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NYPD Is Prepared For War With ISIS

Following the terrorist attack on Istanbul's airport last week, a pro-ISIS Twitter account was used to make threats against airports such as Heathrow, JFK, and Las Angeles International over the Fourth of July weekend.
As the LA Times reports, as of Thursday the FBI nationally said the bureau knew of no known specific or credible threat to the US during the Fourth of July weekend, however SITE Intelligence Group identified and publicized the threat on Friday.
Pro-IS Twitter Account Warns of Attacks in Heathrow, LAX, and JFK Airports on July 4 Weekend
— SITE Intel Group (@siteintelgroup) July 1, 2016
With that said, the New York Police Department has been working around the clock to get ahead of any potential attackers, looking far beyond the city limits to do so. "I think that it's inevitable that there'll be another attack in this country. We are well-prepared to respond to that." said Chief James Waters, the head of NYPD's Counterterrorism Bureau.
Circling back to the 9,000 cameras for a moment, and the sensitive topic of a reasonable expectation of privacy versus measures to keep cities safe, here is how Chief Waters explains it.
From ABC News
The 9,000 surveillance cameras are a mix of NYPD-owned cameras and those owned by “stakeholders,” private entities that provide their feeds to the police. License plate readers on roads can capture three million license plates a day, Chief Waters said, and the plate data is kept for five years.
As for fears of Big Brother-style privacy invasion from thousands of lenses, Waters said all the cameras are in public locations.
So your expectation of privacy is just that – if you’re walking down the street, or if you’re driving your car and your license plate is read,” he said. “This is to protect us.”

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