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RE: 9/11: Neues - INP - 15.09.2017

'Nuff said - no offence intended either.


RE: 9/11: Neues - Huxley - 15.09.2017

Am 11.09.2017

[Bild: 440CD22500000578-4867124-image-a-6_1504914380039.jpg]

The conspiracies that won't go away: Brother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated the atrocity as new study shows it was impossible that the third tower collapsed from fire
  • Geoff Campbell, 31, was one of 67 Britons killed in the New York 9/11 attacks
  • His brother refuses to accept the official line and insists there was a cover-up 
  • Matt Campbell will protest outside BBC Broadcasting House on the anniversary 
Next Monday afternoon, Matt Campbell will stand outside BBC Broadcasting House in London’s Portland Place, protesting about the killing of his brother, Geoff, and 66 other Britons, in the 9/11 terror attack at the New York World Trade Centre.
After the horror on September 11, 2001, there was no trace of Geoff. The 31-year-old risk analyst had been attending a conference on the 106th floor in the North Tower, a short stroll from the Manhattan apartment where he lived with his American fiancée, Caroline.
At first, his family clung to the hope he was alive, until one year later fragments of a shoulder blade bearing Geoff’s DNA were found among Trade Centre rubble at a landfill site.
Matt began asking questions. He has not stopped since. He, and others who will be at the BBC protest, refuse to accept the official story about 9/11: that four U.S. airliners were hijacked by Islamist terror chief Osama Bin Laden’s pilots. Two were flown into New York’s famous Twin Towers, which collapsed.

A third rammed into the U.S. Defence Headquarters at the Pentagon in Washington DC. The last went down in rural Pennsylvania, 150 miles north of the capital, after a tussle between the hijackers and passengers, later portrayed in the Hollywood film United 93.
Seven hours later, a third tower at the World Trade Centre, WTC7, fell to the ground over seven seconds, even though no plane had hit it.
The red building, 100 yards from the 110-storey Twin Towers, was less than half their height at just 47 floors, and few people even know of its existence. It had already been evacuated after the planes had hit the main towers.
In total, 2,977 people died, provoking President Bush to mount the ‘War On Terror’ that led to the invasion of Iraq, with the UK in tow.

Yet as Monday’s anniversary approaches, Matt, a former City worker who is married with three children and lives in Sussex, insists that 9/11 did not happen in the way we have been told and that there has been a huge official cover-up to disguise the truth.
‘There are so many questions that the Americans and the British Establishment refuse to answer,’ he says. ‘I believe that my brother and thousands of others were murdered on 9/11 and there has been a cover-up. We, as a family, are still overcoming this tragedy, but we will never stop seeking the truth.’
He is not alone in his quest. A survey in U.S. magazine Live Science last year revealed that most Americans (53 per cent) believe the U.S. Government has concealed — and continues to conceal — vital information about the 9/11 attacks. Crucially, a team of engineers at the University of Alaska concluded this week, after two years of forensic research, that fire could not have caused the collapse of WTC7.
Indeed, though the official story is that WTC7 was weakened by fires caused by debris from the attack, it’s the only steel skyscraper in the world ever to collapse purely as a result of a blaze.

One of the most puzzling anomalies was that none of the hijacked planes was intercepted by fighter jets, even though there would have been plenty of time to do so and it is mandatory procedure in the U.S. if there is any suspicion of an air hijack.
In the nine months before 9/11, the procedure had been implemented 67 times in America. Then there were the irregular stock market dealings before the tragedy.
An extremely high volume of ‘put options’ — bets on the price of shares falling — were purchased for the stock of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, the international financier that occupied 22 storeys of the World Trade Centre.
Even more remarkable was the volume of ‘put options’ traded on American and United Airlines, which operated the four aircraft hijacked by the terrorists.
On these two airlines, and only these, the level of share trade went up by 1,200 per cent in the three days before the catastrophe. As the shares dropped in response to 9/11 the value of these options multiplied a hundredfold. Someone, somewhere, made $10 million in profit.

But there is another perplexing matter regarding this third building. It concerns the bizarre TV reports in the U.S., and the rest of the world, that it had collapsed when it was clearly still upright — announcements made 23 minutes before it had actually fallen down.
One piece of BBC World footage shows a studio anchor talking to news correspondent Jane Standley, who is standing in front of the clearly visible WTC7 tower.
The anchor says: ‘The 47-storey building, situated very close to the World Trade Centre, has also just collapsed. It seems that this was not the result of a new attack. It was because the building had been weakened during the morning attacks.’
Then, oddly, the link to Standley breaks up and is lost.
Of course, this may just be a mistake made on one of the most hectic news days ever. Certainly, the BBC seems to think so.
In a statement made in 2007, a spokesman said: ‘In the chaos and confusion, I am sure we said things which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate, but at the time were based on the best information we had. We no longer have the original tapes of our 9/11 coverage, for reasons of cock-up, not conspiracy.’
This response — and the question of why the BBC announced the fall of WTC7 before it actually happened — has enraged those fighting for the ‘truth’, such as Matt Campbell. They say a series of 9/11 documentaries put out by the BBC have not been impartial or scientifically accurate.
It is why he, and other Britons who disagree with the official version of 9/11, have chosen to make their protest outside BBC headquarters on Monday.


(Das würden sich German-MSM niemals getrauen)

RE: 9/11: Neues - Test2 - 08.10.2017


Hier das Interview mit Bruno Häfliger (war 39 Jahre Flugzeugmechaniker bei der Swissair)

Es ist und bleibt DAS Thema des 21, Jahrhunderts: Die Fragen rund um den Terroranschlag am 11. September 2001. Im Kampf um die Deutungshoheit und die Fakten, was an diesem Tag wirklich geschah, gibt es nur eine einzige Vorgehensweise: Fakten suchen. Da uns die sog. „Mainstreammedien“ mit billigen Geheimdienstgeschichten abspeisen, müssen wir uns selbst auf die Suche nach der Wahrheit machen. Hierzu meldete sich Bruno Häfliger bei mir, nach meinem Beitrag für Daniele Ganser, in Bezug auf die Sendung "Einstein" (Die Anatomie von Verschwörungstheorien - Einstein vom 26.1.2017) im schweizer Fernsehen.

RE: 9/11: Neues - Test2 - 26.11.2017

Zitat:Airline defendants to pay $95 million in 9/11 settlement

NEW YORK (AP) — Insurers for American Airlines, United Airlines and other aviation defendants have agreed to pay $95 million to settle claims that security lapses led planes to be hijacked in the Sept. 11 attacks.

The settlement was described in papers filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court. Developers of the new World Trade Center buildings had once demanded $3.5 billion from aviation-related companies after hijacked planes destroyed three skyscrapers among five demolished buildings on Sept. 11, 2001.

Lawyers said the agreement signed last week resulted from "extensive, arms-length negotiations" by lawyers "who worked diligently for months." The agreement also said the parties make no admissions or concessions with respect to liability for the attacks.

"The court's approval of the settlement agreement will bring to a close this hard-fought 13-year litigation on terms agreeable to the parties," the lawyers said.

Attorney Desmond T. Barry Jr., who submitted the papers to U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, declined to comment Wednesday.

Developer Larry Silverstein and World Trade Center Properties have collected more than $5 billion from other defendants through lawsuits. The money has aided the reconstruction of buildings on the 16-acre lower Manhattan site.

Earlier settlements included $135 million paid to a financial services firm that lost two-thirds of its employees.

RE: 9/11: Neues - Rosi Nannte - 27.11.2017

(26.11.2017, 20:39)ralf schrieb:
Zitat:Airline defendants to pay $95 million in 9/11 settlement

NEW YORK (AP) — Insurers for American Airlines, United Airlines and other aviation defendants have agreed to pay $95 million to settle claims that security lapses led planes to be hijacked in the Sept. 11 attacks.
Gebt mal den Text von diesem link ein, dann werdet ihr sehen, dass jede Menge Quellen bei Google erscheinen, alle mit (fast) identischem Text

EDIT Rantanplan: Zitat entspeckt

RE: 9/11: Neues - Rantanplan - 27.11.2017

(27.11.2017, 00:14)Rosi Nannte schrieb: Gebt mal den Text von diesem link ein, dann werdet ihr sehen, dass jede Menge Quellen bei Google erscheinen, alle mit (fast) identischem Text

Mir ist jetzt nicht so ganz klar, worauf Du hinauswillst?!

Das war eine AP-Agenturmeldung, bei der sich alle bedienen und die ungefiltert (allerdings mit Hinweis auf die Quelle) verbreitet wird.

RE: 9/11: Neues - Rosi Nannte - 27.11.2017

Ich wollte darauf hinaus, dass sich kein Journalist mehr die Mühe macht, selbst weiter zu recherchieren oder eigene Texte zu verfassen. Was in diesem Fall noch relativ harmlos ist, kannst du in anderen Fällen beruhigt mit der Verbreitung von fake-news beschreiben. Wenn dpa/afp/reuters etwas schreibt ist es richtig?

RE: 9/11: Neues - Test2 - 04.12.2017

9/11 - Der 11. September 2001 - Eindrucksvolles Interview mit Peter Michael Ketcham

Tags: #911 #ketcham

RE: 9/11: Neues - Test2 - 16.07.2018

Zitat:Anlässlich eines Vortrages vom  16.  Mai 2018 in Zürich sprach Richard Gage, Gründer von Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, über seine detaillierten Forschungsergebnisse zu 9/11. ✓ Selbst Dr. Daniele Ganser hat sich selber über die letzten zwölf Jahre an dieser Forschung von Richard Gage orientiert, wie er in einem Vorwort zum Vortrag erklärt.
Sehen sie nun in dieser Sendung den ganzen Vortrag unzensiert.

Länge: ca 87min

RE: 9/11: Neues - A.Hauß - 17.07.2018

Dieser langweilige Stuß von Gage beruht noch immer auf falschen, einseitigen oder bewusst falsch interpretierten Fakten.
Vor langen, langen Jahren schrieb ich diese Datei:

Was da in Min. 38 und 39 des Videos erzählt wird, ist schon durch das zweite Foto dieser alten Datei widerlegt. Gage und andere dieser sog. "truther" tun - wundersamerweise - alles, um auf obskure bombenlegende Terroristen zu verweisen und die US-Regierung zwar eines falschen narrativs zu beschuldigen, aber die Rumsfeld-Bande de facto von der konkreten Täterschaft zu exkulpieren.