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Syrien 2017-2021
Syria - The War Is Resuming On Several Fronts

Ten years after it began, and after a short lull in fighting, the war on Syria seems now to resume on several fronts.

Last week Bloomberg published an op-ed by the Turkish President Erdogan in which he begged for 'western' help:
Now, as talk of democracy, freedom and human rights are in vogue anew, humanity’s actions in Syria will be the ultimate measure of our sincerity. I believe that restoring peace and stability in the region depends on genuine and strong Western support for Turkey.
Unfortunately, the moderate rebels, our local partners, have become the target of a coordinated smear campaign despite their hard work and sacrifice to defeat ISIS and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, another designated terrorist organization.
The safe zones, which Turkey created in cooperation with its local partners, are proof of our commitment to Syria’s future. These areas have become islands of peace and stability, as well as self-sustaining ecosystems.
Those 'islands of peace' in the Turkish occupied Idleb and along the Turkish border have seen lots infighting between the Al-Qaeda aligned Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) and 'moderate rebels' of various Islamists hue. HTS has mostly won out and is ruling the area in cooperation with Turkish occupation troops. But to control the area costs lots of money and Turkey is currently short of it. Erdogan's recent firing of its central bank head led to another fall of the Turkish economy:
The dollar rose by as much as 15% vs the Turkish lira, and the BIST-100 stock-market index traded 10% lower after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to replace Governor Naci Agbal with Sahap Kavcioglu — the third change at the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) in two years.
Thus Erdogan is asking for more money while threatening to push more refugees towards Europe:

Cont. reading: Syria - The War Is Resuming On Several Fronts
Al-Qaida, IS und die USA
Neue Beweise für US-Waffenlieferungen an Islamisten in Syrien
11. Mai 2021 Die deutschen "Qualitätsmedien" verschweigen bei den Berichten über den Syrienkrieg regelmäßig die wahre Geschichte des Beginns des Krieges. Der Beginn…
"Forced to vote" "Fake elections" Which Western leader will ever inspire this level of support? Tomorrow #Syrians will send a message to the world. Will the world listen?

[Bild: E2M526yXEAMTfJT?format=jpg&name=small]

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Manaf Hassan@manaf12hassan
In den größten Städten Syriens wurde gestern & wird heute gefeiert. Man merkt, dass die Menschen 10 Jahre lang vom Krieg erdrückt wurden. Sie wollen Frieden. Sie wollen Freiheit. Sie wollen keinen Terrorismus oder Islamismus. Sie wollen Stabilität. Und niemand berichtet darüber.

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VAE-Kronprinz trifft sich mit Assad und fordert Rückzug von US-Truppen aus Syrien - USA enttäuscht

Das ist ein deutliches Zeichen für die Nato Terroristen.
»Humanitäre Hilfe«
Syrienkonferenz ohne Syrer
Gebertreffen in Brüssel ohne Moskau und Damaskus. EU weiter gegen Wiederaufbau des Landes
Von Karin Leukefeld

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