very sloppy or clandestine.”
What is Chain of Custody and why is it important
The chain of custody is the most critical process of evidence documentation. Chain of Custody (CoC), in legal contexts, refers to the system of controls governing the collection, processing and storage of samples. These controls reduce the potential for samples to be accidentally or maliciously tampered with.
3.There are four reasons to believe the samples were tampered with since:
3.1. None of the people who were in direct contact with the Skripas tested positive for Novichok. According to the UK government, the nerve agent had been sprayed on the door handle of the Skripals house.  Yulia and her father Sergei touched the door handle and few hours later the two collapsed simultaneously on a bench in Salisbury. Meanwhile, few minutes after they had reportedly been poisoned by touching the door handle, the Skripals handed bread to three children to feed ducks. One of the children even ate the bread. This was documented by CCTV footage which the police showed to their parents. Despite the direct contact, no one of the children developed any symptoms of poisoning and their blood tests showed no traces of Novichok.
3.2. We have been told that Novichok is the deadliest nerve agent ever developed. However, none of the alleged “Kremlin targets” (the Skripals and Alexei Navalny) died and all made full recovery without any damage to their health or permanent harm. How is it possible that the deadliest nerve agent in the world has caused no harm to any of the targeted victims and they all fully recovered?
3.3. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with the drug Fentanyl, not the Novichok nerve agent, the initial report on the incident reveals. After I published this report on my Twitter account the information was immediately redacted and the drug Fentanyl was deleted from the original version.
3.4 Porton Down, which received and analyzed the blood samples, had already had Novichok prior to the alleged Skripals poisoning, according to British prime minister Boris Johnson. Although the UK Government publicly lied that only Russia could have been the source of the Novichok nerve agent, as it turns out, Porton Down could have also been the source of the Novichok agent identified coincidentally exactly by Porton Down in the Skripals blood samples.


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