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WOW: Der schlimmste Terrorakt in der Geschichte Amerikas seit 9/11

Zitat:Orlando-Attentäter laut FBI nicht Teil eines Netzwerks

Verworrene Motivlage des Attentäters – Laut FBI-Direktor Comey war der Anschlag nicht Teil eines größeren Terrorplans
Orlando – Der schlimmste Terrorangriff in den USA seit dem 11. September 2001 geht laut Ermittlungen des FBI nicht auf ein internationales Netzwerk zurück. Das sagten US-Präsident Barack Obama und FBI-Direktor James Comey am Montag.
Comey beschrieb die Motive des Täters, der am Sonntag 49 Menschen tötete, als sehr verworren

Obama: Diskussion um Waffenrecht nötig

Der Angriff zeige, dass islamistische und extremistische Online-Propaganda genauso bekämpft werden müsse wie Terroristen im Ausland, sagte Obama. Die Diskussion dürfe sich nun weder ausschließlich um Waffen noch ausschließlich um Terrorismus drehen, sondern müsse umfassend sein.
Nicht Teil eines größeren Terrorplans

Der Anschlag in Orlando sei nicht Teil eines größeren Terrorplans gewesen, sagten Obama und Comey. Es gebe jedoch Anzeichen, dass sich der Täter radikalisiert habe. Er sei von verschiedenen Quellen über das Internet extremistisch inspiriert worden. Für die Behörden sei es aber äußerst schwierig, jemanden rechtzeitig ausfindig zu machen, der sich selbst radikalisiere

"I'm not to sure.

It all seems a little to easy for the left to suddenly come out and say "See! His not a muslim terrorist, he's just a crazy guy! Let's ban guns!"

I find it hard to believe anything coming out of this 'event' as not a lie promoted for a political goal.

Facts we know:
Was questioned by FBI about statements being pro-Jihad
Father has made statements about being pro-Jihad
Shooter calls in a claims is Jihad attack inspired by ISIS

Now- tell me truthfully, do you honestly believe the left's narration he was a disgruntled gay guy looking for payback?"

ja, das FBI:
(jetzt kommen die Informanten (V-leute) ins Spiel)


Here’s What The FBI Was Doing Instead Of Catching The Orlando Shooter[/url]

After the most recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida — the worst in U.S. history — one might ask how the FBI was able to investigate the perpetrator, [url=]twice
, without deciding to take any further action. This question is further confounded by the fact the perpetrator was, according to his wife, an abusive, unstable man suffering from bipolar disorder.
A more appropriate question would be: what is the role of the FBI in counter-terror operations? How were they not able to prevent this incident, despite “preventing” hundreds of high profile incidents prior to this?
Out of the 508 terrorism-related cases since September 11, 2001, more often than not, the FBI has had a hand in creating the very terrorist threat they have claimed to be protecting us from. Two-hundred and forty-three of these cases involved an FBI informant. In many instances, the targets of these operations, who are later accused of plotting attacks, are not only almost always Muslim, but they are also often suffering from a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Moreover, the targets are also vulnerable and easily susceptible to bribery as they are desperate for money – so desperate, it seems, they will help put their own friends behind bars.
This can be seen most clearly in the Newburgh Four case, which saw a combination of mental illness and an urgent need for money. One of the “Four,” James Cromitie, was a former drug addict who repeatedly tried to back out, saying “I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” In the words of a U.S. Court Judge, “only the government could have made a “terrorist” out of Mr. Cromitie.
Another defendant in the Newburgh case, Laguerre Payan, suffered from schizophrenia to the extent he kept bottles of urine in his apartment. David Williams, another of the four, had a brother who needed a liver transplant, and he was prepared to do almost anything for the money to pay for it.
The FBI chooses the most vulnerable members of society and then coaxes a relationship between the target and an “informant,” who helps instigate the terrorist activity. There is, generally speaking, no evidence the targets would have engaged in such activity had it not been for the FBI.
The case of Rezwan Ferdaus involved a man who suffered from severe depression and seizures and had to wear adult diapers for lack of bladder control. An FBI agent told the target’s own father Ferdaus was “obviously” mentally ill. Yet Ferdaus became a  target of these FBI operations: he had plans to carry out an attack on a massive scale on Capitol Hill, which the FBI could then “save” the public from — relishing in all their glory.
However, prior to this engagement with the FBI, there was, again, no evidence Ferdaus would have ever engaged in any criminal or terrorist activity. Ferdaus’ attorney argued he had repeatedly tried to back out of this activity.

CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”

By Tony Cartalucci

It is now confirmed that in addition to two investigations and two interviews, Florida terror suspect Omar Mateen was also approached by “informants” working for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a period of 10 months.
New York Daily News in their article, “FBI spied on Orlando gay club terrorist Omar Mateen for 10 months in 2013: FBI Director James Comey,” would admit (emphasis added):
Mateen first appeared on authorities’ radar in 2013 after the security guard’s colleagues alerted the FBI to inflammatory statements he made to colleagues claiming “family connections to Al Qaeda,” according to Comey.
Mateen also told coworkers he had a family member who belonged to Hezbollah, a Shia network that is a bitter enemy of ISIS — the network he pledged allegiance to the night of the carnage, Comey noted.
The FBI’s Miami office opened an inquiry into Mateen.
“He said he hoped that law enforcement would raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself,” Comey said.
Nevertheless, FBI investigators investigated Mateen, who was born in New York, for 10 months. They introduced him to confidential informants, spied on his communications and followed him. They also interviewed him twice.

Informants Posing as Handlers
The significance of this cannot be understated. “Informants” in this context, according to FBI affidavits regarding similar counterterrorism investigations, refers to individuals posing as members of terrorist organizations who approach suspects, coerce them into planning and preparing for terrorist attacks, before finally aiding the FBI in the suspect’s arrest before the attack is finally carried out.

Among the activities these informants carry out includes providing and training suspects in the use of real explosives, providing suspects with arsenals of weapons precisely like those used in the recent shooting in Orlando Florida, and encouraging suspects to adopt “radical ideology” over the course of the investigation. Suspects are given the false impression that they are working on behalf of terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the self-proclaimed “Islamic State,” often cultivating delusions of grandeur among otherwise mentally ill suspects.
[i]The Intercept in its recent article, “Before Nightclub Shooting, FBI Pursued Questionable Florida ‘Terror’ Suspects,” would note that the FBI’s Miami office who investigated Mateen, has been “among the bureau’s most active and aggressive counterterrorism units.”

MAI erlebte gerade eine kleine Warmzeit - mit Verweis in dieses Forum....
(14.06.2016, 14:44)ralf schrieb: --> Also hat das Ereignis So nicht stattgefunden ?
War das eine Übung ?
Gibt es Namen der Opfer ?
Was ist mit den 53 Verwundeten , haben die was zu sagen ?
Smartphone-Aufnahmen vom Ereignis ?

Orlando Terror Attack Victims List: Names, Profiles & Photos

ORLANDO MASSACRE: The Back Story to this Black Operation

Orlando Shootings:
Another B-Grade Production by the Department of  Defense’s Bureau of Broadcast Governors?

We have much to say about the shootings today and plan on writing a more comprehensive article which you will find exclusively on this website. But in the meantime, we wanted to quickly get out this info to our fellow patriots.
Remember that we taught you in an earlier article how to spot a false flag event. If you haven’t read this piece, educate yourself so that you are armed with truth.
“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense
The 6-12-16 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida fit all the characteristics of False Flags. Please check them yourself and see if the supposed “narrative network” fits the bill of all the other gun grabs we see happening lately. In just the last weekend there have been five shootings in the Orlando area just to make sure that if we didn’t believe one of them – we might believe another.
These gunmen attack all aspects of society including Christians, LGBT’s, straights, business people, innocent people of all ranks of life sending one common message – American’s are not safe and it is automatic weapons that do all the damage. 

Obama promised that his “United Nations campaign” against Americans owning weapons would be put into place before he left office. He wrote seven executive orders that the courts do not support, and he has signed the UN Small Arms Treaty that has not received ratification from the US Congress.
Rand Paul urgently warns us that Obama and Congress are going for the UN gun grab now; time is up and Americans have to be disarmed for the globalist takeover of our beloved country:
United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty Poses Direct Threat to the Constitution
Still, the gun grabs go on under the direction of the Department of Defense using the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 as the justification for FEMA drills that are turned into “active shooter events” that are produced and directed by the Department of Defense’s Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) who now wage propaganda wars on Americans to promote presidential policies through false flag events where no one is killed.
In this article, let’s look at some of the signs of a False Flag that might apply to this recent event: 
(mehr zu lesen)

(14.06.2016, 14:44)ralf schrieb:  
War das eine Übung ?

Who knows?

Müsste man mal bei CrisisCast nachfragen:


"Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour. They bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents on the battlefield, during kidnap and ransom and emergency evacuation situations and in hostile threat incidents in urban or public places.

(kein Witz, steht da so!)

In so doing, CrisisCast provides learners with an irrevocable first encounter with the emotional challenges of any hostile incident."

Referenzen bzw, Clients:

Some of the work we do is sensitive.  It can also be of vital importance.  We believe in loyalty and we understand the need for confidentiality.  We are happy to meet and talk and let you judge for yourself whether you trust us and our specially trained role play actors and film makers to look after the dramatic needs of your crisis management training.  Here are a few of the clients we have been privileged to work with recently:


[i][Bild: 330px-G4S_2007_logo.svg.png]

recently = kürzlich, in jüngster Zeit
Danke an Haifisch.

Eine weitere Frage hätte ich noch.
Am Anfang war die Sprache von 50 getöteten Opfern, jetzt sind es nur noch 49 !
Hat sich da jemand verzählt oder hat sich eine Leiche in Luft aufgelöst ?

Auch andere machen sich so ihre Gedanken:

Zitat:Ein Mann?
Ein Mann, mit zwei Schusswaffen?
50 Tote, 53 Verletzte, teils mit mehreren Schusswunden?
Der Mann stürmt in einen Club, dort feiern etwa 300 Menschen.
Der Mann liefert sich einen Schusswechsel mit Wachpersonal und verlässt den Club.
Vor dem Club, findet erneut ein Schusswechsel mit Wachpersonal und inzwischen vor Ort eingetroffenen Polizeibeamten statt.
Der Mann wird in den Club „zurückgedrängt“.
Der Mann verschanzt sich auf der Toilette mit etwa 10 Geiseln.
Wo sind die Polizisten, die sich vorher mit ihm einen Schusswechsel lieferten, geblieben?
Wo sind die anderen Menschen die im Club waren?
Wenn er sich auf der Toilette verschanzt hat, was geschah in den anderen Räumlichkeiten des Clubs?

Die Zeitangaben lauten:

Weiter lesen auf

CNN: Timeline of Orlando nightclub shooting
Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Univision Allowed to Rummage Through Suspect’s Home

If this was really Omar Mateen’s home, he wasn’t just gay, he was super gay.

Edit INP: Link erneuert.
Wenn das tatsächlich seine Wohnung ist, war er auch eine kleine Schlampe und der abgelaufene Führerschein (expire date 09/13/2015)
wahlweise gepflanzt oder vom Koksen á la Mohammed Atta übrig.

Wieso kann dieser Reporter überhaupt in die Wohnung ?

Warum ist diese nicht verriegelt und versiegelt ?

So hätte man es doch erwartet ?

Google Maps :

Die Location

1912 S Orange Ave,Orlando, FL 32806,Vereinigte Staaten

[Bild: robot%20going%20indie%20skywitnes_146573...40_360.jpg]

[Bild: ap_16164653501272_custom-074547af0a6eb4b...00-c85.jpg]

[Bild: 2572091.jpg]

[Bild: orlando-3_1465842691-768x432.jpg]

[Bild: pulse-orlando-e1465809052372.jpg]
Scott Crighton on "willyloman-Blog":
[url=]Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Turns Out, Omar Mateen Was Gay and Went Shopping that Day

UPDATE: Food for thought. One the first day of the story, the “ISIS” pledge story was “leaked” by authorities while all those witness statements about Omar being gay and a regular at the nightclub never were. What does that tell you?

Looks like there was a reason the authorities withheld the witnesses from the press for as long as they could. Well, that is, they withheld the witnesses that weren’t professional actors like Christopher Hansen and this guy

He’s the guy who said he held the door shut while people inside the club were “banging on it”. And it’s confirmed, here is his IMDB page.
Now that the witnesses are freed from their debriefing with the Feds, a very different picture of Omar Mateen is starting to emerge. Even his ex-wife says… wait for it… wait for it… Yes, Omar Mateen, the new Hitler of the LGBTQ community was in fact, gay. And according to some of those witnesses the Feds kept from the press for the first few days as the MSM fabricated the official story of this shooting, he was a regular at the club. Not only that, but several people have come out and said he tried to “hook up” with them on various gay dating apps like Grindr and Jack’d.
He even appears to have gone shopping on Saturday before heading over to the club to hang with friends he knew.  Why would a guy who intends to go kill all his friends and go out in a blaze of glory for “ISIS” go shopping right before he does it? It doesn’t make sense.
This story is beyond fishy. It’s whack.

Many have said he was a “regular at the club for years” which dovetails with reports from old friends, old gay friends, that he would hang out with them a few years out of high school and go clubbing as well as the report from his ex-wife that they would do the same thing at gay bars and nightclubs. She said he had “tendencies”
According to the tracking of his cell phone, Omar spent the day at Disney Springs on Saturday before heading out to Pulse.
Disney Springs is a trendy shopping area full of expensive little shops like Filthy Rich, Johnson & Murphy, Kipling and American Threads, just to name a few.
The Feds have yet to disclose whether or not he bought anything on Saturday afternoon. That would be an interesting discovery, now wouldn’t it?
Some witnesses from the Pulse that night have him drinking alone at the bar while others say he was apparently with another man. The conflicting nature of those statements can be explained simply by what time they saw him or whether or not he was talking to the guy sitting next to him when they noticed him or not.
But the point is, he was there drinking… for a while… and possibly not alone while doing it.
One witness even said he spoke briefly to Omar, saying “hello”, that kind of thing. He said he seemed normal at the time.
Point is, the “evil Muslim hating the Gays” story is out the window. It held up for a little while as a possible motive, but it HAS to be gone.
He wasn’t there a couple of times in the recent past to scout the location. According to the regulars at Pulse, he had been a regular for years.
And his gay friends talk about how comfortable and even at ease he was with them while his ex-wife actually says that’s because he was gay.
In all likelihood, he was gay.
Now all we are left with is some undisclosed source from the investigation saying he pledge allegiance to “ISIS” on the phone as the standoff unfolded. That’s all we have and as we all know, law enforcement spokespeople never lie.
Last night I watched a bit of Rachel Maddow’s show and she has turned into Pam Geller and Rita Katz. Her whole show was about how “ISIS” is so diabolical, they motivated this guy (she was saying this “gay hating guy”) to attack this club and do it for “ISIS” without ever having contacted “ISIS”
She was off the chain with her war-mongering about “ISIS”. It’s fair to mention, Maddow is openly gay.
Trouble for her is she kept talking about how “ISIS” does this stuff while trying to bolster their public image as being able to run ops like this without having to run the ops. She and her guest talked at length about how all “ISIS” wants is the publicity in order to make them appear more powerful than they really are.
And she talked about them for the entire show.
She did EXACTLY WHAT SHE CLAIMED ISIS WANTED. She made them into some kind of all-powerful entity that could warp the minds of the young and old alike into doing their bidding from across the seas…
With absolutely no evidence that ever happened. Except for what someone at NBC claimed was a statement from an undisclosed official source.
Sounds kinda like WMDs in Iraq.
Sounds like “they hate us for our freedom”
Seems to me the very last thing our law enforcement professionals would want to do is promote a serial killer or a psycho of some kind when he’s on a killing spree right? We don’t give crazy people the one thing they want: more attention and celebrity status…
Unless of course, it’s “ISIS” and then we seem to go to great lengths to make sure they get credit for things they probably have nothing to do with.
I wonder why that is.
And my opinion on this is not in the minority. In fact, it’s an industry standard:

So why is it that we go to great lengths to promote “ISIS” after these events, even if they are only linked to them in the flimsiest, most tangential way?
Makes you think doesn’t it? Maybe it should make you think about that new Authorization for Use of Military Force that Obama, military leadership and the CIA wants against ISIS.
Did I happen to mention Omar worked for a company that contracts with the CIA? Did I mention that?
Ultimately, we now have a story about a gay man who frequented this club pretty regularly over the past several years, sitting around having drinks and enjoying his night with friends, who suddenly went off and produced an AR-15 from his asshole and started shooting up the place for no apparent reason. He didn’t drive his own car there and it may be that he actually went shopping just a few hours before hand. I would love to know if there were bags in that rental car from American Threads. That would be interesting.
The story is bullshit. The “ISIS” connection is weak at best. The witnesses seem to be actors, or at least the ones they allowed to do all those interviews over the last few days while they sat on the ones who would say Omar was a “friend”, “gay” and a regular at the club.

Fishy doesn’t even begin to explain this story.


"False-Flag Commonalities – Orlando
1) Multiple shooters become one: but it appears they have been unable to keep a lid on this w/ Orlando
2) Alleged ‘perpetrator’ dead: either suicide or death by LEO, so can’t defend themselves or claim what they were about
3) Communication during event: somehow the lone shooter finds time to text, call, communicate whilst in the midst of their shooting spree. In case of Orlando the shooter called 911 (always good remind people of that trauma mind control event) to blame ISIS.
4) Crazy lone white gunman or dark Muslim extremist: and in this case ISIS! (wait, is that the same ISIS created by Western Intelligence Services to overthrow Assad?)
5) Emergency Services Drill: in this case it was 6 months prior
6) Absolute ZERO video/pics of event while it’s happening: In the age where everyone has a Smartphone, but somehow no pics or vids… hmmm. I wonder why they never take selfies? Or pictures of their victims, or hostages? But ALWAYS manage pics of walking wounded (but never severely wounded) post event.
7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control
8) Alleged Perps (Patsy) links to Intelligence: and usually it’s FBI, and in this case it is AND father former longtime CIA asset
9) Weapons: Black ‘Assault’ Rifles! (AR15 or AK47) and black semi-auto handguns.
10) Internet Time Stamps before event: In this case Twitter comments made several hours before alleged event took place.
11) No actual evidence of any deaths: a body covered by a white sheet is NOT evidence of a death. And as stated above; In this age of Smartphones, where is the pic/vid evidence?
12) No surveillance camera vids: In the age of video, no video evidence = nothing happened or what happened is different than the official narrative.
13) Witness or family member of alleged victim (who gets media coverage; interview) is an actor; hello Luis Burbano (who was also a participant)
It is these ‘commonalities’ that prove that these false-flag events are staged by the same group/organizations.
So this was a Left side event. With a four-fold agenda; Gun control, LGBT sympathies, anti-Muslim sentiments, pro-war against ISIS. Actually this a Right and Left event… interesting.
And as always using FEAR to manipulate the masses. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t squeeze in a Russian angle in the event somehow."

Orlando mass shooting: this is just ridiculous.

A full day after the time of the Orlando shooting I heard a talking head say: "It will take days for police to identify all the victims."

Excuse me, these guys were in a nightclub. One of the prerequisites of being in a nightclub is that you have a valid ID saying you're older than 21. (Non-Americans might not understand how seriously Americans enforce this law. I'm over forty years old and I still get "carded.") Victims weren't blown up. They weren't incinerated. They were supposedly shot by a guy who managed to waltz past security with 2 deadly firearms and some sort of suspicious device. I imagine I wouldn't be able to get past the bouncer at a gay bar due to fashion alone.

Look, people. All nightclubs, especially trendy gay nightclubs in Orlando, have security ... and I imagine they would have been particularly on their toes around closing time. How is it possible for one guy to get in and shoot up a hundred people without a machine gun? He would have to reload, am I wrong? What, no one was brave enough (or drunk enough) to try to take him out while he was changing magazines? Couldn't they just run away?

And I guess they weren't taking pictures of their hot dates on what was most likely their vacation, because all I saw on the news yesterday was all I ever see at these hoax shootings. Flashing red and blue lights and a bunch of dumb-ass crisis actors being loaded into pickup trucks. No, I'm not buying it, and neither should you.

(mehr zu lesen)
Did the FBI just investigate the Orlando shooter? Or did they in some way enlist him in an operation?
Is it merely a terrible mistake that enabled the shooter to work nine years for G4S, the world’s “biggest guarding company” and one of the biggest contractors to the DHS, as Bloomberg News states? Is it merely a terrible mistake that G4S was aware the FBI was investigating the shooter in 2013 and did nothing about it?

Or did some federal group intervene and tell all parties to leave the shooter alone and in place—because he was part of an operation?

(14.06.2016, 19:22)INP schrieb: Wenn das tatsächlich seine Wohnung ist, war er auch eine kleine Schlampe und der abgelaufene Führerschein (expire date 09/13/2015)
wahlweise gepflanzt oder vom Koksen á la Mohammed Atta übrig.


oder Crystal

für mich sieht das ganze gestellt aus, Es soll jeder glauben, Mateen war stockschwul

Die ganze (One)-World feiert sich in bunten Farben.

Former SEAL Blasts Orlando SWAT: Three Hours to Respond?

Special Forces vet exposes flaws in police response
Special Forces veteran Matthew Bracken expressed frustration over the apparent lack of an adequate response by the off-duty Orlando Police Officer hired by Pulse Nightclub for security in a recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

He also called on those who find themselves in a mass shooting situation to stand up to the attacker to prevent more causalities.

FBI and Obama Blame ‘The Internet’ For Radicalizing Shooter

James Comey says Pulse nightclub shooter was inspired ‘by foreign terrorist organizations’ but there is no evidence of a link to a foreign network

Omar Mateen’s Smartphone and the Government’s Encryption Battle
Clinton has called for surrender of tech companies to the surveillance state

Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Omar’s Daddy Pictured at State Department, Hooked Up with CIA

by Scott Creighton
Here’s an interesting picture for you:

[Bild: orlando-12-father-state-dept.jpg?w=640&h=478]

That’s Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, hanging out at the State Department. Here’s another one of his business license he recently got from the state of Florida for his corporations known as the Provisional Government of Afghanistan. He got that on March 14th of this year.
Seddique Mateen blames the government of Pakistan for all the ills of the middle east. This is a popular opinion in the CIA since they have a much better relationship with the Pakistani military and the ISI. (source of images)
Seddique has a little TV show run out of the US. It’s a propaganda rag on a network called Payam E Afghan which is owned by Omar Khetab who is reported to be a former Taliban commander who left the group in 2011 after some form of betrayal. He now supposedly works with something called Fidai Mahaz which is a Taliban splinter group which refuses to work with the puppet regime in Afghanistan.
Would kinda make sense that someone like that would hire a guy who claims to be the head of the new Provisional Government of Afghanistan.
Which brings us back around to daddy warbucks and the CIA. Just wait. You’re gonna love this one.

According to Daniel Hopsicker , the network Seddique works for, Payam E Afghan, receives funding from something called Voice of America -Dari  and has been pictured with a number of well connected congress-critters like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

“Rohrabacher was initially elected to Congress in 1988, with the fundraising help of friend Oliver North.  Rohrabacher’s decades-long involvement in “all things Afghan” eventually earned him the nickname “Gunga Dana.” Today he chairs the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats.” Hopsicker
So all of a sudden we have all the fingerprints of all these deep-state entities covering the scene at the Pulse nightclub shooting incident. Makes you kinda wonder why.

Oh wait… there is… this:

Former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, as well as several 3- and 4-star generals and admirals have launched a new effort to control the sales of guns in the United States. The effort is certain to attract attention after last weekend’s deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The group, which calls itself Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, is led by former CIA Director David Petraeus, former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden, and US Army General (ret.) Stanely McChrystal. The group’s advisory committee includes recognizable figures such as that of Admiral Eric Olson, who led US Special Operations Command from 2007 to 2011 and was the first US Navy SEAL to be appointed to four-star rank. Other advisory committee members include high-ranking veterans from every branch of the US Armed Forces, such as R. Adm. Jamie Barnett, Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney and Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Norman Seip.

The group was formally launched at a press conference in Washington, DC, on Friday, just hours before Sunday morning’s mass shooting in Orlando.” Ian Allen

Ah. Yeah, there is that.

On one day a bunch of former CIA guys announce their new big focus group/think tank to grab all the guns and get assault weapons off the streets and the very next day there is a hugely fishy mass casualty event that unfolds with the son of a guy hooked up with the CIA which involved an assault weapon and piles of dead people.

Uh. Yeah. No. That’s not obvious at all.  
Boys and girls. We are officially fucked.

(mehr Bilder im Beitrag)


Mark Kelly, David Petraeus, Stanley McChrystal, Michael Hayden, Thad Allen, Wesley Clark and Other Veteran Leaders Launch New “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense” to Urge Elected Leaders to Do More to Prevent Gun Tragedies

June 10, 2016 – Navy combat veteran and retired NASA astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly, the Co-Founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, today joined with veteran leaders from across the country to announce the Advisory Committee of a new national effort, the “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense,” to urge our country’s elected leaders to do more to prevent gun tragedies. The coalition brings together veterans from every branch of our military who are committed to urging our elected leaders to enact responsible change that respects the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans, helps keep guns out of the wrong hands, and saves lives.
Meet Noor Zahi Salman: The Orlando Shooter's Mysterious Second Wife Knew Of His Plans, May Be Charged

While over the past few days, the media has been ignoring Noor Zahi Salman, the now widow of Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen and instead focusing on his first wife who has accused him of beating her, being bipolar, and generally acting deranged and sociopathic. Like in the San Bernardino terrorist case, Noor Zahi Salman and Mateen had a young child together.
Now attention is slowly shifting on Noor.
According to NBC news, Orlando gunman Omar Mateen's current wife, Noor Salman, has told the FBI that she drove Mateen to the Pulse nightclub on a prior occasion and that she tried to talk him out of conducting any kind of attack, officials told NBC News. As NBC adds, law enforcement officials said authorities are considering filing criminal charges against her for failing to tell them what she knew before the attack, but no decision has been made yet.

die zweite Frau taucht jetzt doch noch auf. kann sie auch sprechen?

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