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Reden über Fake-News
Neo-McCarthyismus: Der Kampf des Mainstreams gegen die Alternativen
Der mediale Propagandakrieg ist in vollem Gange. Nun heißt es "real news" gegen "fake news". Eine neue McCarthy-Ära scheint anzubrechen.
Fake News: Die neue „Verschwörungstheorie-Keule“
Angesichts der offensichtlichen Propaganda der westlichen Presse, die selbst dem Unbedarftesten seit dem vom Westen initiierten Putsch in der Ukraine ins Auge gesprungen sein muss, die logische Folge. Die Panik in den Medienhäusern und insbesondere in der Politik muss so groß sein, dass man sich wohl einiger Spin-Doktoren bedient haben muss, die zur „Rettung der Presse des Abendlands“ ein neue Keule entwickelt haben: Fake News oder auf deutsch Falsche Meldungen. Galt bislang bei unangenehmen Themen die „Verschwörungstheorie-Keule“ als Mittel der Wahl, so hat man jetzt die Keule Fake News kreiert, um damit nicht nur einzelne unangenehme Themenfelder abkanzeln zu können (und sich damit erst gar nicht mit den Argumenten der anderen Seite beschäftigen zu müssen).
‘Fake news’? Time to choose: Corporate media fakes us into Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression with lies known to be lies as they were told (2 of 15)
“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.”  ~ unsourced, and attributed to Gandhi’s analysis of British empire response to having their hypocrisy exposed: claiming to bring Christian love and progress while looting resources with forced local labor.
The Washington Post added to President Obama’s rhetoric for Americans to be aware of “fake news”: easily refuted lies of omission and commission in media. This article series reveals the inversion of those claims: .01% “official” news by corporate media (six conglomerates) is easily documented as fake in our most important reporting.
‘Fake news’? Time to choose article series (links added as series progresses):


(Blog steht auf der WaPo-Liste der 200)
The Orwellian War on Skepticism. Battling “Fake News”
By Robert Parry
Global Research, December 02, 2016
Consortiumnews 1 December 2016

Under the cover of battling “fake news,” the mainstream U.S. news media and officialdom are taking aim at journalistic skepticism when it is directed at the pronouncements of the U.S. government and its allies.

One might have hoped that the alarm about “fake news” would remind major U.S. news outlets, such as The Washington Post and The New York Times, about the value of journalistic skepticism. However, instead, it seems to have done the opposite.

The idea of questioning the claims by the West’s officialdom now brings calumny down upon the heads of those who dare do it. “Truth” is being redefined as whatever the U.S. government, NATO and other Western interests say is true. Disagreement with the West’s “group thinks,” no matter how fact-based the dissent is, becomes “fake news.”
So, we have the case of Washington Post columnist David Ignatius having a starry-eyed interview with Richard Stengel, the State Department’s Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy, the principal arm of U.S. government propaganda.
Entitled “The truth is losing,” the column laments that the official narratives as deigned by the State Department and The Washington Post are losing traction with Americans and the world’s public.
Stengel, a former managing editor at Time magazine, seems to take aim at Russia’s RT network’s slogan, “question more,” as some sinister message seeking to inject cynicism toward the West’s official narratives.
“They’re not trying to say that their version of events is the true one. They’re saying: ‘Everybody’s lying! Nobody’s telling you the truth!’,” Stengel said. “They don’t have a candidate, per se. But they want to undermine faith in democracy, faith in the West.”

No Evidence

Typical of these recent mainstream tirades about this vague Russian menace, Ignatius’s column doesn’t provide any specifics regarding how RT and other Russian media outlets are carrying out this assault on the purity of Western information. It’s enough to just toss around pejorative phrases supporting an Orwellian solution, which is to stamp out or marginalize alternative and independent journalism, not just Russian......

Die „Fake News“-Hysterie und der neue „vormundschaftliche Staat“.
Einer der in den westlichen Medien meistgelesenen und meistdiskutierten Artikel der vergangenen Woche berichtete von einem besonders perfiden Erfolg russischer Propaganda: Moskau habe die amerikanischen Onlinemedien während des Präsidentschaftswahlkampfes mit „Fake News“ geflutet, also mit falschen und manipulierten Nachrichten. Ziel sei eine Stärkung von Donald Trump und eine Schwächung der amerikanischen Demokratie gewesen. Eine wissenschaftliche Studie habe diese russische Propaganda-Kampagne nun belegt – so berichtete es jedenfalls die Washington Post. Und viele, sehr viele Journalisten übernahmen diese Darstellung. Der stellvertretende ZDF-Chefredakteur Elmar Theveßen verbreitete den Text auf Twitter. Das Problem dabei: Der Artikel und die ihm zugrunde liegende Studie sind so unsauber und fragwürdig, dass sie selbst schon die Kriterien für „Fake News“ erfüllen.
The Race to Erase “Fake News”
By Kurt Nimmo Facebook has come up with a plan to push content produced by handpicked corporate media partners.
Business Insider speculates Facebook’s Collections will dominate the newsfeed.
Early Collections partners have been told that content they create will be inserted into the News Feed by Facebook, effectively giving them direct — and potentially much broader — access to the social network’s vast audience of 1.8 billion users. Currently, publishers must either garner likes from users for their content to be seen in the News Feed or pay to boost their exposure through Facebook’s sponsored-post program.

An earlier attempt to selectively curate news content by Facebook resulted in a public relations disaster.
The company is under intense media pressure to do something about “fake news,” now a codeword for virtually all political and news blogs deemed a threat to the establishment and the corporatocracy.
American Experts: PropOrNot Is Propaganda

The anonymous website claims that they have analyzed alternative media websites and identified 200 sites which act as useful idiots for Russian-government propaganda.
The Washington Post and many other mainstream media have trumpeted PropOrNot as evidence of a vast conspiracy of American and foreign alternative media as spreading Russian propaganda.
PropOrNot claims that they use scientific methods to identify the sites, providing the following diagram as an illustration of their analysis:

[Bild: Prop-Diagram.jpg]

We asked a former top NSA official and computer expert – Thomas Drake – to look at the diagram and PropOrNot’s website.
Drake is a decorated Air Force and Navy veteran, who has been awarded numerous medals including:
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Air Medal
  • Air Force Commendation Medal
Drake was a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.
With a strong technical background in surveillance and computers, Drake was one of the top NSA executives, and was Senior Change Leader within the NSA.
Drake was also one America’s top government experts on Stasi Germany … so he knows a thing or two about propaganda.
To get a sense of who Drake is, watch this PBS interview.
When asked to analyze PropOrNot and its diagram, Drake told Washington’s Blog:
My take?
It’s a prop for a disinfo op in order to serve a manufactured narrative.

Remember what Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda under the Nazi regime, said about propaganda (among a number of things):
The propaganda “must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans” and the propaganda must also “specify targets for hatred.”
All part of the ‘rules’ of propaganda.
The diagram is far too artificially symmetrical and overly simplistic. It’s unidimensional manufactured evidence to create a certain narrative by positing faux scientific methodology that makes it appear legit, yet is really fake.
Postscript:  We will add the comments of other top experts as we receive them.
Fake News!
Erfundene Nachrichten oder auch Fake News sind oft so ehrlich wie Meinungsumfragen, DAX-Prognosen und Arbeitsmarktberichte. Viele stammen von Demoskopen, Statistikern und Leuten, die man, warum auch immer, als Experten bezeichnet.
4. Dezember 2016 um 15:52

Das neue Kampfwort für Verschwörungstheorien ist Fake News. Verschwörungstheorien hat sich aufgebraucht, weil oftmals das Tatsächliche aufgezeigt wurde. Fake News ist ein Begriff der die MSM-Konsumenten von vornherein auf Ablehnung alternativen Meldungen einschwören soll. So wird zur Zeit der größte Fake, Russland würde die Bundestagswahl durch Falschmeldungen manipulieren wollen, im Versuch zum Scheitern verurteilt. Es entspricht einem Fake News, das durch die Behauptung die Gegenseite verbreitet Fake News, zur Wahrheit erklären soll. Das ist die Zeit der Wahrheit wie Merkel es einst sagte. Weil natürlich diese Nicht-Regierung behauptet Russland würde Fake News verbreiten, bereiten sich die jetzt an der Macht bleiben Wollenden vor und wollen selber Fake News in die Welt (Russland) schicken. Sie haben genug Schnapsnasen in Moskau sitzen.
The Media War Has Begun...What Side Are You On?


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